Where Demons Hide

                               By Phil Scovell

          She was  standing up in her  crib.  It was night  and her parents
     had left  the hospital several  hours earlier.   She was afraid.   She
     couldn't see normally in the first place and the darkness of  the late
     night hours of the hospital made it even worse.

          A nurse  heard her cries and came to  comfort her.  "Your parents
     are at home but they will be back in the morning.  We  are here so you
     aren't alone.  It's ok to lay down and to go back to sleep," the nurse
     said softly.

          The little  girl didn't feel  safe.  This woman  somehow made her
     feel even worse.  "I want my mom and dad."

          "They'll be back  in the  morning, honey, so  you'll be ok  until
     then.  We won't leave you alone."

          She felt alone, though, and somehow lonely, too.

          As we prayed, the Lord had taken  her directly to this very early
     childhood memory.   Some of the noise  and clutter was sorted  out but
     then she suddenly  went blank.  I  prayed, touching some things  I had
     noticed as we prayed, but still  she felt blocked.  In such cases,  it
     isn't  uncommon  for  there to  be  a demonic  blockage  of  some sort
     occurring but  I have learned, it isn't always a lying spirit directly
     associated with the person with whom I am praying.  I have, therefore,
     learned to look around, as it were, and to pray about the other people
     often involved  with the original memory event.   In this case, it was
     the  nurse.   She had mentioned,  as we  prayed, that  this particular
     nurse, every time she came into the room, made her feel uncomfortable.
     It wasn't exactly her words but just something about her she, as a two
     year old, didn't like.

          Praying, I asked the Lord Jesus if there was anything else in the
     room we  needed to see.  There  it was!  A dark,  almost amorphus inky
     black shape, back in the corner of the room.  The woman said she could
     hear it  speaking in her thoughts.  "Your  parents will never be back.
     It is your fault you are here,"  and many other frightening things she
     now could hear coming from the ominous black shape.

          I felt led  by the  Holy Spirit  to ask, "Lord  Jesus, does  this
     lying spirit have any right to be here?"

          The woman  reported that the figure immediately  exited the room.
     She reported she definitely felt it was associated with the nurse with
     whom she felt uncomfortable.

          Praying further, another, but much more defined, evil  figure was
     in the room.  She reported this feeling was almost tangible and almost
     always around her dad.  We prayed and it left as well.  You might find
     it interesting to know  that her mom committed suicide  due to hearing
     voices and seeing  dark things moving around  in her house,  when this
     woman  was only  6  years of  age.   Additionally,  her father,  after
     killing another man and serving  a prison term, committed suicide when
     she was only 15 years old.

          As I have mentioned, not  all demons are directly associated with
     the person and the events which took place.  Some are residents of the
     room  or house or building or even of  a given area.  At least, so the
     demons  say.   This is very likely why many people report poltergeists
     living in their home.   By the way, they can appear  as small children
     to adult size or even balls of  glowing light or any numbers of shapes
     and  forms.    Haunted  houses,  thus called,  have  been  around  for
     literally centuries.   No,  these are  not people  who have  died some
     horrible death and  their spirit  left behind  as psychics  claim.   I
     don't care if  you've been  to a psychic  who speaks  to the dead  and
     you've gotten  enough information  that you think  you have  literally
     communicated with  your loved one who has, as they say, "passed over."
     I don't care if you've been in a seance and heard a voice that sounded
     amazingly like your grandmother coming through another person's voice.
     I don't care  if you  used a  Ouija board and  communicated with  what
     seemed to be your  dead mother.  In every case, you are not talking to
     the dead but to lying spirits.

          Electronic Voice Phenomena, commonly shorted to EVP), is  a ghost
     hunting technique, now  used by many people, who  take tape recorders,
     and other electronic  recording devices, into  haunted houses.   While
     the tape is running, the person encourages, by speaking softly, to any
     entities in  the room, to speak or make  themselves heard.  Later, the
     tapes are reviewed and  yes, often, clear voices  can be heard  saying
     various things.  For example, if a person was murdered  in the home or
     perhaps  died of  some  childhood disease,  these  ghost hunters  will
     traverse the entire  dwelling, perhaps spending  many hours, and  then
     later will analyze the recordings they  made.  In some cases, they  go
     to cemeteries  and walk  around the tombstones  carrying out  the same
     type of a electronic search.

          The short  bursts of recorded  voices and sounds they  gather are
     then studied until  they are certain what  was spoken.  Some  are very
     clear, some are very faint, some echo as if very distant, and some are
     garbled and muffled on the tapes.

          Research is then conducted to see if anyone  died, or was killed,
     or  murdered, in the  house.  A  little girl's voice  may say, "Mommy,
     help me" on the tape recordings and  at times, the voices recorded are
     very clear.  The researchers, ghost  hunters, then begin to study  the
     history involved.   Sometimes, in  fact, quite often, they  discover a
     little girl died 75 years ago in  that vary house.  Such confirmations
     are fairly  common in the  research and EVP recordings.   The question
     is, "what are they hearing?"

          A newer term called Instrumental Trans Communications, or ITS for
     short,  has recently  emerged.   This  term encompasses  all forms  of
     communications  of  any  type  with  the dead.    The  methodology  is
     basically the same  as it is with  EVP in many respects but  it simply
     includes all forms of communications beyond  the spoken word.  I  have
     heard of  at least one  person who claims  to have made  a device that
     allows  people to  speak directly  to  a dead  relative without  going
     through a medium or  a psychic.  If my memory serves  me, even a movie
     was  made of  this technique.    Some ghost  hunters use  photographic
     equipment as well.   The evidence they claim is when human type shapes
     in the pictures are  seen, sometimes ghostly in nature and other times
     quite distinct,  once developed.   Thus, ITC  is the  terminology that
     includes all such ghost hunting necrophilia criteria.

          These  forms  of  communicating  with  the  dead  are  supposedly
     substantiated by a term called the "Survival Hypothesis."  This theory
     states that  we are  nonphysical entities living  in a  physical body.
     Thus, our physical body allows us to  remain in this physical world or
     dimension.   When the body  dies, the soul, or  spirit, or nonphysical
     entity  is  thus  free to  move  about without  the  encumbrance  of a
     physical body.   This places the human spirit  into another dimension.
     The hypotheses  includes the  supposition that  the spirit  entity, is
     thus still  alive, howbeit, in  another form, and furthermore,  it was
     pre-existent as well.  In other words, we existed before and after the
     physical body.   Sound like anything you have heard before?  How about
     reincarnation for starters.

          My point is that we, as  intercessors, and especially those of us
     working with people  individually, need to be aware  that demons don't
     play fair, they lie, and they at all times attempt to maintain control
     of  a situation  or circumstances  through  manipulation, deceit,  and
     fear.  In  short, it is time  to put on the  whole armor of God  as an
     intercessor  and become as wise as serpents  and as harmless as doves,
     (Matthew 10:16).

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