Demons Working On Christmas Day

                                   By Phil Scovell

               During an  hour intercessory  prayer session  with Bret,  my
          prayer partner, I experienced a great deal  of emotional healing.
          It was  one of the  most powerful  times I have  ever experienced
          with the Lord in prayer and many exciting things occurred.

               Two days later,  on Christmas day, I awakened  from having a
          nightmare.  I dreamed I was sleeping  in a house I had never been
          in.   I was  alone.  I  heard a  window break  and was  instantly
          awake.   I could hear  someone moving  around in another  room of
          this unfamiliar house.  Getting up, I left the house and got some
          help and returned.  I do not know who came back to the house with
          me in  my dream but  it was someone I  knew because I  could feel
          that much.   We entered the house  and began searching  each room
          together.   We  finally found  the room  with the  broken window.
          Yet, nothing in the house had been stolen.

               I awakened from this dream, which I refer to as a nightmare,
          because my heart was pounding and I was breathing heavily.  Plus,
          I felt strong  raw fear that bordered  on panic.  However,  I was
          able to calm down and even go back to sleep within a few minutes.
          After all, it was just a dream, right?

               When I  got up  that morning, I  didn't feel  well.   I felt
          somewhat  disturbed by  the dream  but  I felt  more nervous  and
          anxious about something and I  could not determine the reason for
          this uneasiness.   The anxiety continued to build  throughout the
          morning hours and I  felt tightness in my chest.   It even seemed
          as if I  could physically feel  my heart.  At  my age, you  think
          about heart attacks  but you don't talk  about them.  It  is like
          the time I visited my sister and her family when they were living
          in  San Francisco.   I  asked her  if anybody  ever talked  about
          earthquakes.  I asked because  I was thinking about it every  day
          we were there.   She said, "Well, we think about  them but nobody
          talks about them."   I didn't really  think I was having  a heart
          attack Christmas day  but one thing I  knew for certain  and that
          was  the fear level  was rising and  I didn't seem to  be able to
          figure out why even when I prayed.

               Walking into the kitchen just before noon, I got a drink  of
          water.  As  I drank, I felt my entire chest flush with a tingling
          sensation.    Fear  instantly  jumped  off  the  scale.    I  had
          experience that feeling  many times before in years past.   In my
          thoughts, "I  heard, "I'm not going to make  it.  It is all going
          to come back."   This may have  been in reference to  anxiety and
          panic   attacks  and  nightmares   and  demonic  attacks   I  had
          experienced many months earlier.   I had a feeling, however, that
          it was that  and much more, including  all the Lord had  done two
          days earlier when praying with one of my intercessory partners.

               I sat  my glass down on the counter  top and turned to leave
          the  kitchen.  As  I turned, I  said to the Lord,  "Where is this
          coming  from because  I am healed  from that  and I am  not going
          back."  Instantly I knew what was wrong and the source.

               I want you to  read again what I heard  in my mind or in  my
          thoughts before  I explain further.  Here it  is again.  "I'm not
          going  to make it.  It is all  going to come back."  Since it was
          in  the first  person,  I  logically assumed  these  were my  own
          thoughts.   I also want  to point out  that the raw fear  I felt,
          which had  already started  earlier in the  day, if  not actually
          during the  night, rose instantly to  a high level  of anxiety at
          the  same time  the words  were  heard in  my mind.    I honestly
          thought I was one step away from  going into a full blown anxiety
          attack.  Please note that I keep saying this  was all a feeling I
          was having; I cannot stress that enough.  You will understand why

               As I  said, after sitting my  glass down, I turned  from the
          sink and was prepared  to walk out of  the kitchen.  This  is the
          very moment I prayed in my mind and asked the Lord where this was
          coming from,  that is, what is its origin.   It was such a sudden
          and  powerful  response in  my  spirit,  it  almost felt  like  a
          physical blow to my  body.  By that I mean, I  thought I had been
          physically struck and  almost took a step backwards  to regain my
          balance.  The awareness of the answer  to my prayer was all there
          was time  for, apparently,  because I had  no impression,  that I
          could recognize, or any thoughts in  mind but one.  It was  not a
          physical or emotional  attack; it was demonic.   I almost laughed
          out loud.  Why hadn't I  seen it before?  I knew why;  because it
          was a demonic attack from the Enemy and a spiritual test  by God.
          The Lord was showing me that  I was beyond a certain point in  my
          walk with Him  and what  He had  said to  me in  prayer two  days
          earlier was His truth for me to live by.  That is, the area of my
          life  where I had experienced a spiritual  renewal was a place He
          had promised I would not be returning to because He, God, said it
          was so.

               The split second I realized the truth of what was happening,
          the fear and  anxiety immediately began to dissipate.  Why?  What
          I had thought I had spoken in my thoughts was not me speaking but
          a demonic presence  speaking lies.   I have  had this same  thing
          happen a couple of times before over the years, that is,  a demon
          speaking into my  thoughts using the first person.   It is almost
          always preceded  by fear or  some other negative emotion  such as
          anger, rage, guilt, or pride.  If it doesn't precede the thought,
          it instantly  follows.  Again,  why?  Demons have  feelings, too,
          and they are not emotionless creatures.  Remember, they were once
          angelic  beings ministering in  the presence of  the Creator God.
          Now they have no glory of their own.  They sinned against God and
          were cast  from Heaven; the  brightest and holiest spot  in God's
          Kingdom.  Now they have nothing  but evil and unholiness as their
          covering.  They are  doomed and without hope.  They  are going to
          burn forever,  along with all  those who reject Christ,  and they
          will never be released from hell.  Their purpose?  It is the same
          as  their master; to kill, steal, and  to destroy.  Their father,
          Satan, is the  father of all lies and Jesus  the Christ confirmed
          it,  (John 8:44).   In short,  they never  tell the  truth unless
          forced to do so by the Chief Shepherd; the True Lord Jesus Christ
          or when instructed  to do so by the Lord God's servants under the
          direction  of the  Holy Spirit.   This  means that they  will use
          anything to try and fool even a Christian into believing a lie.

               In my case, they used fear, which was jumped  started by the
          nightmare I had, and  confusion about events  going on in my  own
          life at the  time.  They also  used another unholy device  in the
          art of deception and used the presence of their own evil feelings
          to  place on me in order to make  me think I was going to have an
          anxiety attack.  This was their  way of distracting me.  At  that
          moment,  they  took  the  opportunity to  try  and  implant their
          thoughts into  mine which  was by speaking  in the  first person,
          "I'm not going to make it.  It is all going to come back."

               When I said,  "I have been healed  of this," it was  not the
          first time I  had said it during those morning hours.  Satan also
          did not leave our Lord  the first time Jesus told him to as well.
          If  you  doubt  this,  read the  account  of  the  forty days  of
          temptation Jesus went through as  recorded in the Gospel of Luke.
          (See Luke  4:1-13).  In Luke's  account, Jesus told Satan  to get
          behind  him  but  Satan  did  not obey  this  first  command  and
          continued his assault of temptation  for the balance of the forty

               Ephesians chapter 6 says we  must stand against the wiles of
          the devil.   It does not say,  by the way, that we  have to chase
          the Enemy down or run and hide, bind or loose, command or demand,
          threaten or curse anybody or anything.   It says we just have  to
          stand.   It even  says we  are to  stand, above  all, taking  the
          shield of faith.  Why the shield of faith?  Because, such demonic
          attacks  will bounce  off of  you as  the Holy  Spirit gives  you
          awareness of the nature of the deception launched at you.

               So then  what is faith?   When I  said, more than  once that
          morning,  "I am healed of that and  the Lord told me I don't have
          to  go back," it was my faith speaking.   How do I know?  Because
          it was what  the Lord Jesus Christ told me during prayer two days
          earlier,  that is,  "We are  leaving  this place  and not  coming
          back."  How did I know  that was the Lord speaking to me?   There
          are two reasons.  First, my  faith was given to me by the  Author
          and Finisher  of my faith;  the True Lord Jesus  Christ, (Hebrews
          12:2).   Secondly, "Faith comes  by hearing and hearing  from the
          Word of God."   The two words rendered "comes by" in Romans 10:17
          which I just quoted, means (it comes out of).  If you doubt this,
          look it up  in any Greek lexicon.   Thus, even the  confession of
          God's  Word brings  faith to  the  circumstances we  face if  our
          foundation is  solid, that is, what we believe.   If we are being
          controlled, on the other hand,  by lie based thinking through the
          implanting of lies into events of our lives, faith  will not come
          because we have been deceived into believing another word.

               In my  case, when I  was shown by  the Holy Spirit  what was
          happening, that is, it  was an attack of the Enemy  and a test of
          the Lord,  the demons fled.  Why?   Because they had  no right to
          stay.   What they were  trying to do  is to gain  a foothold once
          again concerning  issues in my  life which the Lord  had resolved
          with me, and for me, just two days earlier.  Why did the Lord, if
          I truly was healed,  allow this attack against me?   Because, the
          Lord was testing me, which means, He, the Lord, was showing  me a
          very valuable lesson.   He was reminding me  that demons will use
          first person  speech and thought  to deceive us into  thinking we
          are the source of such thoughts and that their lies are  true and
          God's Word  should not  be believed.   Furthermore, the  Lord was
          showing me they  were attempting to fool me  into believing their
          lies  again by  using both  their  own feelings  and thoughts  to
          confuse me into believing a lie.

               Something which  I think is  important to point out  in this
          experience is that no sin was involved.  I had no unconfessed sin
          to deal with in my life at that moment.  So, this demonic  attack
          was not due to committed and unconfessed sin.  Additionally, this
          experience of  the demonic  oppression was  orchestrated by  God.
          How do I know that?  Because, if I had fallen for the lies of the
          Enemy, it would have been due to  being drawn away by my own lust
          and enticed.  (See  James 1:14).  The word for  "enticed," is the
          same word use as bait, as  in to bait a hook to entice  a fish to
          bite.  In my situation I have described, they tried, by trickery,
          enticement, beguilement, deception, and  even physical deception,
          to make me think that God's Word was not really true.  "Yea, hath
          God said," is what the Enemy said to Eve in the garden.  God does
          not, therefore,  tempt us with  something that would cause  us to

               Many  think I  place too  great an  emphasis on  the demonic
          realm.   This  often is  due to  fear Christians  have concerning
          demons.   Jesus  said,  however,  that we  are  complete in  Him,
          meaning Christ,  who is the  head of all principality  and power.
          (See  Colossians 2:10).    Furthermore, we,  as Believers  of His
          Word, are joint heirs of all  the Lord Jesus Christ has,  (Romans
          8:16-17).  Jesus said  all power in heaven and on  earth had been
          given to him, according to Matthew 28:18,  and since we are joint
          heirs with Christ, we share in his power and authority.

               It is true I talk about  demons and how they operate but  we
          are told not to allow Satan to get  an advantage of us because we
          are   not  ignorant  of   his  devices,  (2   Corinthians  2:11).
          Furthermore, we are commanded in Ephesians 4:27 not to give place
          to the devil.   The question  is, therefore, are you  ignorant of
          his devices or have you given place to him?

               My  ministry, to  which  the  Lord has  called  me, just  so
          happens to  bring me  into contact with  the demonics  more often
          than perhaps  others.  Regardless, Peter said, Satan walks around
          as  a roaring  lion, seeking those  whom he may  devour, (1 Peter
          5:8).  This means you and this means me; no one is exempt.

               I  share my  personal experiences  to  help others  when the
          Enemy attacks  and attack he  most certainly will. When  he does,
          where will you  stand?  Are you  aware of his devices?   Will you
          believe his lies and be  fooled by his demons?  Will  they gain a
          foothold  in your  mind  because  they  distracted you  and  then
          implanted their thoughts secretly  into your thoughts?  Will  you
          know  the difference  between their  voice and  that of  the Holy
          Spirit?  Do you know God's Word  well enough to cut through their
          evil trickery  and unholy schemes  with the Sword of  the Spirit?
          Is your mind renewed so the Enemy has no spiritual right  to come
          against you and when they do, they bounce harmlessly away?  These
          are  all important  questions every  Christian  must answer  lest
          Satan gain the advantage.

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