Lying Spirits Love To Lie

                                By Phil Scovell

               When I pray  with people, I never start out  by thinking, "I
          bet there is  demonic influence in this person's  life and that's
          why they are hurting."  No, that  isn't where I start.  I  simply
          assume the person is wounded some where,  and we need to pray and
          find out where, so Jesus can heal that place and the pain will be
          gone.   Do demons  show up?   Some times but  only about half the
          time if even that  much.  Then why is this  article about demons?
          If you plan on praying with people, you better know what to do if
          there is a demonic manifestation.  If you don't, you are going to
          be  uncomfortable and that's putting  it mildly.   So let me tell
          you about a recent experience.

               I was praying with a woman who  has had, over the decades, a
          great deal  of demonic activity  in her  life.   Not because  she
          wanted  it, but  due to  trauma  in the  very early  days  of her
          childhood.    Additionally,  her  father,  and grandfather,  were
          involved in a cult  which is well known for its involvements with
          the demonics.  Of course, this developed and expanded as she aged
          because they already had a  stronghold upon which to operate.   A
          stronghold is the equivalence of a base of operation to which the
          enemy can retreat  to avoid detection.   This is often a  lie but
          can  also  be  disguised through  a  myriad  of psycho  dynamical
          characteristics.  In  this lady's case, I am not  speaking of one
          or  two  demons,  I am  speaking  of  hundreds.   So  how  does a
          Christian counselor or therapist, which I am not, deal with these
          intrusions?  Are they real or is the person just mentally ill and
          in   need  of   professional  assistance?     Can't  psychotropic
          medications fixed the problem?

               In this case, the demons, near the end of one of  our recent
          prayer times, began to manifest.  They did so by speaking through
          the  lady's  voice.   This  is  not  always  the case,  that  is,
          sometimes they only speak into  a person's thoughts.  It depends,
          in my opinion, upon the level of access they have into a person's
          life.  I believe there is external influence, internal influence,
          and protected.  By this I mean,  outside the mind, in the mind as
          a foothold, and in the mind due to the nature of the embedded lie
          which provides  them with a  stronghold in which to  hide behind.
          This is my  own interpretation and I  didn't get this out  of any
          book so I have no idea what others think along these lines.

               As they  began to  manifest, speaking through  her voice,  I
          commanded their silence  through the name of the  True Lord Jesus
          Christ.  Throughout  the rest of this article, keep that in mind.
          Otherwise, I  would have to  repeat myself a hundred  times, that
          is, in the name of the True Lord Jesus Christ.

               I never  address the demonic  realm without the  covering of
          the name of the True  Christ.  Why call  Him the True Lord  Jesus
          Christ?  Some  demons, in order to deceive, attempt to fool us by
          calling themselves jesus.  So you want to make sure you are using
          the only True name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  I  can hear someone
          asking, "Isn't that  sort of weird?"  No, I have a Spanish friend
          by the name of Jesus and that is Jesus with an H sound instead of
          a J sound  as in (Hey sues).   Jesus is a very  common name among
          the Spanish.   You don't think  the demonic  realm might try  and
          fool  us in order to misguide  us from the truth  of why they are

               As  the  demons began  to  manifest  through  this woman,  I
          isolated their activity  by requesting that  the True Lord  Jesus
          Christ  pick  the  demon  who would  obey  His  Words  to  be the
          spokesman of  the group.   Demons are like mice  and cockroaches;
          when you see one, there's lots more.  If you don't allow the Lord
          Jesus  to pick  the spokesman  for  the group,  you  will end  up
          talking to  demons all day long.  This  is often the mistake made
          by those called to the deliverance ministry.

               Finally,  as I asked  the True Lord  Jesus Christ to  do the
          work that I could not, and cannot, do, the demon spoke.  The goal
          is to attempt  to determine why the demons think, the key word is
          think, they have the right to function in that person's life.  If
          you invoke the  name of the  True Lord Jesus  Christ, and if  you
          know your  authority as a Believer in  His name, they will answer
          and  they have to answer.   In this  case, the spokesman admitted
          they had no  right to stay  in her life.   They were,  therefore,
          present just to torment her.   I told them they had to go.   They
          refused.  Since they had no right to remain, that is, no lie upon
          which to stay, they had to go.   I turned them over to the  Chief
          Shepherd, the True  Lord jesus Christ, and commanded  them to go.
          They left.    Curiously, They  were quickly  replaced by  another

               These demons,  by the way,  were associated with  this woman
          through her homosexual brother.  Thus they were connected to this
          woman because of an evil soul tie or an unholy covenant.   If you
          are  unfamiliar with  an evil  soul tie,  please read some  of my
          other articles on the subject.

               Again, I  learned this second  group of demons had  no legal
          right to be in the woman's life and the spokesman admitted it was
          true.  As  I began to command them to leave, turning them over to
          the Lord,  they began  assaulting the woman.   She  reported they
          were trying to hold her down and trying to pin her to the  floor.
          You  would have to  know the history of  this woman to understand
          the  significance of this action but regardless, I commanded them
          to stop what  they were doing and all  demonic activity instantly
          stopped.  I turned him, and  all those under his authority,  over
          to the  chief Shepherd, the True  Lord Jesus Christ.   They left,
          only to be quickly replaced with another  group of demons.  Well,
          shoot.  This was going to take all day and I wasn't interested in
          spending all day consuming time  talking to demons.  By  the way,
          this wasn't happening  because of anything  the woman was  doing.
          It was the Lord teaching me something I needed to learn.

               I  stopped, by commanding them  to cease speaking, and spoke
          to  the woman.   She  was familiar with  the prayer  which breaks
          unholy covenants.  We began  praying that prayer together but the
          demons jumped  into the prayer and tried  screwing everything up.
          This wasn't all that uncommon and in  fact, I had anticipated it.
          I wanted to see what level of authority they thought they  had in
          her life.   Their interference gave me more  of the information I
          needed.  She reported they were trying now to force her head into
          a bucket of filthy water.  I commanded them to stop and they did.

               I went  back to asking  the demonic spokesman of  each group
          what right  they had to be there.   I figured we would eventually
          find the  real leader  of the group  because demons  love playing
          hide and seek.  It wouldn't be uncommon at all for  the leader of
          the group to  be hiding behind other demons  under his authority.
          Unfortunately,  every spokesman confessed they had no legal right
          to  remain but  they also  announced they  weren't leaving  and I
          could not make them go.  Well, of course, I knew that wasn't true
          and they knew that wasn't true but  being demons, they lie a lot.
          In fact, it is about  all they do.  Besides, it wasn't  the first
          time a demon  told me I couldn't  make them leave so  that didn't
          bother me.   I just figured I  would have to keep  hunting around
          until the true leader showed up but such wasn't necessary.

               Once, I was told that they were  only their to remind her of
          her brother.   This confirmed, in  my mind, that they  were there
          only as a  spiritual contact to her  brother and I knew  how that
          contact could  be broken.   Another time,  one of  them confessed
          that  they could not  be made to  leave because she  couldn't see
          them.  I laughed out loud at that one.  Honestly, some demon  say
          the dumbest things.

               Speaking  to one demon,  he said, when I  told them to leave
          and to  go to Jesus,  they said, we will  strangle her.   I said,
          "Good.  Come on.   Do it.   I want you  to try and strangle  her.
          Call all your buddies.  Get them all  to come.  I want all of you
          to come together and with all your might, try and strangle her."

               First, I knew this was impossible but they didn't.

               Secondly, Don't  forget that demons are  deceived creatures,
          too.   They just don't  know it.   This  gives you the  edge.   I
          thought  my idea,  which was  actually  the leading  of the  Holy
          Spirit, might bring the leader of the group into the open.

               Thirdly, the moment  I spoke these words, I  saw the unclean
          spirits in  my spirit.   They all looked  very small, as  if they
          were flies or  ants, crawling around on  her neck and I  felt the
          awareness  of the  Holy Spirit  that  they were  harmless to  her
          physical well being.

               As  they  all  came  together to  strangle  her,  she  began
          laughing.   I've heard demons  laugh through people before  so it
          didn't bother me but that's not  what was happening.  She finally
          said, "They are tickling my neck.   They are all over my neck and
          shoulders and it  tickles."  I waited  until I felt the  time was
          right and then I commanded them all to stop what they were doing.
          They immediately quit  their activities.  Then I  asked the lady,
          with whom I was praying, if she wanted to pray to get rid of them
          or if  she preferred I pray.   She knew what to pray  so she said
          she wanted  to pray.   Less than  a minute  later, they  were all
          gone.   That  is,  they were  all gone  but  a few.   These,  she
          reported, could  not move  or  speak but  were  as if  they  were
          frozen.   The Holy Spirit told me what  these demons were and how
          to get rid of them.  We then prayed the unholy covenant prayer to
          break the bondage with her brother, she repeating the words after
          me, and the  instant she said  amen, she reported  they were  all
          gone and I didn't even have to ask her about it.

               About this  time, someone  is wanting to  know why  this all
          happened and to  a Christian,  no less.   One reason  was for  my
          benefit.   I  had never  been faced  with this  situation before.
          That is, I had not faced hundreds of demons, to my  knowledge, in
          one prayer  session before.   The Holy  Spirit impressed  me that
          there were  indeed hundreds of  them involved in  this situation.
          So it was a learning experience for me.

               Secondly, this woman hated  her brother.  He had  physically
          abused her and  emotionally and mentally abused her  all her life
          and especially when  they were children.  He had control over her
          in  ways I  don't even  understand but  some of  these ways  were
          spiritually evil.  The Lord wanted to heal her of this.  How do I
          know?  Afterward,  she told me that  a few days before,  the Lord
          had  impressed  upon her  to  eventually  make contact  with  her
          brother.   She didn't  want to  see her brother  and for  obvious
          reason; he stirred up  tons of pain inside of her.   They haven't
          been  talking for some time and  not by phone or  in person.  She
          allowed  him to email  her but only about  family business.  Now,
          the Creator  of the universe, was telling  her that He wanted her
          to get together  with Him and she  felt overloaded.  So  what did
          Jesus  do?  He got rid of  the demons causing the fear and healed
          her of tremendous pain.  Try and  tell me that Jesus doesn't know
          what He is doing.

               Is there more  healing?  Perhaps.  This  lady believes there
          is yet  other places she needs to go, concerning her brother, for
          healing.  Many  of the  demons associated with  her pain are  now
          gone so it will be easier to go to those places for healing.

               Now what about you.  Are you feeling pain?  Are you wounded?
          Are  there times when you  are just thinking  about the past that
          you say, "Boy, I will never  forget when that person..." and  you
          fill in the blank.  That  happened to me just recently concerning
          one of  my own sisters.   I am praying  the Lord will  reveal the
          truth about that woundedness.  If I can't locate  it on my own, I
          will meet  with my  prayer partner  and we will  agree in  prayer
          until we find it so I can be healed.

               Do you  want  to walk  free?   Aren't you  growing weary  of
          carrying all  this woundedness  and pain by  yourself?   Isn't it
          about  time  you   walk  a  maintenance  free   victory  in  your
          relationship with the Lord with no  more guilt or fear, or  pain,
          or shame, or  condemnation?  Call  me and let's  pray.  It  won't
          take  one prayer  session, most  likely,  but it  won't cost  you
          anything and  you can walk in total freedom.   I'll teach you how
          to practice this form of  intercessory prayer, too.  Then liberty
          will be  your theme  throughout the  rest of your  life as  Jesus
          lives in you as your only Lord and Master.

                                  End Of Document