Lordship Salvation

                               By Phil Scovell

               Although  I  have  heard  at  least  40,000  sermons  in  my
          lifetime, I am unable to calculate the percentage of just exactly
          how many of  those sermons have been on  the subject of Lordship.
          It has been  a bunch, though, that  much I know.   Furthermore, I
          have  no idea how many sermons and  Bible lessons I have preached
          and taught over the years but you can add that to my grand total,
          if you are of a mind, but it won't make me any more spiritual.  I
          must  admit, however, I  never understood  what Lordship  was all
          about so I never preached or taught on it.

               If I  boiled down everything  I have  heard and read  on the
          subject,  I would  have  to  ashamedly confess  that  my view  of
          Lordship salvation came down to how much I did, or didn't do, for
          God.   By that I mean, I always  had a positive and negative list
          of  things I  did,  and didn't  do,  for the  Lord.    It was  my
          spiritual ruler.   I  went to  church every  time the doors  were
          opened, I read my Bible daily, I memorized Scripture, I prayed 45
          minutes every day, I witnessed and won people to Christ, and from
          that point, my  list grew longer and  longer as I thought  of new
          and  positive  things  I  could   add.    If  I  experienced  any
          discouragement  for any  particular  reason,  and  upon  mentally
          reviewing that list of spiritual things, I wasn't feeling better,
          I immediately referred to  my negative list.  This was  my trusty
          standby list of  things such as,  I didn't own  a TV, for  awhile
          anyhow,  I didn't go  to movies, my  wife didn't wear  slacks, no
          fooling, I didn't smoke, I  didn't cuss, I didn't chew,  I didn't
          go with girls  who do, I didn't  live immorally, I didn't  lie, I
          didn't cheat,  I didn't take the  Lord's name in vain  and again,
          from there, the list got longer and longer  as I continually made
          additions.  Regrettably, this was  what I thought was putting the
          Lord  first and,  hence, I  was  living Lordship  salvation.   In
          recent years, I have learned I couldn't have been more wrong.

               Four times, in the  book of Revelation and in no  other book
          of the  Bible, Jesus proclaimed  He was the Alpha  and Omega; the
          First  and  the  Last.    Sure,  I  understood  what  that  meant
          theologically.   After all,  I had studied  it in  Bible college.
          Right?  He, Jesus,  was before all things  and after all  things,
          too.  Right?  Well,  it was something like that  at any rate.   I
          never personalized that statement of truth to my own life because
          I didn't know it was possible.

               Recently while  praying with  a woman  in a  prayer session,
          this truth struck me with resounding astonishment and clarity and
          it suddenly became more personal than I ever knew was possible.

               In this  particular situation,  this 39  year old  woman had
          been   diagnosed  with  a  number  of  things  including  bipolar
          disorder,  manic   depression,  OCD,   or  Obsessive   compulsive
          Disorder,  and  about every  other  disorder  and  letter of  the
          alphabet one could imagine.

               This  woman also had  something else quite  unusual that had
          plagued her nearly her entire life.   Now, get a hold of yourself
          because  you  are  going  to  find what  this  woman  did  mighty
          uncomfortable.   Here  it  is and  remember, I  warned you.   She
          prayed  to the  devil for  relief from  her depression  and other
          emotional problems.

               "Prayed to the  devil?" you ask with total  credulity.  "Did
          it work," you ask next out of curiosity?

               It sure did.

               "Oh," you  say, "this woman  must not have been  a Christian
          then if it worked."

               If you think that, you would be wrong because she is  a born
          again Christian.  At this point, I  would like to remind you that
          Job's own wife encouraged him to curse God and die.

               I can hear someone saying, "Well, if she  was praying to the
          devil, why couldn't she just stop it?"

               That's  a very  good question.   The  only people  who would
          think that, however, are those who know nothing about depression,
          little,  if anything,  about emotional  illness  in general,  and
          absolutely  nothing   about  the  deceitfulness   of  the   Enemy

               It  has  been  my  experience,  in  praying  with  people by
          employing intercessory  prayer techniques,  that the Lord  almost
          always  starts  at the  beginning  of  a  person's life  when  He
          initiates the healing process.  If the Lord doesn't begin  at the
          beginning of  their life, He  always, some where along  the line,
          ends up there and for a very good reason. It is now obvious to me
          as to why, but at first,  I didn't recognize it for what  it was.
          I have even  prayed with people that went clear back to when they
          were in the womb.   Is that possible?  Of course it  is.  Ask any
          doctor.  If you  don't know a wise doctor, ask  John the Baptizer
          when he  leaped in  his mothers  womb, when Mary,  the mother  of
          Jesus, told Elisabeth that she was expecting.

               Most  people find this theologically confusing because, they
          say,  "But I didn't  become a Christian  until I was  17 years of
          age."  As  if the  Lord, of  course, didn't know  when they  were
          going  to  become  a  Christian.   This  fact  alone,  reveals  a
          tremendously  powerful doctrinal truth but I'll skip the theology
          lesson for now.

               As  I prayed  with  this particular  lady  one evening,  she
          discovered a place in her life when something changed spiritually
          out of fear.  Something seemed as if it snapped inside of her and
          she  felt, if she  would pray to  the devil, maybe  she could get
          relief from the depression, repressive, obsessive, and compulsive
          thoughts  of which she suffered.  The Enemy, of course, was happy
          to  oblige because  that's the  source of  her pain and  fear and
          woundedness in the first place.

               As  we prayed, we arrived at  this moment of decision in her
          emotionally turbulent life.  In probing this area through prayer,
          the Lord revealed  a powerful spiritual and eternal  truth to her
          and that was, He is the Alpha and Omega of her entire life.

               Considering this truth at face value, we all  know it is, in
          fact, true.   Why?  Because we  understand Jesus has always been.
          Well, we may not  understand it, at least I never  have been able
          to comprehend  His eternality, but  we theologically  understand.
          Yet,  to experience  it,  to  literally feel  this  truth, is  an
          entirely different matter.   Until that night, praying  with this
          lady,  I had never personally experienced,  or felt this Biblical
          truth of the nature and character of God.

               I have also written on the experience of the omnipresence of
          God.   Of  course, the  doctrine of  the omnipresence  of God  is
          literally  impossible to  explain.   Yet,  during a  intercessory
          prayer session, the Lord  literally allowed me to experience,  or
          to feel, His omnipresence.  I was, by the way, totally  healed of
          the woundedness in that particular memory at that very moment and
          I  have never  forgotten the  spiritual amazement  I felt  at the
          moment He revealed the theological truth to me.

               As  a  Baptist,  I  was always  raised  to  understand  that
          feelings,  spiritual feelings that  is, was unspiritual,  sort of
          speak.  We always  taught it was perfectly ok to  be emotional at
          the moment of  salvation, of course, but after that?   Forget it.
          This  was one  of our  major criticisms  of the  Charismatics and
          Pentecostals because to us, it just seemed they had way  too much
          emotional  enthusiasm when  it came  to the  Christian life.   Of
          course I am exaggerating, to  some degree, but this was literally
          how I believe based upon how I was taught growing up as a child.

               As a result of the dozens of healing experiences  I have had
          during prayer, I know that it is not only possible to  experience
          God  but  to feel  what  we  might  call The  Theological  Truth.
          Perhaps it would be best  to refer it as Theology At  Work.  Say,
          there's a title for a book if I ever heard one.

               Have you experienced  God in your walk  with Him?  I  am not
          asking you if  you have ever felt  God, that is, His  persona and
          His Holy  nature.   I have felt  His presence throughout  my life
          many times.  I have felt His closeness and nearness.  I have felt
          his involvement in my  life.  I have seen Him working in my life.
          I have certainly  felt His peace but that isn't what I am asking.
          It is  something entirely  different from  the experience  of His
          theology or  literally his  personage.  Yes,  I can  hear someone
          saying,  "I experienced  God  when  I was  born  again."   That's
          wonderful.   You should  have.  Yet,  I am  speaking of something
          other  than your  initial  salvation.   I  am  not talking  about
          experiencing your salvation  all over again but  can you honestly
          say you have  felt the nature  of God?  You  would know this,  of
          course,  if the  result  of  the  encounter  brought  revelation,
          illumination, and most  importantly, healing to your  life, which
          was  eternally permanent.   That  is  another way  of saying,  it
          brought everlasting victory  to your life and you  never ever had
          to work at keeping it from getting away from you.

               Concerning  Jesus as  Alpha and  Omega,  I experienced  this
          truth, or felt it in my  born again spirit, and recognized it  as
          Lordship, as this same truth was revealed to the lady with whom I
          prayed.    If Jesus  is the  Alpha  and Omega  of your  life, the
          beginning and the ending of your  life, then He is truly Lord  of
          everything in between.

               "Oh, I know this already," I hear someone saying.

               That's good,  of course,  to know  it I mean,  but have  you
          experienced it as truth?  Knowing it as truth and experiencing it
          as truth  are not the  same thing.  If  you know it  as theology,
          that's good, but it doesn't  mean you have experienced it as  The
          Truth.  If  you experience it as  truth, on the other  hand, then
          you will also know  it theologically.  The reverse,  on the other
          hand, is not necessarily true.

               "So how do I experience, or feel, His truth?"

               Through prayer and the healing  power of the Holy Spirit and
          the Word of God.

               "But how do I know if I am healed?"

               That's easy.   Let  me ask  you a  few questions.   Are  you
          afraid or fearful  about anything?  Are you scared?  Do you still
          feel guilty about something you can't get over?  Did someone hurt
          your feelings somewhere along the line in your life that you just
          can't  forget?   Are you  ashamed  about something?   What  about
          anger?   Do you have  a temper that gets  away from you  once and
          awhile?  What about fear?  Is there something that always  brings
          fear or anxiety  to the surface when thinking about it?  Have you
          ever said to yourself,  "I will never forget when," and you speak
          someone's name that has wounded you in  some way?  What about the
          pain  of rejection?  Do you still feel  it at times?  Do you ever
          feel  inferiority?   What about  that  sexual indiscretion?   Why
          won't  it stop leaving you  alone since God  has forgiven you for
          that sin?  Why won't the pornography, real or mentally generated,
          leave you  alone?  Have  you ever  realized that you  just cannot
          forgive someone for what they did to  you?  Does the abortion you
          had without  anyone's knowledge  still pain you  deeply?   If the
          answer to  any one of these questions is in the affirmative, then
          you have not experienced  the character and nature of God in that
          area.  In short, you need to be healed in some specific area that
          is  causing that feeling  because it is  truly a  wounded area of
          your life for which Jesus wants to be Lord.

               If you want to know more, call me.

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