Demons Told A Pastor to Kill His Wife

                                By Phil Scovell

               In 1990, I was asked to take over  a church.  I was told, if
          everybody showed up at  the same time, we had 150  members.  Only
          about 50  to 60  ever showed  up at  any given  time while I  was

               When  the  pastor  left  to  continue  in  his  multi  level
          networking business, there were, for awhile, about 50 people that
          came to church.  Soon it dropped to 40 people.

               After  taking over the  church, I discovered  bills had gone
          unpaid for two months  and some for almost three.   This included
          the building rent  which ran 2500 dollars a  month.  Fortunately,
          we found a more affordable building  and our rent dropped to 1000
          dollars.  Bills were caught up within  six months, the church was
          debt free, and they started paying me a weekly salary.

               I was  in hog heaven.  I had always wanted to pastor.  I had
          been rejected, due to my blindness, once before by a church where
          I was  the assistant pastor.  Now, I  was pastoring my own church
          but there was one big problem.  The Lord told me that this church
          would not last and that he wanted me to close the church.  I knew
          it was really the Lord.   I tried everything  to get the Lord  to
          change His  mind about folding  this church but slowly  He pushed
          things into the shape of closure and 11 months after becoming the
          official pastor, the doors were  closed, all bills were paid off,
          and all our  furniture, Sunday school materials,  and electronics
          were donated to other churches.

               My heart was broken.   Soon I became discouraged and shortly
          after that, depressed.  "I had  failed."  I knew better but  that
          suggestion  came from an  outside source.  I  knew I had actually
          done the Lord's will.  He had told me that this particular church
          had been started for all the wrong reasons and never had been one
          of His  churches.   Thus, He wanted  it closed  but he  wanted it
          closed with honor.  He had chosen me to fulfill His will.  Still,
          I had failed and worse, I had failed God.

               I started listening to my own thoughts which quickly took on
          form and body.   We had a witch in the church, we discovered, who
          used  her influence  against me  more than  once until  I finally
          figured out, with help, what was  happening.  Since I was hearing
          voices and having anxiety attacks, I figured it  was time to find
          someone who understood such things.

               The Lord led  me to a Christian counselor I had met 10 years
          earlier.  Now, however, his  ministry had shifted to working more
          with people who were being demonically oppressed.  That was me.

               My depression and  anxiety attacks, as well as  the voices I
          was hearing, came and went but there was not a day in two years I
          wasn't afraid.   It was even another full year  before the voices
          and  the anxiety  dissipated to  the degree  I could  work again.
          Yet,  the voices  and the  fear returned  occasionally.   I still
          wasn't free and never thought I would be.

               When the demonic attacks first began, I was still  pastoring
          the church.   This was when we discovered the witch in the church
          and what she was doing.

               I awakened one  morning and felt something  spiritually slam
          into my body is if it were a crashing airplane.  It felt physical
          but I knew it  was spiritual.  A  voice in my thoughts said,  "If
          you kill your  wife, everything will work out."  I broke out into
          a cold  raw freezing fear.  At  this point, I did not  know I was
          being demonically attacked and I  thought I was just going crazy.
          I fought  back the best way I knew how but I was losing.  I began
          going to the counselor and he began teaching me about such things
          from God's Word.

               One night,  after the church  had folded, I awakened  in the
          middle of the  night.  I  got up to go  to the bathroom and  as I
          entered the room,  a loud voice said, "You might as well go ahead
          and  kill your  wife because  you  know you  are going  to  do it
          anyway."  I  spoke back and rebuked  the voice but I  didn't feel
          very secure.    It felt  as if  someone had  dumped  a bucket  of
          freezing cold ice  water on me.   I stumbled back to  bed, pulled
          the covers up to  my chin, and tried to sleep as  I trembled from
          the fear.

               It took me some time before I gained enough  courage to tell
          the Christian  counselor about the  voices and what they  said to
          do.  I mean,  after all, if you go to a mental health facility or
          any emergency room  of any hospital,  or if you  even just go  to
          your own  family doctor,  and tell them  that you  are depressed,
          they ask you, to fill out a form, and two of the questions on the
          form are, (1), "Do you have any suicidal thoughts or any thoughts
          about  harming yourself,"  and  (2), "Do  you have  any homicidal
          thoughts?"   They even warn  you in advance that  these questions
          are on the  form and if you  answer yes to either  question, they
          are  required   by  law  to   turn  this  information   into  the
          authorities.   This means, in  simple terms, you go  to the psych
          hospital  for a few days and then, once  you get out, you will be
          an out patient for some time to  come.  So what does a person do?
          If you go to a doctor or mental  health facility and they ask you
          these  questions, you  lie,  of course,  at least  I  did.   Why?
          Because I knew they were demonic voices and  not my own thoughts.
          Did I really  want to kill my wife?   Of course not.   So why did
          the  demons suggest  it?   They love to  terrorize people  and to
          watch them  tremble in  overwhelming fear.   In my case,  a witch
          used demonic techniques to literally cast spells.  "Oh," you say,
          "that  doesn't  happen.   Does it?"    My answer?   Go  ahead and
          believe  whatever makes  you comfortable.    Don't be  surprised,
          especially if you are a  pastor, if you are literally demonically
          attacked some  day.   Just remember where  you read  this article
          when it comes time to find help and freedom.

               the counseling sessions laid to rest that these were in fact
          demonic suggestions.   Besides,  this counselor  had heard  these
          things  many times  before because  the  Lord had  called him  to
          minister to  those who were being demonically  oppressed in their
          minds and emotions.  Yet I did  not achieve complete freedom from
          the voices.   Why?  There were  demonic lies planted in  my mind,
          some  from many  years  ago,  and those  lies  gave the  demonics
          license to communicate with me.

               Why are demons allowed to do such things to Christians?  The
          answer is simple.  Because of sin, or some sort of trauma, and an
          atmosphere  is generated in  a person's  life whereby  an unclean
          spirit is able to implant an evil thought.  At first, most people
          just think they are generating the thoughts themselves because of
          stress.    As  depression  deepens, the  voices  get  bolder  and
          eventually,  when  fear  has been  generated  enough,  the person
          cannot deny  they are real.   At  this point,  most people,  even
          Christians,  assume what I  did, and that  is, you are  crazy and
          need medical help.   They obtain  prescriptions for the  anxiety,
          panic attacks, OCD behavior, the bipolar diagnosis they received,
          and  clinical depression, generally from their family doctor, and
          seek  to live  out  their  life as  a  miserable unhappy  person;
          sometimes for years; sometimes for the rest of their life.   Most
          make the  mistake of  seeking Christian  counsel; sometimes  from
          their  pastor and  sometimes  from  Christian  counselors.    Few
          therapists, Christian or nonchristian, know anything at all about
          demonic  oppression.   Pastors,  and  most  so  called  Christian
          counselors,  wouldn't recognize the  presence of an  unclean evil
          spirit in  a  person's life  even if  it bit  them  on the  nose.
          Furthermore, if the person happens to be  dissociated where other
          personalities were generated in their life to help them cope with
          the  emotional pain  they have  suffered,  the average  Christian
          therapist or counselor or pastor  will think those are demons and
          will attempt to cast  them out.  You cannot cast  a person out of
          their  own personality;  you  can  only cast  out  demons.   Does
          medication help?   Sure,  to some degree,  but it won't  make the
          pain go completely  away; only the True Lord Jesus  Christ can do
          that by exposing the lies and applying the truth of His Word.

               I lived for nearly fourteen  years hearing voices off and on
          and experiencing anxiety attacks  and nightmares.  I rarely  even
          mentioned it  to my wife and I never  admitted it to anyone else.
          When the  Lord Jesus led  me to someone  who did know  what to do
          through  prayer, I  was  set free  and  entered the  intercessory
          prayer ministry the Lord had called me to full time.

               If you want  more information, or need help  yourself in any
          of  these areas,  and if  you are  serious about  getting to  the
          source of your  pain and fears, call  the number below and  leave
          your name and  number on my voice mail and I'll return your call.
          Yes, I pray over the phone even if you are in the Denver area.

          Safe Place Fellowship
          Phil Scovell
          Denver, Colorado - Mountain Time Zone