Inferiority By Demonic Infiltration

                               By Phil Scovell

               Praying with  a man one day,  he said that he  had something
          come  up  recently  and he  could  not  find  the  source of  his
          feelings.   He  even had  trouble identifying  the nature  of the
          associated emotions.  The feeling occurred when his wife, who had
          been handling  their  checkbook  for  years, felt  the  Lord  was
          telling  her to turn  the checkbook over  to him.   When she said
          this, he told me that he instantly had a feeling of discomfort.

               When I began asking him  questions, he thought the  feelings
          were related to when they had first  married.  He had purchased a
          computer program to handle their  checking account but due to the
          newness of the software, he had  made some wrong entries and thus
          caused them some minor  financial problems.  Soon  thereafter, he
          had been happy to turn it over to  his wife.  I guessed there was
          more  to  this part  of  the  story  but  I knew  it  was  likely
          irrelevant to what was really bothering him.  I suggested we just
          start  praying with the feeling he had  described, as vague as it
          seemed, and let the Lord direct us as we prayed.

               His   slight  feeling  of  personal  concern  and  emotional
          discomfort, the moment we began to pray, took him back to a grade
          school event.   A boy had made fun  of him one day  by saying his
          clothes  weren't as  good  as the  rest of  the  students.   That
          feeling struck deep  with this man and  we prayed for the  Lord's
          truth to be revealed.  He reported that the Lord told him that he
          had been with him and as  this man looked into the memory  again,
          he saw  himself dressed  in bright clothing  that was  far beyond
          anything anyone else  was wearing.  Knowing this  wasn't the only
          place the Lord wanted to take him, we continued praying together.

               The Lord took  him next to a  memory of when he  was in high
          school.  He had been on the football team but only played  one or
          two games and even then, it was in minor positions.   Joining the
          basketball  team  in  another Christian  high  school,  the coach
          always complimented him  on his playing during  practice but then
          never allowed him to play during an actual game.  Again the sharp
          pain was felt.

               Asking the Lord to expand the memory and to allow him to see
          the memory the way,  He, the Lord, saw it, the  man then reported
          that  he saw a  panorama of memories  flashing by  so rapidly, he
          couldn't do  anything other  than briefly recognize  them as  old
          memories.   He reported that  none of the pictures  stopped which
          would allow  him to  focus on  any given  memory.   This gave  me
          another clue and I realize this was not the origin of  this man's
          feelings.   I asked the Lord to  reveal the true lie, or lies, in
          these memories collectively.

               The man said, "This, I know, sounds really weird, but I feel
          as if I hate myself."  This admission, I then knew, would lead us
          to another memory event in which the true lie would reside.

               Praying  again,  I ask  the  Lord to  take  this man  to the
          origin,  the real  source,  of his  feelings  of rejection,  self
          hatred, not being quite good enough, and being less valuable than

               A moment passed and then he said, "This is even stranger.  I
          am back in  a house I lived in  when I was about 6  or 7 years of
          age.  I was in the basement and I had taken several TV trays  and
          put them together and  lined them up in a row.  I pretended I was
          a businessman  with people working for  me and the TV  trays were
          little tables and desks.   As I played, I  took a piece of  paper
          and just wrote a capital T for the first letter of my name.  As I
          looked at it, I thought to myself  how well I had done in writing
          the letter.   Suddenly," he said to  me, "But then what  I saw on
          the paper turned distorted and the letter T just no longer looked
          right to me."

               "How do you feel?" I asked.

               "I just feel bad; like something is wrong with me."

               At this point,  it was obvious there was  a demonic presence
          in the room where  he had been playing.   I prayed and asked  the
          Lord  to show this  man where  the demon was  in the memory.   He
          instantly reported that  he saw a demonic like figure seated in a
          chair,  not  far  away  from  where  he  was   playing,  watching
          everything he was doing.

               I prayed again  and asked the Lord to show this man the lies
          the demon  had implanted in the thoughts of  the little boy.  The
          man began to  speak what  he felt.   He felt  inferior, not  good
          enough, he'd never amount to anything in his life, and many other
          related  feelings.  I  asked the man  if he knew  now where these
          thoughts had come from  and he said he clearly saw  how the demon
          had implanted these lies into his life.

               At this  moment, the Holy Spirit  spoke to me and  said, "Do
          not send the demon away yourself.  Ask the man to send it away."

               I  asked this man if the demon was  still in the memory.  He
          said,  "Yes, but  he  is  no  longer  seated  in  the  chair  but
          standing."   I laughed  to myself  because I  knew the demon  was
          getting ready to  leave on his own now that he  had no reason for
          staying.  I told  him to send him away.  The man prayed, told the
          demon to go to the place where the True Lord Jesus  Christ wanted
          him to go.

               "Is he gone?" I asked when he had finished praying.

               "Yes," he replied, "he's completely gone."

               The Lord told me  not to leave this memory but to ask Him to
          speak further truth to this man.  I prayed  and asked the Lord if
          He  had anything else He  wished to tell or show  or give to this

               After a moment of  silence, the man said, "The  Lord told me
          that He had deliberately brought me to this place for me to learn
          and that  He wants  to heal  me  in many  more places."   I  then
          explain to the man what the Lord had told me and that this memory
          was  shown  to  him so  he  could  learn that  he  could  use the
          authority over demons that God had given to him through his  Holy

               Returning to the original feelings, he reported he no longer
          felt as he did and that everything felt clear to him.

               I  share this  simple story  of  healing because  it was  my
          oldest son  with whom  I  prayed.   He is  27 years  old at  this
          writing.  He and his wife have two girls.

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