Hanging Up On the Devil

                            By Phil Scovell

     * disclaimer.

          You are  about to  read information  relating to demons.   In  my
     prayer ministry, I don't bother looking for demons nor am I interested
     in talking to them.  I look for the signs of demonic presence and that
     often comes in the form of  spiritual blockages to god's Truth.   What
     you are about  to read happen to  be situations where demons  played a
     roll in the prayer session.  when  they do manifest, I still prefer to
     speak directly to the person, not  the demon, and ask the person  what
     they are being  told.  Some demons don't given the person a choice due
     to the level of unbelief and lies they has been living with year after
     year.  I  just simply deal with whatever presents itself in the prayer
     session.   Demons  are not  the  issue, nor  the goal,  of  any prayer
     session I  am in with  a person but  the lies the person  believes and
     them hearing the Truth  Jesus speaks to  them is all  that counts.   I
     never force a  person to try and see  a demon, talk to a  demon, and I
     especially never try and get a demon to talk to me through  a person's
     voice.   Sometimes  it  occurs  and  when it  does,  I  deal  with  it
     accordingly as you  will see.   So try  and keep this  in mind as  you

     * Note.

          This is  something every Christian  needs to read because  of the
     growing confusion, and misconception, of demonic influence in the life
     of a Believer.  What  you are about to read  has been approved by  the
     two women  who are mentioned  using fictitious names and  I appreciate
     their willingness to let others know the truth.

                           Hanging Up On The Devil

          I  was praying  with a  lady one  day,  whom I  will refer  to as
     Gloria, when she reported having difficulty hearing from the Lord.  It
     was obvious  to me  she was experiencing  this problem at  that moment
     during the prayer session because every time I prayed for the  Lord to
     speak to her, something unusual would happen.  For example,  she would
     report that she  was suddenly  ice cold.   When I  would pray for  the
     lying spirit, a demon in other words, to stop what he was doing in the
     name of the True Lord Jesus Christ, her physical feelings would return
     to normal.   Again, I  would pray  and ask for  the Lord to  speak His
     truth to her.  She now reported that she had  a splitting headache.  I
     then prayed  for this  demon to stop  what he  was doing  in the  same
     manner as the first.   The headache vanished.  The third time I prayed
     and asked for the Lord  to speak to this  woman, she reported that  it
     felt as if someone  were putting their hands over her ears.   I prayed
     the third time just as I had the first two.  The sensation went away.

          By this time, I prayed to get  the demon to announce his presence
     but he wouldn't  talk.  This, too, in my experience as an intercessor,
     was not  uncommon.  In fact,  nothing this woman  was experiencing was
     uncommon and I  had seen much of  it before when praying  with others.
     To tell  the truth, I  had seen  much worse.   Besides,  I figured  he
     wasn't  going to verbally  talk anyway.   Demons  often don't  like to
     speak because  they know,  if  they do,  the intercessor  is going  to
     discover they have no right to be there, or if they think they do, the
     reason for  their tormenting presence  will be quickly exposed  by the
     True  Lord Jesus Christ.   So, as  in the case with  Gloria, the demon
     remained silent but perpetrated physical responses just to let me know
     he was there.

          I might point out, at this point, that these physical symptoms do
     not mean that every  time you feel cold,  or have a headache,  or feel
     you aren't hearing very well, it is caused by a demon.  It may  simply
     mean you need to cover  up, turn up the heat, take some aspirin, relax
     and take a nap, wash  the wax out of your ears, or  remember to remove
     the  ear plugs  you forgot  to take  out two weeks  ago when  you went

          By this stage of  the prayer session, it was pretty  obvious that
     the  demon was going  to continue  his little  game.   In a  manner of
     speaking,  it  is  pretty  common  for demons  first  to  appear  with
     frightening  farcical   demonstrations  of   what  appears   spiritual
     superiority.  this  is  for  your  benefit, for  the  most  part,  but
     admittedly, it does have, or  can have, a very unsettling effect  upon
     the person with  whom you are  praying.  Especially,  I might add,  if
     that person is alone  with no one to pray in agreement with them.  If,
     on the other hand, the prayer partner knows his place and authority in
     Christ,  the tables  are  easily turned.   Once  the  purpose for  the
     presence is  established, they begin  acting like children  and often,
     what I call, demonic games are then played.  This  is designed to keep
     the intercessor from assisting  the person to get to the  point of the
     woundedness, and  eventually the  lie, and finally  to where  they can
     hear the voice of the True Lord Jesus Christ.

          For example, I was praying  with a blind woman  one day.  I  will
     call her Patience.  We reached a blockage which, in this  case, turned
     out  to  be demonic.   Not  all  blockages to  the truth  are directly
     related to the  demonics.  In this case, however, it was exactly that.
     The demon,  in this  lady's situation, happened  to speak  through the
     woman's voice.  this seems to be an indication of how much influence a
     demon feels he  has and can employ  to manipulate a person.   Normally
     they  only inject  their  words,  or thoughts,  or  feelings upon  the
     person,  but based upon their  level of perpetrated manipulation, they
     occasionally  will attempt  to heighten  the fear  factor by  speaking
     through the person's  own voice.  Big  deal and who cares!   Generally
     the vocal tone is  slightly altered, as if they are  really inside the
     person, but this tactic, in my  opinion, is mostly to produce a  level
     of heighten fear.  By the way, they are  not inside the Christian with
     whom you are praying.   If you believe they are, the  demons will pick
     up on your level of fear  and capitalize upon it.  As I  said, in this
     case, the demonics spoke and used the woman's own voice.   By the way,
     I have had  demons speak through me,  using my own voice, in  a prayer
     session with someone who  was ministering to me,  and I know I  am not
     demon possessed but back to my story.

          When, by the name of the True  Lord Jesus Christ, I gave them  no
     option but to answer according to His will, the demonic presence said,
     "We are playing the game."  I  asked what game they were playing.  The
     answer was,  "You know.  The game; the game."  I told them I wanted to
     know  the nature of the game and  commanded they answer.  All this, of
     course,  is done in  the name of  the True Lord Jesus  Christ and with
     full knowledge of  one's identity in Christ  and His authority.   They
     said,  "The game; the game.  She knows; ask  her."  So I did.  For the
     first  time in  this  woman's  life, she  suddenly  realized what  was
     happening to her.

          As I mentioned,  this lady was blind.  From  her early childhood,
     due to horrible trauma she had experienced over and over again, demons
     had  taken advantage  of  her  blindness.   Many  sighted people,  she
     explained, think it  is interesting to walk  up to a blind  person and
     say, "Who am I?"  sighted people,  God bless them, have heard that all
     blind people have perfect pitch,  extraordinary touch so they can feel
     the lettering on  a paper bill  and tell  you the denomination,  super
     human hearing, and the wonderful  ability of recalling every voice and
     name  they have ever heard.  I  have personally been blind for over 40
     years and I have none of these qualities but, of course, I digress.

          In this woman's case, the  demons had heard people doing this  to
     the traumatized little blind girl and they picked up the game in order
     to further  torment her.   This  hideous  evil demonic  game had  been
     conducted over and over again until the little girl was nearly  out of
     her mind.  The demons, of course, never once let the little girl  know
     what  they were doing to  her.  They thought  what they were doing, in
     fact, was funny.  Jesus didn't agree so He kicked  some butt that day.
     In case you haven't figured  it out as of yet, demons never  ever play
     fair because they are evil just as their father is evil.

          Once this  particular demonic evil  game was exposed for  what it
     was by the  True Lord Jesus Christ,  they were sent packing;  never to
     return.  They know who Jesus is.  Do you?

          Now, back to Gloria's situation.   After discovering the hide and
     seek  methods of  the demon  making Gloria  cold, then  suffer from  a
     splitting headache, and then covering her ears, they made a mistake by
     saying, almost  through the woman's  voice, "We are going  to hang the
     phone up on you."

          Being led  of the Holy Spirit what to do next, I said, "Oh, good.
     I want  to see  this.  come  on!   Get all your  buddies together.   I
     command, in the  name of the True Lord  Jesus Christ, for you  and all
     your buddies to come  together and to work on this together.  Come on!
     Hang up on me.  Let me see you do it.  Right now.  Do it.  Hang  up on
     me.  I command you  to hang the phone up on me by the name of the True
     Lord Jesus Christ.  Come on.  I am going to sit right here and listen.
     I  want to see you hang up on me.  Come  on.  Do it.  Right now.  Hang
     up the phone."

          Moments later,  Gloria began laughing.   I asked her  what was so
     funny.  she  said, "They  are climbing  all over the  phone and  using
     their  little fingers  to  try and  press the  buttons  but they  keep
     slipping off or missing the buttons."  I had seen this  happen before,
     in other ways, so wasn't surprised.  Regardless, I only  preceded with
     that  type of technique because the Holy Spirit had given me direction
     to  do so.   It  also provided  me with  an additional advantage.   It
     caused all  those demons, associated  with what  was going on  at that
     moment  in this  woman's life, to  come together.   Now they  would be
     commanded  to  stop,  disarmed  by  dismissing  them from  their  evil
     assignments  against this woman,  and sent on  their way.   No, silly!
     Not by  me!  By  the name of  the True Lord  Jesus Christ!   You don't
     think I do this sort of thing by myself, do you?

          The  purpose of  this  testimony is  basic,  or foundational,  in
     nature.   Demonic  influence is  real.   Yes,  even  in the  lives  of
     Christians and especially in the lives of  Christians.  How do I know?
     Talk to me  for five minutes about  what you believe and  how you live
     and what you  feel about your relationship with Christ,  and I'll tell
     you  how  seriously you  are being  deceived demonically.   Yes,  I am
     talking  about   baptized  Believers.    Yes,  these  are  Born  Again
     Christians washed in the blood of the Lamb.  Yes, these are King James
     Bible  toting, hallelujah shouting, God fearing, pulpit pounding, amen
     yelling,  and true  Christians; the  sons and  daughters of  God whose
     names are  written in The  Lamb's book of  Life.   No, dad gum  it, we
     aren't talking about demon possession so forget that.  We  are talking
     about you and  your relationship with God.   We are talking  about the
     lies you believe about yourself.  We are talking about the woundedness
     and  pain you  suffer.   Noah's ark is  built.   The door  is closing.
     Either get on board or swim for it.  If you need help, call me.

          Learn how  to hang up on  the devil in your daily  life by simply
     thinking  the thoughts  of  authoritative  prayer.   Yes,  it is  that
     simple.    Yes, many  of  us  make  it theologically  complicated  and
     doctrinally impossible to believe but hang  up on those people and get
     on the phone with Jesus.  Do it now!

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     Denver, Colorado USA
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