The Art Of Healling an Addict

                               By Phil Scovell

          My 26  year old daughter,  Gretchen, made an appointment  to pray
     with me.  The first time is  often difficult because few Christians in
     the Body of Christ  have ever truly heard the voice of  the Lord.  Oh,
     they  hear  voices  all  right,  but  they  are  often  condescending,
     accusatory,  demeaning,  belittling,   and  couched  in   inflammatory
     terminology  which  creates  doubt, fear,  guilt,  shame,  or circular

          After a few minutes,  we isolated an emotion which allowed  us to
     focus  our prayers  upon  an area  the Lord  wanted to  heal.   It was
     emotional shame.  As we prayed together about this shame, two memories
     suddenly surfaced without  warning.  One was when she was a student in
     a Christian school, in  kindergarten, and wearing a  pink dress.   The
     second memory was when she was 15 and had run away from home.  She was
     working at a Burger King,  where we eventually found her three  months
     later, and  she was pregnant with her first  child.  That's our oldest
     grandchild.  He's almost 10 years old at this writing.

          I started with the kindergarten memory.  The shame was there as a
     result of a  simple art project  the class was  working on.   Gretchen
     said she  apparently was  doing something wrong  because a  little boy
     next  to her tried  innocently to show  her what she  was doing wrong.
     Suddenly,  and without  warning, she  felt  exposed, embarrassed,  and
     ashamed.  I  focused our prayer on the shame and these other feelings.
     She  said, "I'm not as good  as the rest of  the class."  I recognized
     this as a lie from the Enemy, of course, right away, but she did  not;
     to her it felt genuine.

          As  the Lord  began to  speak to  her about different  areas, she
     said, "I  feel like I am making all of this up."  This, too, is common
     because,  even as  Born  Again  Believers, we  really  aren't used  to
     hearing the voice of the Lord speaking  truth to us as much as we  are
     the Enemy's.

          As 45 minutes passed, the Lord began  to speak His truth which in
     turn brought healing into the memory.   Yes, there was a lying  spirit
     who had implanted  the lies about herself  into her little 5  year old
     mind.  No, he didn't speak; he  didn't need to.  The lies she believed
     were evident.   Do you think the Enemy plays fair?  Of course not.  He
     often  preys on  children who  are  unable to  detect  they are  under
     demonic influence.   The Lord  did, on  the other hand,  show Gretchen
     where he was, that  is, the lying spirit in the memory,  before he was
     sent away, so she would understand she had not made these  feelings up
     on her own but was, in fact, demonically lied to by him.

          When the first memory was healed, we went  to the second one.  It
     was already automatically  healed and the shame in  that second memory
     was  no longer  there.   This,  too,  is quite  common when  a  lie is
     thematic,  or repetitive,  in nature.    Sometimes a  thematic lie  is
     embedded hundreds of times over a person's life time.

          Gretchen felt,  at first,  that she  could not  be healed.   Why?
     Because she  had too many things  in her life  for the Holy  Spirit to
     address.  You can see the  lie in that reasoning.  Regardless,  if she
     continues  meeting with  the  Lord  in prayer,  He  will continue  his
     healing process in her life.

          Finally,  after everything seemed renewed in her memory, she said
     the Lord walked up to a chair and sat down next to her.  He had an art
     project, too, which she saw Him  working on.  He looked over and  said
     to her, "I am going to fix your art  project so it is right.  If I can
     fix your  art project  for you, I  can fix  the rest  of your life  as

          Now, what about you?  Will you allow the Lord  to sit next to you
     and fix your life just  as He is my daughter's?   Gretchen was a  drug
     addict,  an alcoholic, had an abortion due  to her immoral life style,
     and lost her marriage as a result.   Isn't it obvious, if the Lord can
     heal her, He can  do the same for  you?  Why  don't you call and  find

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