Demons Talking To Christians

                                   By Phil Scovell

               I  know this isn't  widely accepted, and  most certainly not
          even popular  with most Christians, but  demons do talk to  us as
          Born Again  Believers.   Worse than this,  they can  actually put
          their feelings  upon us and speak in the  first person.  This, of
          course,  makes us immediately  think we have  said it or  we have
          felt it.  As I said,  most Christian find this difficult, if  not
          down right impossible,  to believe.    they jump up and  down and
          demand I show them in the Bible  where this is true and sometimes
          I am called a heretic, a  false teacher, and only the Lord  knows
          what they say when I can't hear them.  Regardless, it is true and
          if you choose not  to believe it is possible, then  God bless you
          anyway.  when it happens to  you, however, don't forget what  you
          heard about it so you can Scripturally deal with it.

               I  am bringing this up right  now because, in recent days, I
          have had demons  speak to me twice  in the first person  and even
          attempt, in  one case, to put  their feelings upon  me to confirm
          what they said was true.  After  all, if it feels true, it has to
          be true.   Right?   Wrong.   Anyhow,  here are  the two  separate
          experiences I want to share with you.  Just in case it happens to
          you, of course,  some day a  hundred years from now  or something
          like that.

               A couple of weeks ago, I wasn't doing anything in particular
          except for thinking about something in my life.  Ok, if  you must
          know, I was in the bathroom.  The rest is up to your imagination.
          Yes, I  could  have, of  course,  been brushing  my  teeth but  I
          wasn't.  I  suddenly heard in my  thoughts, "I'm a drunk."   Not,
          "You are a  drunk," but, "I am  a drunk."   I almost laughed  out
          loud.  Why?   Because not only am  I not a  drunk but even has  a
          teenager,  I hated the  taste of alcohol.   Twice, in  my life, I
          tried drinking beer; just  plain old beer.  I got  about a half a
          can down  before handing  it to a  friend to  finish.  So,  in my
          entire  life  time,  I  probably  haven't  had  enough  alcoholic
          beverage to  even fill one beer  can.  Now LSD,  marijuana, hash,
          speed, and other  related drugs is a  different story.  Booze,  I
          hated.   I didn't  even like wine,  come to think  of it,  but my
          point  should be clear  by now; I  hate anything alcoholic.   The
          truth is, I couldn't be a drunk if I wanted to be because I can't
          stand the taste.

               So, here I am, thinking about something totally unrelated to
          booze, and I hear  in my thoughts, "I am a drunk."   Sure I am, I
          think to  myself, and a chicken  has lips, too.  So  what was the
          source of this lie?  I immediately began looking, through prayer,
          of course,  for the  source.   I knew,  without question,  it was
          demonic, but why did a demon take that particular time to try and
          plant a lie in the thought stream of my daily life?  I mean, this
          guy was just plain stupid trying this idea out on me.  The answer
          would take more than a book to explain.  My point is that a demon
          did speak those words in my  thoughts to try and gain a  foothold
          in  my life through  an implanted lie.   Furthermore, he spoke in
          the first person to make me think I was the one who thought it.

               Now, just before writing this article, it happened again but
          with a different theme.  I was seated at my desk doing little  of
          nothing, other  than reading email,  and when I replied  and sent
          the  message off,  suddenly,  in my  stream  of consciousness,  I
          heard, and felt,  "I hate  myself."   Wow.  That  could be  true.
          Maybe I do hate myself.  I'm such a terrible person, a loser, and
          a failure.   Nobody  likes me.   Maybe I  really do  hate myself.
          Nope.  I didn't go  that route of thinking.  Why?   I am learning
          not everything that pops into my  thought life is of God or  even
          of my own thinking.

               First of all,  in this case, I  knew I did not  hate myself.
          Why should I?   God has revealed  so many wonderful things  to me
          and  even how He is my Father and  how He spends time with me and
          how He hears  and answers my prayers.   So why should  I remotely
          consider the  possibility that I  hate myself when God  loves me.
          Of course,  I am perfectly aware  that others may  indeed hate me
          and that it  could have been a demonic  influence associated with
          that person.  After all, I pray with many people and some of them
          have  demonic activity  all around  them.   Because of  that fact
          alone, I always examine myself to make sure it isn't  coming from
          someone with whom I have recently prayed.

               Then it  hit me.  I didn't say it but a demon said it in the
          first person to try and deceive me into thinking I said it.  That
          way I would believe it was  really true.  Where do you think  the
          phrase, "Sneaky  little devils,"  came from  in the  first place?
          Well, it isn't true; I don't hate myself.  so what does a  person
          do in such a case?  He, or she, takes every thought captive.

               Here is what I did.   I stopped typing and prayed.   Since I
          was alone,  I prayed out  loud and I said  these words.   "In the
          name of the True Lord Jesus Christ, I call to attention the demon
          that just said, "I hate  myself," and tried putting the emotional
          feelings on me to make me think it was true.  Furthermore, I call
          to attention all those under  your authority for the same reason.
          Note.   You do  this because it  is rare that  only one  demon is
          hanging  around and  pestering you.   They  almost always  have a
          bunch of  buddies with them to back up their wickedness.  Praying
          in  this manner, you lump them all  together and you aren't stuck
          dealing with demon after demon until you  get rid of all of them.
          So back to my prayer.

               Once I had called  them all to attention in the  name of the
          True Lord Jesus  Christ, I then said,  "I bind your  words spoken
          against me and strip you of your armor and weapons and  place the
          blood of Jesus Christ  upon them.  I dismiss you from all of your
          assignments against me.  I now bind you all together as one and I
          turn you  over to the Chief Shepherd, the True Lord Jesus Christ,
          and I command you to leave  and to go right now to the  place the
          True  Lord Jesus Christ wants  you to go.  Be  gone, now, from my
          presence in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

               What  do  you suppose  happened  immediately following  this
          prayer?   That's right!   The feeling  of worthlessness vanished.
          Was it all  in my mind?   Was I  just making all  this up or  are
          there  really  demons sent  to try  and deceive  us?   You decide
          because I  already know the truth and the  truth has set me free.
          The rest is up to you.

          Why This Won't Work

               I cannot leave this topic without, at  least, mentioning why
          doing what I have  suggested won't work.  I  know from experience
          it won't work under certain  circumstances so I feel obligated to
          make mention of it now.

               Demons  will not  leave if  what you  believe is  based upon
          lies.    For  example, if  you  really believe  you  are  a drunk
          because, for example, you get  drunk, then you would believe what
          the demon  said to  be true  about being  a  drunk.   So, if  you
          believe it  is true,  that is, you  are a  drunk, why  not follow
          through since that  is what you really are.   If you were  such a
          miserable, horrible, terrible person, who failed at everything in
          life,  and  you were  literally  worthless  as  far as  you  were
          concerned, then you would have  no problem believing what a demon
          said  if  they  spoke  the  words, "I  hate  myself,"  into  your
          thoughts.  Do Christians  really believe such lies?  Oh,  you bet
          we do.  Can you believe that some Christians  even commit suicide
          because of what  they believe?  take  my word for it;  it's true.
          No,  it isn't the  norm.  The  norm is anxiety,  panic attacks, a
          feeling of perpetual  helplessness and  hopelessness, guilt  that
          can  choke  a  horse,  shame  that carries  so  much  weight,  it
          literally feels like you are  carrying a 100 pound bag of  cement
          on your shoulders, pride that would punch a hole in a solid brick
          wall,  anger that would outshine the sun to the point of reducing
          it to cosmic ashes, sexual disfunctionality that will destroy any
          life, gender identity  distortion that can cause any Christian to
          turn homosexual while believing it is because they were literally
          born that way, grief that will make the death of a loved one seem
          like a  Sunday school picnic,  depression that goes so  deep, you
          will feel  like you  have dropped into  a bottomless  pit, family
          conflicts that will rip your heart out and be rolled over  like a
          steamroller, marital strife  worse than a charging  elephant, and
          rejection that will feel like a passing asteroid has just slammed
          into your  life, punching  a  hole in  it, and  passing right  on

               How do you find these lies and get rid of them?   I'm sorry,
          that would take a  much longer article.  Please take  time to log
          on to my website and read many articles which will deal with this

          Safe Place Fellowship
          Phil Scovell
          Denver, Colorado
          Mountain Time Zone

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