A Dog Of A Demon

                               By Phil Scovell

          I could  begin this  testimony by  telling you  scary frightening
     demonic stories.  demons that manifested themselves in prayer sessions
     that  I  have  conducted,  talking  through  the  person's own  voice,
     laughing, threatening to kill and destroy, and those are just the nice
     things they say.  I could, on the other hand, tell you true stories of
     demons  who manifest  in  some  supernatural way  so  that the  person
     literally feels them tactually making contact with them physically, or
     so it would seem.   I could tell you about the  time I was demonically
     attacked, early  on in my  ministry, when I  could feel things  of the
     demonics crawling all over my body like hundreds of ants.  At the same
     time, I could also feel wave after  wave of something that emotionally
     felt like filthy dirty cold water being splashed upon me by the bucket
     full during the attack.  I did not know, during those early days, what
     to do.  Plus, I was afraid of them.  So I didn't try to fight back but
     called a friend, getting  him out of bed at 1 in  the morning, to have
     him come and  pray with me.  We  prayed all night.  Now,  the Lord has
     taught me what to do so I am no longer afraid.  Instead of telling you
     all  these scary stories, however, I am  going to tell you one I think
     is funny.

          I  awakened in the  middle of  the night.      Getting up,  at my
     advanced  age, I  went to  the  bathroom first  and then  went  to the
     kitchen and got a drink of water.  While standing at the sink, I heard
     one  of our dogs  enter the kitchen;  walking slowly across  the tiled
     floor.  I clearly, without  a doubt, heard his toenails  click, click,
     clicking on the  tile floor  of the  kitchen as he  walked across  and
     stopped near  our refrigerator.   We also put  our dogs on  leashes at
     night which are tied down near  the bed so they don't get up  and roam
     around the house.   In this case,  I just figured one of  the dogs had
     been overlooked so he had come into the kitchen to see if I would give
     him  something to eat.  Not knowing  which dog it was, I couldn't call
     him  by name, so I slapped my leg and  called to him.  When I do this,
     regardless of which dog it is,  they always come because they think  I
     have some  food to  give them.   He  didn't.   I called  again but  he
     refused to  come.  I suddenly knew,  in my spirit, it wasn't  a dog at
     all.  Half  asleep, I decided that  he would just follow me  back into
     our  bedroom, if he was a dog, that is,  so I left the kitchen.  I did
     not hear him follow.

          The next day, I asked my wife which dog had not been hooked up to
     his leash near the bed.  She said, "None.  They were all hooked up for
     the night."

          "Are you sure?" I asked.

          "I'm positive," she replied.  "They were definitely all hooked up
     last night."

          So, I ask you, what had been in the kitchen with me?  It was most
     certainly real; there is no doubt about  that.  No, I wasn't dreaming.
     The sounds of clicking toenails could not have been more real to me as
     they tapped on  the hard floor surface.   I know now what it  was.  Do

          "Do such things really happen?"


          "Were you afraid?"

          No, I said I thought it was funny.


          Because I was being allowed, by the True Lord Jesus Christ, to be

          "Why didn't you send him away?"

          I didn't  have to.   He had  no right  to be there  so I  knew he
     wouldn't stay.  I just went back to bed and ignored him.  Nothing more

          "why didn't he talk to you or make frightening noises?"

          He couldn't.

          "Why not?"

          Because, I  had not  given him  any right  to attempt  to gain  a
     foothold in my life.

          "Doesn't  it bother  you that  there  are likely  demons in  your

          No, because  there aren't demons  in my  house.  Once  and awhile
     they may show  up but they  can't stay because  they have no  right to
     remain.  Plus,  you see, I have  the authority of the  True Lord Jesus
     Christ over them.   I don't  have this authority  because I say so,  I
     have it because Jesus says so.  Any more questions?

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