They Say I Am Crazy

                               By Phil Scovell

               She said  she was crazy.  I asked  how she knew this and she
          reported that this was what her daughters and her doctor thought.
          I asked what they wanted to do for her, assuming, of course, they
          would put  her on  medication.   "They want  to admit  me to  the
          hospital and  give  me shock  treatments<"  she replied.    This,
          forgive  the pun,  shocked me.    Such treatment  isn't all  that
          common  any more because medication is generally the prescription
          for mental illnesses.

               I asked her  more about her symptoms.   She was,  of course,
          hearing  voices and was fearful all the time.  Anxiety  and panic
          was her life now.

               I asked her  if she wanted to  pray and she agreed  she most
          certainly wanted  to pray.   I explain  the type  of intercessory
          prayer I do and she still wanted to pray.  We did.  As we prayed,
          this older woman began to visit places in her mind related to her
          marriage and her children.  She had experienced shock  treatments
          once  before  in her  thirties  and it  had  seemed  to help  her
          depression but now it had all come back and was much worse.

               I was continually running into blockages as we  prayed which
          was an indication  of demonic influence  in her  life.  I  didn't
          need to be a theological seminary graduate to figure that one out
          either.   I  explained to  her  how this  aspect of  prayer would
          progress  and asked for  her permission  to continue  along these
          lines.  She agreed and showed no fear.

               The demons immediately began to manifest.  Sometimes I ask a
          demon its name because the  name alone gives me spiritual insight
          to his nature  and purpose for being in that person's life.  this
          first demon  announced his  name was Lucifer.   This was  a scare
          tactic, of course, to make me think I was talking to the Evil One
          himself.  I knew better and worked with what manifested.

               We  seemed  to  be making  little  advancement  after while.
          Something  gave me  the idea and  I said, "Are  you sitting down,
          Margret?"  She said she was walking around because she just could
          not stop moving.   I then  had another thought  come to my  mind.
          "Are you carrying anything in your hands, Margret?"   She told me
          that she was carrying a large metal  crucifix.  I  understand why
          she was carrying it  but the Holy Spirit was  giving me direction
          and I was going to follow his  lead.  I said, "Margret, would you
          mind laying  the crucifix  down for a  moment as  we pray?"   She
          agreed  and I heard the clunk of  the heavy object as she laid it
          down on a table.  I then addressed the  presenting demonic spirit
          again and everything changed.  We began making progress.

               At one point, Margret said, "I  hear two voices in my head."
          I asked  her to  tell me what  they were saying.   "Well,  one is
          saying I  am crazy and need professional  medical help and I need
          to be in the hospital."  I asked Margret if she knew who that was
          speaking.  She said, "It is a demon."  I asked her what the other
          voice was saying.   Margret  said, "It  is saying that  I am  not
          crazy and  He can heal me."  I asked if she knew who that was and
          she said, "Well, that would have to be the Lord."

               I said, "Margret,  do you understand what the  Lord has just
          done for you?"

               She said she didn't.

               I  explained that the Lord  just proved to  her that she was
          not crazy.

               "How is that?" she wanted to know.

               I  explain  that if  she  were  crazy,  she could  not  have
          recognized the difference between the two voices.

               This story has somewhat a  sad ending.  Shock treatments are
          generally given to erase the  memories causing a person the pain.
          Does it work?   Often it does  by literally erasing parts  of the
          person's memory.  Jesus, on the other hand, doesn't do that.   By
          that I mean,  He doesn't erase our  memories.  Instead,  He heals
          them.   That  way, no matter  how many  times you return  to that
          memory, it will never hurt you or bring you pain.   Why?  Because
          Jesus healed the  pain in that  memory.  thus,  all of your  mind
          remains intact.

               Margret ended up in the hospital because her family, and her
          doctor,  insisted.     Yes,  she  is  better  because  the  shock
          treatments  have  blotted  out  the painful  memories.    Is  the
          emotional  pain and  woundedness  gone  just  because  she  can't
          remember  any longer?   Of course not.   Will it  return?  If she
          lives long enough.

               Some day,  I personally  believe, all  the painful  memories
          will be gone  as we live and  walk with the Lord  in His Heavenly
          Kingdom.   What a day  that will be  and it will  be a day,  too.
          That is, a day without end.   For now, Jesus is the Healer and He
          can, and will, heal us from anything that is a lie.

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