Give Me A Break

                               By Phil Scovell

          Frankly,  I was stressed  out at the  time.  Things  had happened
     that I  didn't like and the stress  was building up.  As  far as I was
     concern, the Lord  could come right then  and there and that  would be
     fine with  me.  Although I  wasn't suicidal, I  didn't even care  if I
     lived another day and preferred not to if given the choice.

          I felt half asleep as I shuffled slowly into my office.  I picked
     up a piece of paper off my desk as I stepped behind it, and placed the
     paper on my floor  to ceiling bookshelves.  As I did  so, I thought to
     myself, "Lord, can't  you even cause  something good  to happen to  me
     today?"   I meant, of course, "Come  on, Lord.  Give me  a break.  Let
     the pressure up."  I immediately thought of two things the  Lord could
     do for  me that would  lift my spirits.   Both things  had to do  with
     money.  After those  two things, I immediately  said to myself,  "That
     won't last.  When the money drains away, if either one of those things
     were to happen, I'll feel just like I do now."  Then I heard the voice
     of the Lord.

          "You don't need those things because you have me."

          I smiled inwardly,  recognizing the truth about who  Jesus really
     should be to me personally.  I took my feelings and thoughts away from
     focusing on what I thought  would make me happy and put  them on Jesus
     instead where they belonged in the first place.  I realized Jesus just
     wanted to be  the Lord of all my  life and not just a  part of it; the
     part I would allow Him to have.

          Where is  Jesus in your life today?   Are circumstances trying to
     crowd  Him out  of  your life?    Are painful  emotions  attempting to
     override His  love for  you and doing  a mighty  good job  burying you
     alive in worry and  fear and guilt?  Does  it feel like what is  being
     spoken  to you in your  mind through all the confusion  is true?  then
     call me and let's  pray and find out where it is rooted  so we can all
     be free to the extent we can always put Jesus first each day.

     Safe Place Fellowship
     Phil Scovell
     Denver, Colorado
     Mountain Time Zone

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