Babies Hear Us Talking

                        Watch What You Say To Children

                             By Phil Scovell

               At the time of this writing, my oldest son is 27  years old.
          He is married and  has two little  girls.  He  and his wife  have
          been taking  turns calling me and  we have been  spending time in
          intercessory prayer.   Why?   They have  both realized  that they
          have things  in their  lives, even as  Christians, even  as young
          people, which have created woundedness.  It is one of the wounded
          areas  that  I want  to  tell you  about  which the  Lord brought
          healing to in my son's life.

               As  I prayed with  my son one  day, we seemed  to be tracing
          backward into his life the feelings of rejection and inferiority.
          Further and further we drifted into his past.

               Suddenly, my son said, "I'm in the hospital."

               "When was that?" I asked.

               "When I was born," he replied.

               This  did not  alarm me.   I  have prayed with  many people,
          especially those  who were born  prematurely, but not  limited to
          premature births, who  have gone back  to the  very week and  day
          they were born.   Is that  possible?  Based  upon all those  with
          whom  I  have  prayed, including  my  own son,  it  is  more than
          possible; it happens.

               I continued praying  and asking my son questions.   First he
          described being  in a small bedside crib next  to his mother.  He
          could feel her presence near him as he lay in this crib.  I asked
          how he  felt and he reported that he still  felt the fear and the
          concern  and the  rejection.   I requested  the Lord  expand this
          memory event for my son and to let him see what He  saw and as He
          saw it.

               My son said, "I'm in another room with several people.  They
          are  medical people.   One  lady is  standing  over me  and doing
          something to me  but she is talking.   I can't hear  exactly what
          she is saying but it doesn't sound right."

               I prayed and asked the Lord to expand this memory  and again
          to let my son see what He sees and hears in this room.

               "I hear her saying something like, This little boy has blind
          parents.  I sure hope they will be able to take care of him."

               As we continued  praying together, attempting to  locate and
          identify  any other uncomfortable emotions and lies, there seemed
          to  be  a   hindrance  of  some  sort  which   blocked  him  from
          understanding.  I  asked if it was  ok to search to  see if there
          was any demonic presence in his memory.  He said yes.   I prayed,
          laying down some  rules which had to be followed if there was any
          demonic manifestation,  and then I  prayed and asked the  Lord to
          let my son see where the demon was in this memory.

               "He is standing behind my head so I can't see him but I know
          he  is there.  He seems  to be near the  woman who is talking and
          expressing  her concern  about  me being  born  to totally  blind

               I  realized,  at  this  point,  the  lying  spirit  was  not
          communicating directly with my son  but with the nurse  attending
          to him as he lay on the small table.  I sent  the lying spirit to
          the Lord Jesus  and my son reported  the evil presence  was gone.
          He further reported that he could  hear what the woman was saying
          clearly now and  he confirmed what he had  already reported about
          what she  was implying.   In case you missed  it, her implication
          regarded  her doubts  he could  be  properly cared  for by  blind

               After checking for  anything else that felt out  of place or
          uncomfortable, Then I asked  the Lord to show my son  what He had
          for him or what He wanted to give him.

               "Man, this is really weird," my son said.

               "What?" I asked.

               "A man is standing next to my little table dressed in bright
          white  medical  clothes.   At  least  I  think they  are  medical
          clothing but  they are  much brighter and  whiter than  all those
          worn by the other people in the room."

               "What else is there to report?" I asked.

               "He is picking me up in both hands and holding me.  He isn't
          saying anything yet but I feel this amazing peace flowing through
          me and all my  fears and concerns are going away.   He is letting
          me know that everything is going to be all right."

               When it was learned there was nothing else in this memory, I
          prayed for the Holy Spirit to lead us again and my son said, "I'm
          back in the room with mom.  I don't feel exactly right either."

               I prayed and he then reported that someone was standing over
          by the  window and watching them.  It sort of looks like the Lord
          but his robe is  sort of a yellowish white.   I prayed and turned
          the imposter  over to the Lord and he left.   Then when I invited
          Jesus to  speak to my  son, He did  so and  set my son's  mind at
          ease.  He said he could feel how much love his mother had for him
          flowing over and around him and he felt happy and unconcerned.

               Although my son  was not born prematurely, I  find that many
          who  were,  have extremely  advanced  memory  events.   No,  they
          normally do not  remember them until  the Lord reveals  them.   I
          always ask the person with whom  I am praying, if they were  born

               I  have also  learned  through  experience,  that  it  isn't
          uncommon for  Dissociative Identity  Disorder, (DID),  people who
          were born  prematurely, to actually  have alternate personalities
          unable  to talk  because they  alternates are  too small  to have
          learned  how to talk  when they were  created.  In  one case, the
          woman with  whom I prayed introduced  me to a pair  of alternates
          called Doctor and  Nurse.  These alternates often  said they were
          taking care  of the little ones but  until the Lord revealed this
          to  the  lady,  neither  one  of us  understood  what  these  two
          alternates  were talking  about.    When  that  particular  woman
          experience singleness  of mind,  Jesus gathered  all the  helpers
          together, including the  babies we were  told about, and  carried
          them into the singleness of mind experience.  

               Perhaps it is  due to my blindness but  the Lord continually
          leads me to  those who have physical handicaps.  As I write this,
          I am working with a lady who is DID.  One of her personalities is
          three years old but cannot talk due to the handicaps she had from
          birth.  The  Authentic Child was  unable to speak  until she  was
          about three  and a  half years  of age.   It  appears the  little
          helper, therefore, was created at  the time the little girl could
          not talk.  She  hears from the Lord quite easily.   For the first
          two prayer sessions, this little helper we thought was too shy to
          talk.  The  third session revealed why  she could not talk  to us
          during the prayer time.

               I offer this insight to help others praying with people with
          those  with multiple  personalities.   In my opinion,  based upon
          personal experience,  the  psychodynamics of  trauma  based  mind
          fragmentation can easily originate  at infancy.  In  short, don't
          be  surprised if you discover this in your own ministry and don't
          forget  to be aware  of it in  case you run  up against something
          that doesn't seem to process during a prayer session.

               Finally, I have  often noticed the Lord using  both hands to
          hold  these  little  ones who  were  lied to  from  birth  or who
          suffered traumatically,  in some way, at birth or during infancy.
          I  have heard people describe how the  True Lord Jesus Christ not
          only picked them up as a baby with both hands but how he has held
          them to his chest and shoulder.  These are incredible experiences
          of spiritual intimacy  the Lord shares with these  hurting little
          ones.  I  always make  sure the  person with whom  I am  praying,
          understands  the depth of  this spiritual intimacy  and sometimes
          find it  necessary, during  early stages  of intercessory  prayer
          sessions,   to  reaffirm  this  intimacy  until  they  can  bring
          themselves to embrace it.

               I am occasionally asked by the client, "How can this be?   I
          wasn't even born again  at this time."  Some even  say, "I didn't
          come to  know the Lord until  my thirties," or something  of this
          nature.    The  answer,  I  point  out,  is  simple.    Jesus  is
          establishing  His relationship with them.   He begins before they
          were  even born  again.    This fractures  the  theology of  many
          because we generally have been taught that  our relationship with
          the Lord  only begins at  the moment of our  salvitic experience.
          In my humble opinion, after  many prayer sessions with people who
          have been led by the Holy Spirit back to their most earliest days
          of  their birth,  Jesus is  present  in our  lives from  the very
          beginning.  It is important  to note, therefore, that wounded and
          trauma based  lies can  occur long before  salvation.   Some even
          report hearing  things while  still in their  mother's womb.   We
          need,  therefore, to  be  extremely careful  what  we say  around
          children because they are listening.

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