The Miracle Of One Mind

     Multiple Personality Integration

     By Phil Scovell

     Author's Note.

          The following  true testimony is  written with permission.   This
     event occurred August 14, 2006.

          She said, "I hear a man's voice."

          This was  nothing  new.   Over  the months  we  had been  praying
     together,  she  not only  heard  many  male  voices but  those  voices
     surfaced and spoke with me.  I said, "Do you know whose voice it is?"

          "Yes, but this is something new."

          "New, how?" I probed.

          "this is the voice of Jesus.   Normally it is just an  impression
     and I  interpret by  speaking the words  myself.   This time  I really
     heard his voice inside of me.  It even feels like I  am hearing Him in
     my ears."

          "What is He saying?" I asked.

          "He said it is time."

          I wanted to say, "You mean now?  Tonight?"  I was  expecting this
     but "Now?   Tonight?"   I had  recognized that the  helpers, alternate
     personalities of this  woman with Dissociative Identity  Disorder, had
     not been surfacing and becoming a part of our prayer sessions for many
     weeks,  maybe  months,  and she  had  noticed  it, too.    I  had even
     detected,  although  I  had not  mentioned  it to  her,  that  her own
     speaking voice had cleared up  and sounded very female whereas before,
     there was  almost a ragged, or tired, sound  to the background tone of
     her  voice.   I also  did not tell  her that  the outgoing  voice mail
     message she had  recently recorded on her phone  sounded very feminine
     and  natural.   All  these  signs pointed  to  the singleness  of mind
     experience  would soon  be coming  but it still  surprised me  when it

          Secret Holder, her primary alternate personality, and the one who
     kept the  secrets of the  other alternate personalities,  surfaced and
     began talking to me.  "It is ok Mr. Phil.  It is time."

          I  said,  "How do  you  feel  about  this happening  now,  Secret

          "I feel ok; I feel fine.  It will be ok."

          "What about all the other helpers?" I  asked.  "What do they feel
     about it happening now?"

          "They  are all ready and they  are fine with it.   It is time for
     all of us to become one.  The little girl is scared a little about it,
     though," Secret Holder informed me.

          "I know she is but Jesus said she would be ok," I replied.

          "I know," Secret Holder said in her little small voice.

          Mari began talking to me then.  "I see the marble white staircase
     that goes up real high."

          "Ok," I said.  The staircase we had seen before.  Jesus had taken
     the little  girl and  all her  helpers to the  white marble  staircase
     during a prayer session.  All of the helpers, alternate personalities,
     walked up the  stairs until they were  all lost to sight.   The little
     girl then ran up the stairs and back down again as if she were playing
     on the stairs.

          "Do you remember the white stairs?" Mari asked.

          "I sure do remember them," I replied.

          "Well, that's where we are right now.  Now all of the helpers are
     coming down the stairs," and she named them as they descended.

          "They are  all down at  the bottom now  with us.  Jesus  is here,

          "I see a large ornate wooden door.  Jesus wants to open it."

          "Is that ok with you?" I asked.

          "Yes.  I want Him to open it.   It's open now and the helpers are
     all going in one by one."  She named each alternate  personality as it
     passed over  the threshold and  disappeared beyond the doorway.   "the
     only  one left now  is Secret Holder.   She walked  over and whispered
     into my ear and  said that Jesus would always be with  me now and they
     would all be one."

          "Wow!  this is really weird.  I can't explain it exactly but I am
     seeing the  word GOODBYE and the word HELLO at the same time.  Now the
     word GOODBYE  is fading away and the word HELLO  is like it is written
     on a  wall or something.   It has tiny  roses all around  it and other
     vine like  things.  Now the word HELLO is fading and it feels as if it
     is entwining inside of  me and my thoughts  and becoming a part of  me

          "Jesus is  now hugging the  little girl very tightly  and telling
     her that any times she calls His name, He will be already there by her
     and she will never be alone."

          "Hey, something is happening."

          "What's that?" I asked quietly.

          "Something is inside of me; something is going on inside of me."


          "Wow!  It feels like a garden is growing.  It is a garden!  It is
     growing inside of me.  Wow!"

          Moment later.

          "It is very quiet and silent inside," Mari said.  It's never been
     like this before."

          Mari once told me about the  shadow people that used to help  her
     occupy her time by coming out to play in her  thoughts.  She knows now
     these were  her alternate  personalities, her  helpers, assisting  her
     with her loneliness and fears.

          "I bet  it is  nice and  quiet now,"  I  said thoughtfully,  "and
     that's a good thing," I finished, as I listen in amazement to what the
     Lord was doing.

          "Oh.  I just heard a little girl's laugh.  Wow!  That is amazing.
     I just heard a little girl do a happy laugh.  It is quiet again now."


          "Do you know where this door was?" I felt led to ask.

          "Yes.  I didn't know at the time but I know now where it is."


          "It was  a doorway into my heart.   I can feel it.   That's where
     all the helpers went."

          The psychodynamics of  this experience  could take  volumes so  I
     won't bother trying  to explain everything in detail.   Besides, Jesus
     isn't  the Great  Psychologist;  He Is  The Great  I Am.   He  may use
     psychology, medicine, pastors, or even short, balding, chubby Colorado
     cowboy preachers  like me,  for that matter,  to work in  harmony with
     Him.  Otherwise,  Jesus needs nothing.   In fact, I never  even prayed
     one time with  Mari during this  experience.  I  did not pray  before,
     during, or  following the  prayer session  because  it just  happened.
     Later,  as I hung  up the phone  and walked out  of my  office into my
     home, I said, "Lord, I never even prayed with Mari.  I feel terrible."

          "Jesus  said, "The  whole thing,  from  beginning to  end, was  a
     prayer to me.  So what's the big deal?"

          I said in my thoughts,  "That makes sense.  Still, I  feel like I
     should have done something.   At the very least, I  should have closed
     in prayer."

          "What for?" Jesus said in my thoughts.   "I don't need your help.
     I just  let you watch while I did my own work.  Isn't that good enough
     for you?"

          I laughed.   It was true.  Jesus didn't  need me and He proved it
     by letting  me sit  and listen,  ask a  few questions,  and watch  Him
     conduct a miracle again.  You see,  this had not been the first time I
     witness  the singleness  of mind  experience of someone  with multiple
     personalities but it was just as thrilling.

          Mari was an orphan and had been born blind.  She experienced self
     mutilation,  had become  physically  violent  at  times,  became  drug
     dependant,  an  alcoholic,  went through  two  years  of psychological
     therapy for  a  sex change  to become  a man,  and  had been  sexually
     molested  and raped  by  her  father since  infancy.   Eventually  her
     brother took over where her father had left off.  She was finally able
     to escape the horribleness of her childhood by 18 years of age.

          Mari  also  had  experienced 36  years  of  psychiatric care  and
     nothing  but  pharmaceuticals   for  therapy.    Most   mental  health
     professionals don't believe  a person with multiple  personalities can
     be treated any other way than with pharmaceuticals.  Additionally, the
     psychological therapy generally takes on the form of behavioral mental
     techniques to teach the person how to keep the alternate personalities
     suppressed or, at the very least, under control.  This is assuming, of
     course, the therapist is  even able to identify Dissociative  Identity
     Disorder in the first place.  Few can.  Why?  Alternate personalities,
     the fragmented parts of one's mind due to trauma, have been created to
     protect the authentic  person.  Therefore, they are  very unwilling to
     communicate with others  out of fear they  will be discovered  and the
     real person will be considered a threat,  or quite simply, crazy.  So,
     they remain hidden and few  professionals believe they can be reached.
     Generally the psychiatric community suggest 10 to 15 years of required
     therapy  to reprogram  a  person  that is  multiple  personality.   Of
     course, these  same people are  totally unaware that  sometimes, quite
     often in  fact, demons  masquerade as  alternate personalities.   This
     makes integration psychologically impossible for the therapist who has
     no such Biblical knowledge relating to spiritual authority and demonic
     oppression.   Likewise, for the Christian therapist, who believes that
     alternate personalities  are demons and  must be cast out,  even worse
     problems  are  generated,  including  more  complicated   and  complex
     emotional issues for the DID person. 

          Mari experienced  integration in five months and probably no more
     than  about sixty  hours of  actual prayer  time.   No, I have  had no
     training in psychology.   I am just  an intercessor and a  pastor whom
     Jesus healed  and taught how  to pray  with others.   Furthermore, the
     Lord assigned, not called, me to minister to sexually abused women and
     to  those  with multiple  personalities  and to  be  a  father to  the
     fatherless.  By the  way, to day, only one of the people I have prayed
     with,   who  are  multiple  personality,  have  ever  been  officially
     diagnosed by mental health therapists with DID and that was Mari.  Why
     so few?  For all the reason mentioned above.  Furthermore, the helpers
     soon realize I enjoy getting to know  them and I don't think they  are
     crazy.  I  likewise let Jesus answer  all of their questions  and they
     quickly, realizing  who Jesus is,  come to trust  His Word to  them as
     always being true and He never tries to frighten them.

          Now, where are you today?  Perhaps you  were not sexually abused.
     It isn't likely you are DID with alternate personalities.   Maybe what
     you  face has been diagnosed as clinical depression, PTSD, OCD, or any
     other  various letters  of the  alphabet.   It makes no  difference to
     Jesus because He knows how to heal every one of the lie based thoughts
     that are present in everyone's life.  Do  you want to be free?  Now is
     the time.   Don't wait  because it isn't  necessary to  keep suffering
     alone.   There is  help from  the Greatest  Helper of  all; Jesus  The

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