The Waterfalls of Love

                                 By Lelia

               As a child of two, I had been molested by my father.  I knew
          that but I did  not  remember it because I had  blocked it out of
          my  brain.  But I had  suffered from  that,  in that, I chose bad
          relationships,  and had  a failed  marriage, because  I   had not
          dealt with my past but my past kept coming up to haunt me.

               Then one day I decided after much heart prayer and talk with
          my  fiance that   I would make  a call to  SAfe place Fellowship.
          Was I nervous?   You bet I  was.  Was I skeptical?  Yep sure was.
          Did I pray?  Yep,  sure did.  So I called Phil  and we talked and
          made an appointment via phone.

               Well, the night  before we prayed, and then  just before the
          appointment,  I   prayed and  I  felt that  God was  going  to do
          something but then again I kept  having thoughts of, "Oh, why are
          you doing this?"  Of course that was more than  likely the enemy.
          But I made the call.  Was I still nervous?  Yep, sure was.

               So I  called and we talked  and Phil put  me at ease.   Phil
          then  began to pray  and as he  prayed I began to,  at one point,
          feel, and   this doesn't even describe  what I felt, but  its the
          only  way I  can truly   express  it, I  felt what  I would  call
          waterfalls of Love like gentle fingers  running inside my body in
          my soul and heart.  But as  they, the fingers of  water or  love,
          started  from my  head it  was  like fingers  then as  it coursed
          through me to my soul, it would be bigger drops of water or love.
          As I said  that doesn't describe it but that is how I felt.  That
          is  why the title of   this is the waterfalls  of love because it
          was just  like a waterfall of God's   love was running through me
          and giving me  peace to go through  what I knew had   to be dealt

               I will say, that  after that, and even now, I  see the world
          through different  eyes.  I am more sad then angry now when I see
          others not  living like Jesus.  I'm not  saying I don't get angry
          but I do know, when I think of the world now, I am sad and, well,
          I guess I can say my heart hurts.

               Oh and by the  way,  I have forgiven  my father and I  truly
          wish I could tell  him but I pray that   God will either give  me
          that chance  or that my  father will come  to know  Jesus  as his
          Saviour and, through  the Holy Spirit, know that  I have forgiven

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