On the Bridge with Jesus

                              by George Roberts

          As I was in Oklahoma City with  my daughter Jennifer awaiting the
     doctor  to come  in the  office  to discuss  putting her  on  the lung
     transplant list, something very profound, but real, began to happen. I
     was wondering why the  doctor was taking so long to come  in.  Then it

          As I was  sitting there with my wife and daughter, the Lord Jesus
     appeared to  me in a spiritual vision.  He was on a wooden bridge with
     water  flowing under it from  a lake and  the most beautiful mountains
     imaginable were behind  the lake.  I saw grass that flowed beautifully
     to the edge of the lake all around.  Jesus was looking at me and said,
     "Come  on, come on to the other side  of the bridge."  He is beautiful
     to look at  and He has the most beautiful sandy  brown hair and beard.
     He was wearing a white robe with a golden sash around his waist.

          Finally, but hesitantly, I went  to him.  He held me by  my right
     hand and turned and  smiled so sweetly at me. All of a  sudden I saw a
     house big and beautiful  with a small front porch.  I  love cats.  The
     Lord knows  that.  On the porch  was a solid black cat  and a gold and
     white cat.  He  said to me, "This is your's; this is  your house."  We
     spent  some time looking at the house and then went back on the bridge
     and sat down.

          He just looked into my face with love I cannot describe.  He told
     me how much He loved me and I just was feeling my love flowing back to
     Him.  In the past,  I had a lot of wrong ideas about the Lord.  Mainly
     because of all  the woundedness I had  been living with and  lies that
     were implanted in  me as a child.   A year ago  I met a man  who would
     become my best  friend.  That was  the moment my healing  journey with
     God began.  He is now my  intercessory prayer partner and his ministry
     is called Safe Place Fellowship.

          Largely due  to the woundedness I  had experienced in my  life, I
     asked  the Holy Spirit  to lead  me to a  place where  I could receive
     healing.  I was  46 years old and on the verge of  suicide.  My prayer
     partner explained to me that the Lord wanted to heal the wounded areas
     of  my life.  I was more than willing  to go as far as the Lord wanted
     to take  me in setting  me free by His  Word.  As  we prayed together,
     memories surfaced which exposed the enemies  implanted lies, His truth
     was revealed in me, and I was set free.  See John 8:32.  I know I have
     prayed over  fifty times with Phil since  meeting in November of 2003.
     I have  received a great deal of healing and  I continue to do so even
     now.    Before  this time,  I  couldn't  even pray  because  I  was so
     depressed and really  wasn't sure if God  loved me or not.  These were
     more lies we had to pray through to get to the root problems.  Now the
     Lord  is doing things  with me  like the above  story.  My  vision, or
     whatever one might choose to call it, however, was not yet over.

          The next  day,  I  was  in  our kitchen.    My  wife  was  there.
     Suddenly,  I began to feel the  presence of the Lord  and I said to my
     wife, "Honey, that vision  thing I had on the bridge  with Jesus isn't
     over."   I then saw  myself standing with  Jesus in the  middle of the
     same bridge I  had seen the day before.   He took my hands  in His and
     began turning  around and around  in a  circle like children  might do
     when playing.  Jesus began laughing.  I saw him throw his head back as
     he laughed and laughed as we twirled  around and around together.

          After  having this  vision I have  just described, My  wife and I
     visited a church that we had never before attended.  Some  will likely
     not  believe what I am going to say  next but it is true.  The vision,
     the  very same  vision that the  Lord gave  me seated in  the doctor's
     office, was  confirmed in  that church.   As  I walked  into this  new
     church, where we had  never been, I saw a large  painting in the front
     by the pulpit.  The exact picture on the wall was the one Jesus showed
     me in the vision minus the  house and two cats because those are  mine
     in Heaven awaiting me.   I stood up and testified  to the congregation
     of my  vision. A  person asked  me  if I  had ever  seen that  picture
     before.   I said, "I have never been  in this Church before," and they
     glorified God for what he had done with me.  One lady said the picture
     is a  one of a kind and the bridge signifies crossing over to victory.
     Jesus even  gave me some  lyrics from a well  known song.   The lyrics
     are,  "With 2  cats  in  the yard,  life  used to  be  so  hard.   Now
     everything is easy cause  of you."  I was  so amazed at what the  Lord
     had done for me, I wanted to share it. I believe the Lord gave that to
     me so when hard times come, I can reflect upon it and  it's comfort it
     brings to me.

     Your Brother In Christ,

     George Roberts

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