God's Dog

                             By Carol

               A small, yet  very significant, childhood memory  came to me
          recently.  It was not for the first time, because that memory has
          always been "special"  to me, but on this occasion  God showed me
          some deep and freeing truths as I recalled it and let Him explain
          it to me. 
               Let me tell you about "Boy".  He was one of the first dogs I
          remember having in  our family and certainly the one  with whom I
          was able to form a very special bond.  He was my "special" friend
          who  was always  wanting  to  be cuddled  and  stroked and,  very
          important to me, the  friend who always  listened as I talked  to
          him about the things that bothered me and made me sad.  He played
          ball with  me tirelessly,  always knowing how  to indicate  to me
          where he was  putting the ball so  that, even though I  could not
          see it, I could find it.  Nobody had known what to  call him when
          he came to our home.   I was away at boarding school at  the time
          so my  younger brother  got to  name him.   He  called him  "Boy"
          because that was about the only word he could say at that time. 
               One day, when I  was about six years old and  my brother was
          four, we were allowed for the first time to take a walk out  from
          our family home together.   Because I  could not see, my  younger
          brother had to take me.  (He didn't always want to do this later,
          but  at first  he was willing  enough.)   We were not  allowed to
          cross any  roads where  there could be  moving vehicles  but were
          shown  by our Father  how to walk  round the  block, taking right
          turns,  until we arrived back at our home.   We set out on what I
          think was  our first walk,  turned right out  of our gateway  and
          reached the bottom  of our road where another right turn could be
          taken.  Instead my brother took control of the situation and said
          we were  not going  that way  but going  straight back  home.   I
          understand now that he was frightened to be out  without Dad, but
          I wanted to go  all the way around the block.   We began to argue
          and he  was very authoritative  for a small  boy.  In  the end he
          turned back  and I loosed his arm and  refused to go with him. We
          both wanted to have our own way,  but of course he had the  final
          say.  Off he went and I just sat down on the pavement right where
          I  was.  I realized I was alone  and began to be afraid.  At that
          point  I was sure somebody, somehow, would know I was missing and
          would come  to get me.  Four or  five minutes probably passed and
          then I heard the familiar sound of a dog's feet as he ran towards
          me.   "Boy, Boy," I  called, being so glad to  know he was there.
          "Come here,  take me home".  Soon I  was holding Boy's collar and
          off we went in  the right direction for home.   He turned quickly
          into the driveway and we  walked through the opened double gates.
          I was home and safe! 
               In this memory I was able to understand  how my brother took
          control of my life at such an early age and  how afraid and angry
          that  made me  feel.   It was  the key to  how we  had interacted
          together  and, as  I was able  to confess  my anger both  in that
          incident and  in subsequent ones  with my  brother and how  I had
          often held on  to that  anger, so  God was able  to heal  another
          place in my life.  I gave to Him all the ground I had taken and I
          had so influenced my  thinking and speaking in my reactions to my
          brother's  control  of  me  for   about  48  years  of  my  life.
          Hallelujah!   I could now see my brother  clearly as God sees him
          and have that compassion which allows me to forgive him,  even as
          Jesus Christ has forgiven me! 
               There was something  else very wonderful for us  to see from
          that incident.  God, Who created  all things, chose to use a  dog
          (with  or without an angel with  him, I do not  know) to bring me
          safely home.   He had communicated with  him;  don't ask  me how!
          When Boy left  our home, first he had to get through those double
          locked gates  which had no way over the top.   (It is possible of
          course that my brother held them open just long enough for him to
          slip out, but he would have had to be quick because we knew fully
          well that we did not let  the dog out of the gate.)   Now, here's
          one interesting fact:  When "Boy" did  get out - as he would from
          time to  time -  the only thing  that interested him  was turning
          left (not right)  out of the gateway and rushing  straight to the
          butcher's shop to beg for, or to steal,  an extra meal or two, or
          three!  He  had never been seen  to turn right from  the gateway,
          but on  this occasion  he so obviously  did!   This went  totally
          against all the  "doggie" instincts for getting food  that I know
          about so  well.  Was  this God's instruction,  faithfully carried
          out by an animal?  Well, I  think so!  Here is one further  piece
          of information.  "Boy" had to get me past a few lamp-posts on the
          way home.  We moved very quickly but I never hit one of them! 
          You might ask me, "Can God do this?"  Yes, I believe  God can and
          does do  anything He chooses  in any way  that He chooses,  so He
          does  not always  work with us  in the  way we think  He might or
          should.  He is God!  Sovereign of the universe! 
               Yes, our "God  of miracles" did a very  wonderful and unique
          thing on  that day for one of His  children who now knows that He
          does so many wonderful things for her, many of which are "unique"
          to  me because He  knows me so  well and understands  just what I
          need!  May  He be praised and  glorified in all that  He does for

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