By Carol Pearson

          One day, as I prayed with Phil  over the telephone, I stopped and
     said, "I believe the Lord wants  to begin healing some of my  physical
     ailments now and that He wants to begin with my skin.  (I explained to
     Phil a  little about my skin  complaint and the amount of  time it had
     been really bad over  the past couple of years.  My  legs were full of
     weepy holes,  very sore and red and often  bleeding as I just couldn't
     help scratching in my sleep!  I also said that God seemed to be saying
     to me  that the healing of my legs would be a sign that He was working
     in me  to make me really  whole.  (I am  aware that I will  fully know
     this wholeness when I stand before Him and see Him face to face, but I
     can enjoy  some of that healing right  now.)  Later I  thought, "I can
     really  put  the Lord  to  the  test  here  because many  people  have
     commented on the dark patches on my sore legs.  There will be tangible
     evidence; they will be gone if I am healed!"

          Just a few weeks ago,  whilst talking with a friend,  I remarked,
     "Oh, my skin is a lot better these days," and gingerly pulled up a few
     inches of my trouser leg to reveal  (what had been) a really bad part.
     I asked,  "Do you see any  dark patches now?"   She replied, "No!"   I
     said, "Are  you sure,  they're not  darker at  the backs?"   She  said
     again, "No, they look good."  In that  instant I knew God had done it!
     The medications hadn't worked well, but He had healed me!

          Today I was  checking out Matthew 11  as a friend had  mistakenly
     given  an   incorrect  reference and  my attention  was drawn  to this

     "Blind people  receive sight.  Disabled people walk.  Those who   have
     skin diseases  are healed. Deaf  people hear.  Those who are  dead are
     raised to  life. And the good news is preached to those who are poor."
     (Mat 11:5 NIRV).

     This thrilled me  and I remembered I  hadn't said anything  much about
     this  healing to other friends since it had  been confirmed, so here I
     am,  sharing it with you all.

          Many people ask  "Why doesn't God heal  me?"  There are  books on
     this  subject written by those  who are much more able than I  am.  In
     this  short article  I don't even want  to attempt to answer  that one
     (as  I  still ask Him some questions  from time to time about why I am
     not seeing   more healing;  but  here I just want to  tell you some of
     the reasons at  least why God heals us.

          Let  me first  remind us  all that  we are  often   aware of  His
     goodness and loving-kindness  when we receive His healing   and, as He
     heals us  of anything,  let's ensure  we go  out and  share  it   with
     others, giving thanks to Him, and we don't go off (as I almost   did),
     forgetting  all  about what  He'd  done  and  not even  really  giving
     thanks, as was the case with nine out of ten lepers.

          Jesus tells why He heals in the story of the blind man in John 9.
     We  read:    Jesus' disciples asked him, "Rabbi, who sinned? Was  this
     man born blind   because he sinned? Or did his parents sin?" "It isn't
     because this man  sinned," said  Jesus. "It isn't because his  parents
     sinned. This happened  so that God's work could be shown in his  life.
     There you  have a clear message from Jesus - It was not anything to do
     with whether or not  this man or his parents had sinned  but it was so
     that the work  of God  could be  clearly seen.   In other  Scriptures,
     Jesus  tells his disciples to go out and preach and teach and heal and
     says  that these things will be a "sign following", which  means that,
     because   they have  met with Jesus,  His works  (done in His  name by
     them) will be a  sign to others of God's love and power, that they too
     may believe and  come to Him.  (See Mark 16:20).

          I am always challenged as I read the  words  of Jesus in John 14.
     In verse 12 we  read, "What I'm about to tell you  is true. Anyone who
     has  faith in me will do  what I  have been doing. In fact, he will do
     even greater things. That  is  because I  am going to the Father."   I
     don't yet know much about these "greater works" shown in my  life, but
     I sure am  praying that my  faith is increased  daily, and that  means
     daily  exercise of that faith on my part!

          One friend once prayed "Lord, please heal Carol of this bad cough
     to  show your power," and the cough went immediately!  No one was more
     surprised than I  was right then.   On one occasion  I was to sing  in
     front   of several hundred people.  The day before my voice was really
     bad and  I could  not sing.  On that occasion I knew I should sing and
     trust God -   and He enabled me  to do it and there was  no sign in my
     voice of anything  that had  been wrong the previous day!  Well,  what
     can I say?  "Is anything too hard for the Lord?"  My response,  "Lord,
     surely, it is not.  Do  for me and in me that which you would  do  and
     may you have the glory and honour."   Perhaps, after thinking on these
     things,  you  would  also like  to  pray   that  prayer,  in  the full
     knowledge that,  as we respond with  a positive  "Yes" to  Him for His
     works of healing to be done in our lives, whether  emotional, physical
     or  spiritual, as  He comes and  challenges us  in  various  areas and
     wants  to heal us, truly He will do far  more than we  can ever ask or

     Carol Pearson  Copyright May 2005 - To the glory of God!

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