As  you have  likely already  read elsewhere  on this  website, I
     don't charge for what  I do.  How can  you charge people to pray  with
     them?  Frankly,  I can't  figure out  how I  can ask  for money  when,
     first, the Lord told me not to, and secondly, how can you  put a price
     on praying with someone?  I do ask if people would consider supporting
     this ministry by donation on a monthly bases, or a 1-time donation, or
     make  donations  as led.   Some  do, in  fact,  do exactly  that on  a
     weekly bases and  some prefer a monthly  bases.  Some make  a one-time
     donation and  sometimes those  with whom I  pray, feel  led to  do the
     same.  All I  really ask is you consider a monthly donation in support
     of this ministry.

          No, I am not a nonprofit 501C3  organization.  I am not, in fact,
     an  organization  at all.    This  means  your  donation  is  not  tax

          You can, as some do, mail personal checks.   Yes, I do have a Pay
     Pal account.  click on the link below  if you wish to use PayPal for a
     1-time gift of any dollar amount at any time and address your donation
     to:  my email address of:

     phil at safe place fellowship . com

     For monthly $20 donations, use the  link found on the main page.


For 1-time donations, click below. You need not be a PayPal member to send money to the email address above.

No, I do not, at this time, have a credit card account but credit cards can be used on the paypal website even if you are not a paypal member. Please prayerfully consider supporting this ministry on a monthly bases. Regardless of the amount, it will be appreciated and used for God's honor and glory. Thanks for whatever you can do. Remember, you are helping those who cannot afford any donation. I never ask people if they can make a donation when they call to schedule a prayer session appointment. Phil Scovell 840 South Sheridan Boulevard Denver, Co 80226 Email: phil @ safe place fellowship . com