Question and Answers

     Q1.  Who is Phil Scovell?

          I was born in  1952.  Sandy and I  have been married since  1972.
     We have three grown married children and six grandchildren.

          I have attended Bible college,  and have been involved with local
     church ministry all my adult life.

          By far,  the most  important thing  I have  done is  making Jesus
     Christ the Lord of my life at age five.

     Q2.  Who Phil Scovell is not.

          I  am  not  a  licensed  counselor,  therapist,  medical  doctor,
     chiropractor,  psychologist,   psychiatrist,  analyst,   nutritionist,
     hypnotist, new ager, psychic, parapsychologist, or faith healer.

     Q3.  What does Phil Scovell believe?

          I believe  the Bible is God's  eternal inerrant Word.   I believe
     that Jesus Christ is the only begotten virgin born Son of God and that
     by  Him alone, a person is able to  have their sins forgiven and go to
     Heaven.  I believe that Jesus Christ died upon the cross, shedding His
     blood for  our sins,  and was  bodily resurrected  the third  day.   I
     believe He  is coming back  to claim all  those who have  placed their
     faith  and trust in Him as Saviour and  have confessed Him as the Lord
     of their life.

     Q4.  What does Phil Scovell do?

          I pray for  people in prayer sessions as an intercessor.  I share
     personal experiences that may help others as they seek God's direction
     for their life.  I teach God's Word to establish  Biblical application
     in order to confirm principles we all should live by

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