Mission Statement


               The goal of this intercessory ministry, along  with the help
          of this  website, is  to provide a  place of  Christian education
          related to the healing  of emotional woundedness.  As much  as is
          possible,  telephone   prayer  sessions  will  be   available  by
          appointment so the ministry will not be just limited to in-office
          ministry work in the Denver, Colorado  Metro area alone.  Yes, we
          even pray with those overseas via the telephone.


               The Lord has  called me to train others  to be intercessors.
          This website will  help facilitate that aspect  of this ministry.
          I trust the Lord  will add others to share in  this ministry work
          to set the captive  free.  If you feel  a calling upon your  life
          concerning prayer, and specifically intercessory prayer, then you
          have come  to the right  place.   I desire  to see  a network  of
          intercessors all  over the world  praying daily with  others, and
          for  others, on  a  one-to-one  bases, who  have  been bound  and
          trapped by lie based thinking.


               I am full time in this ministry; I have no other job.  There
          are thousands of people who cannot financially afford to  go to a
          Christian counselor.  I know some who charge over 100 dollars per
          hour for their services.  Since I am not a counselor  and because
          I  believe  this  is a  ministry,  I  depend upon  the  gifts and
          offerings of  people who  want to  help this  work.   I encourage
          people  receiving intercessory prayer  ministry to  give whatever
          they can but  I also suggest  monthly donations to help  fund the
          ministry.  To  keep expenses as low as possible, I have an office
          in my home for  local ministry work.  Those who are away from the
          area  and  wish  to  do  the intercessory  prayer  work  via  the
          telephone  only  have to  pay for  their own  phone calls  to the
          ministry.  We  pray about what they  can give but no  demands are
          made and no  one is left out  or shuffled in the  scheduling just
          because they  cannot afford  a donation.   At present,  I am  one
          person doing everything  so my time is  limited.  I trust  to add
          others who will be able to help  carry the ministry work to those
          who are hurting the most in the Body of Christ.


               This website will also have  audio files online.  These will
          be  testimonials of healed  people, recorded prayer  sessions for
          others  to witness  and  to  learn by,  and  teaching related  to
          intercessory  prayer  of  all kinds.    Audio  recordings on  the
          website  will  only  be  aired  by  written  permission   of  the


               You will also  find related articles, booklets,  Etexts, and
          even  free Ebooks  available  on  this site  as  it continues  to
          expand.    In short,  this  site  will  change frequently  as  it
          continues to grow.


          Finally,  and  most  importantly, this  website  and  ministry is
          dedicated to  seeing people come  to a saving knowledge  of Jesus
          Christ as  Lord and Savior.   If you  are not born  again, please
          click on the related link found on the main screen.

                            End Of Document