Safe Place Fellowship sponsors an active mailing list called
          EChurch-USA which has been in existence for nine years.  It isn't
          a large list but it can have  a lot of traffic based upon what is
          being discussed.

               EChurch-USA is  not a  theological  or doctrinal  discussion
          group.  It is more of a Christian support group.  We share prayer
          requests, answers to prayers, and we share problems and  concerns
          as Christians.  Yes, people offer their opinions but even that is
          generally  Scripturally based.   If  you are  looking for  a safe
          place to share  your feelings and concerns and  worries, and even
          doubts, as a born again Christian, you are welcome to join.

                  EChurch-USA - The Electronic Church.

               Moderators  and list  owners  are  Vicki  Ireland  and  Phil
          Scovell in Denver, Colorado.

               Ages of list members varies from early twenties to well over

               Issues of disabilities  in churches, such as  blindness, and
          other topics  are also discussed  on the list since  several list
          members fall into that category.

               Counseling through  prayer is  also  a viable  part of  this
          mailing list and is frequently discussed.

               To join, click on the link below and leave your subject line
          blank.  On the first line of your message type the following:

          subscribe echurch-USA FirstName LastName


          subscribe echurch-USA John Doe

          One of  the list  moderators will receive  your request  and will
          email you back the guidelines for  the list.  Once you have  read
          those, email that moderator back and they will subscribe you.

               If you have any other questions, feel free to email me.

Click here To Join Echurch-USA Click here To Email Phil