Picking Up The Phone And Calling For The First Time

               Most  people I begin conducting prayer sessions with all say
          the  same thing;  making that  first phone  call was  the hardest
          thing they ever did.  I suppose the reason for this is simply due
          to the fact the  most of us are  afraid to talk to  someone about
          what is really  bothering us in the  first place.  I  mean, there
          isn't anybody  I have prayed  with that doesn't admit  to hearing
          voices in  their thoughts.   They also  say that  I am  the first
          person they have ever admitted  this to even after suffering from
          it for many years.    Little wonder.  I remember the first time I
          admitted to a Christian counselor I was hearing voices and having
          anxiety  attacks and  nightmares.   I honestly  figured  he would
          advise me to go see a  doctor right away.  Instead, he  taught me
          what was wrong  and how to  correct it with  God's Holy Word.   I
          slowly pulled out of that depression over a three year period but
          I still had anxiety episodes occasionally.

               Thirteen years  later, it  happened again.   The  depression
          crept up on me slowly and although I knew it was coming, I  tried
          my   Christian  best  to  desperately  override  and  ignore  and
          overpower and sidestep it for months.

               Suddenly, one day, anxiety rushed back  in upon me with such
          force and power,  I thought I  was going to  literally die and  I
          wanted to die.  I prayed hundreds of times and begged God to stop
          my heart or to  let me die in my sleep or anything  to get me out
          of this torment.   Five weeks passed and my life grew  worse.  By
          this time I  was on medication but  it didn't seem to  be helping
          much.  The Lord led me finally to  a man who knew how to find out
          what the problems  were and how to be healed.  You can read about
          this elsewhere on the website.

               One day, after praying with a man  by the name of George who
          had  found me  by  simply doing  a web  search  for "Christian  -
          chemical imbalance," he said that, upon reading the first article
          on my website, he  laughed and said, "Here's a man  as crazy as I
          am,"  and so he picked up  the phone and made  his first call.  I
          laughed, too, when he told me this because he was right.  I, too,
          had finally  decided I was  just crazy  and would never  get much
          better and would be  on drugs the rest  of my life and live  as a
          half person; happiness never to be apart of my life again even as
          a born  again Christian.  I was  wrong and you are  wrong for not
          picking up your  telephone and calling me.  No, I cannot help you
          but the True Lord Jesus Christ can.

               I have prayed with sexually abused women who were raped when
          they were little  girls and watch God  heal them.  I  have prayed
          with  those who have generated  multiple personalities due to the
          trauma they suffered as a child  at the hands of evil people  and
          watch God heal them step by step.  I have prayed with  people who
          have been suicidal when they called and as we have prayed session
          by session,  watched the Lord  heal the pain and  woundedness.  I
          have prayed  with people who hear voices, just as I heard voices,
          and watched them recover and the voices  go away as the True Lord
          Jesus Christ healed  their deep woundedness due to trauma.   As I
          said, go ahead and read the articles and testimonies and my books
          on the website  and find out  for yourself.   Then, pick up  your
          phone, and call  me and let the True Lord Jesus begin the healing
          in your life.

               So,  you are  taking medications.   What's wrong  with that?
          Does  this make you  less of a  person because you  are trying to
          help yourself?  Of course not.   Stop listening to the bad advice
          of others who know nothing of what you are going through and call
          me because I know.   I know what cold paralyzing fear is like.  I
          know what anxiety attacks and panic attacks are like and how they
          feel.  I know  what it feels  like to be suicidal.   I know  what
          nightmares are like.  I know what it is like to be awake for days
          on end, unable  to eat,  and so  frighten of the  thoughts in  my
          head, I wanted to literally run out into the busy street in front
          of my home  and let a car run  me down and kill me.   I know what
          demons say and  suggest and torment people with  because they did
          it to me.   Does this mean everything is demonic  in origin?  No,
          of course not.  What it means is that you believe  implanted lies
          in  your life  and the  True Lord  Jesus  Christ simply  wants to
          expose those lies  and replace it with His truth.  That's why you
          are on this website and why you are reading this right now; Jesus
          wants to heal you and renew your mind with His truth.

               What  if you  don't  believe  in Jesus  Christ?   That's  no
          problem; He will still heal you.  Once you experience His healing
          power in  these intimate  places of your  emotions, then  you can
          decide if He is real or not.

               Dial my number  now, leave your name and  number on my voice
          mail, and I'll call  you back and we will  talk.  You can ask  me
          all the  questions you  like.   Then you  decide if  you want  to
          continue.  You have nothing to lose but your pain and fears.

          Phil Scovell
          Denver, Colorado - Mountain Time 
          Phone:  303-955-8309
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