About Safe Place Fellowship

               Earlier, in 2003, my wife  and I began a small prayer  group
          in our  home.  I have been  an intercessor since 1985  but it has
          only been  since 2002 that  the Lord directed  me to a  full time
          ministry   of  intercessory  prayer  which  you  can  read  about
          elsewhere  on this  website.   Our prayer  group meets  on Friday
          nights in  my home.   We worship the  Lord together and  pray for

               Chief Shepherd  Prayer Ministries is  a part  of Safe  Place
          Fellowship.   The  Lord called  me  to not  only do  intercessory
          prayer for  others but  to train people  how to  be intercessors.
          These two ministries combined to  provide a physical location and
          an internet  presence in order  to fulfill God's calling  upon my
          life.  Please  refer to  the other  links on this  site for  more
          details about the ministry.

          Phil Scovell