It Sounds Like God To Me - Preface

© Copyright 2007 by Phil Scovell - All Rights Reserved


          This is not a book of psychological case histories.  Likewise, it
     is not  about Christian counseling  or Christian therapy  or Christian
     psychology.   It  is  not a  book of  supernatural smoke  and mirrors,
     Scriptural  rules  and  regulations by  which  to live,  nor  is  it a
     legalistic structured road map which one can practice in order to be a
     happy Christian.  It is not a book of daily Bible verses  suitable for
     positive  affirmational exercise  in order  to gain  a  daily positive
     mental and  emotional Christian attitude.   It most certainly  isn't a
     book of scientific studies of the mind, religious newisms, or mystical
     revelations.  Oh, sure.  Without a  doubt, you'll likely think you see
     what are  patterns and shapes  which may lead  you to believe  you see
     something that  looks familiar, be  it positive or negative,  but your
     first conclusions will  be wrong.   If,  on the other  hand, you  keep
     reading,  you'll  discover  what  you  find is  truth  as  God's  Word

          My advice to you  is simple.  As you read, keep  in mind how much
     the Enemy attempts to counterfeit the nature and personage of God.  He
     does so by disguise, imitation, and forgery  in order to deceive us of
     hearing the truth.  Everything the Enemy has, He gets from pretending,
     or  imitating, God.   He has  no creative abilities  of his own.   His
     judgement has  been pronounced  final by God  the Father and  The True
     Lord Jesus Christ.

          This  book, therefore, is  about prayer and,  specifically, about
     personal intercessory prayer.   As you read, you,  too, will learn how
     to pray  and how to learn the difference  between God's voice, in your
     spirit  and  mind  and  thoughts  and feelings,  verses  that  of  the
     Stranger's; the Enemy.   You will learn, by reading,  just how natural
     this form  of prayer can be, and how  to fulfill the Biblical command:
     "Pray without ceasing," (I Thessalonians 5:17).  Most of all, you will
     learn how to  allow the Lord Jesus Christ  to become the Lord  of your
     life, through prayer,  and just how long  He has known you,  been with
     you, and how He is able to heal every area of your life.

          Finally,  everyone reading this  book will feel  uncomfortable at
     times.   It may  be old  guilt, which  the Enemy  tries disguising  as
     conviction.  It may be in the form of demonic confusion which you will
     think is nothing more than the complexity of God and conclude that you
     can't understand God so that's why you feel confused.  It may be  fear
     and anxiety which the Enemy will try and use to sidetrack and mask you
     from the truth  of pressing on.   It may be  doubt, that what you  are
     reading is even  truth in  the first  place, and thus  your pain  will
     continue.   Regardless, some  form of woundedness will be experienced.
     This will  be good because it will be an  indicator the Holy Spirit is
     putting his gentle finger  on a place He knows the Lord Jesus wants to
     heal.  There is help.  So use it.

     Phil Scovell
     November 2007