It Sounds Like God To Me

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                           Intercessors On The Move

                               By Phil Scovell

          I was  visiting a church once  called The Church On The  Move.  I
     went  three times  and didn't  see  all that  much spiritual  movement
     myself but then, I'm  naturally critical.  Besides,  it is the  Lord's
     fault.  He's the one who called me to be an intercessor and a prophet.
     Anyhow,  the preaching in  this church  is good.   Not  as good  as my
     preaching, but that goes without saying.  Regardless, the preaching is
     very good and very faith based and that's a good thing.
          So, one day, during the pastor's sermon, he was trying to explain
     how we need to  control our emotions.  He was focusing that day on joy
     and how to be a happy Christian.  Of course, joy and happiness are two
     totally different things.  Happiness you can get of a hit from a joint
     or a snort of powder up your nose or a swig from a  bottle of booze or
     from a roll  in the hay with  a beautiful woman.  Joy  is uniquely God
     because  it  is  His  character  and you  can't  joy  from  any  human
     experience but I digress.
          In  the pastor's sermon,  as he tried  to explain that  we had to
     work at being joyful as a Christian, odd, though, I thought that Jesus
     did all the work, but again,  I digress.  As the pastor was  trying to
     explain how to work at being joyful in the Lord throughout  your life,
     he  used intercessors  as  an  example, howbeit,  a  poor example,  of
     joyfulness.   He said  that all intercessors  were joyless  people and
     walked  around acting  sad all  the time.   Strange, I  know a  lot of
     intercessors and I don't  know one who is like he  described.  Anyhow,
     he then said, they need the  joy of the Lord in their life.   He said,
     intercessors had a bad attitude  about life in general.  They  thought
     they carried the church and if they  didn't pray for you, you would be
     in  trouble.   Again,  quite unusual  because  I don't  know  a single
     intercessor  who  has  this  attitude  and  I  bet  I  know  way  more
     intercessors than  he does.  I'm  beginning to wonder who  this pastor
     hangs  out  with  if  he  is  getting   this  sort  of  feelings  from
          Since this  pastor has very  little idea what an  intercessor is,
     let me tell you.  Intercessors are people who carry burdens  for those
     who cannot  carry them alone.   Intercessors are people who  pray for,
     and with, others  in agreement.  (One day, the Holy Spirit called upon
     me to pray  in tongues for 3  hours.  I ask  Him for whom?   He didn't
     answer but just said to  pray for 3 hours and He would do the rest.  I
     complained that it was late in the day but He still said, pray.  I did
     and I still  don't know for whom  I prayed).  Intercessors  are people
     who fast for others when called upon to do so by God.  (The first time
     the Lord  called  me to  fast for  21  days, it  was  for someone,  or
     something, He never revealed to me but I did it anyway).  Intercessors
     are people who will  conduct spiritual warfare for  others who may  be
     too spiritually sick to do it  for themselves.  Intercessors often are
     called upon to  confront demons and demonic forces  because God allows
     them to see  what others often never  see or know.   Intercessors lift
     others up before the  Lord instead of taking them  down.  Intercessors
     are  people who  delivers God's  love,  through prayer,  to those  who
     cannot feel  God's love any  longer.   Intercessors are those  who the
     Lord  reveals truth  about others,  without giving them  permission to
     speak to  that person about  what they know concerning  their problem,
     but affords the intercessor a  great opportunity to intercede for that
     one in need.  These are but a few things an intercessor is and does.
          Finally, unlike some pastors, intercessors  never pick themselves
     to be intercessors.  If they do, they very  quickly learn they are not
     called because they get beat up in the spiritual realm before they can
     set one foot inside the door.  The only thing worse is being called to
     serve God as  a prophet.  Especially when most people believe the last
     prophet died out with the last apostle; whoever he was.