It Sounds Like God To Me

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                         Believing The Lies Of Satan

                              By Phil Scovell

          A  teenage friend  of  mine and  I were  walking down  the street
     together after school.   We were just  passing in front of  the church
     where we  were both members.  A  car pulled up.  A  man wound down his
     window and  said, "Say,  boys.  I  am looking  for the location  of an
     automobile dealership in this area."  He then called the dealership by
     name and  said, "Do  you know how  to tell  me how  to get there  from
     here?"  I had heard of that car  dealership but I had no idea where it
     was.  My friend, who had lived in the neighborhood all his life, said,
     "Sure, I know where it is," and he proceeded to  tell the man where to
     turn, right and left, and what  streets to look for.  The man  thanked
     my friend and pulled away.
          I said, "I didn't know you knew where that dealership was because
     I sure didn't."
          He said, laughing, "I didn't."
          "You didn't know where it was?" I asked; surprised.
          "Nope," he answered."
          "So why," I  asked, "did you give him  such detailed instructions
     when you didn't know where it was?"
          "Just to send him on a wild goose chase," he grinned.
          Now, I know you would never have a friend like this nor would you
     ever  do something  like this.   I  certainly never  would, especially
     being the fine  outstanding and upright Christian  that I am.   All of
     that aside, I told this, somewhat, embarrassing, childhood story for a
     perfectly  good reason.    It  has to  do  with how  we  live even  as
          In my  true story, the driver of the  car honestly thought he was
     being given correct instructions.  So he  believed in them.  He likely
     followed them to the letter, too.   Why wouldn't he?  He believe  them
     to be true.  Regardless how much he  believed, however, he ended up in
     the wrong place down the road because he believed a lie.  What do  you
     suppose might  have  been  his  reaction upon  making  his  discovery?
     Frustration?  Disappointment?   Discouragement?  Despondency?   Anger?
     Hatred?  Perhaps even revenge?
          Let's  compare  this  story  to  a typical  scenario  by  way  of
          A child  grows up in a home where  love is never experienced from
     his  parents in any tangible or emotional  way.  Furthermore, he never
     sees love expressed between his parents.  Let's  suggest, furthermore,
     he is basically ignored by  his parents overall unless, of course,  he
     gets into trouble; then he definitely gets attention.
          You can now expand this  story illustration into any scenario you
     wish because the possibilities are endless.   Would you say this child
     just might  grow up thinking  his, or she,  wasn't loved and  this was
     probably due to  the fact they weren't smart,  good looking, creative,
     intelligent, popular,  valuable, or even  wanted?  What if  the person
     happens  to be  handicapped  in some  way,  educably slow,  physically
     abnormal in some way,  was clumsy, had a speech impediment, wore thick
     glasses,  or  perhaps  hearing  aids?     What  might  you  think  the
     possibilities would  be  this child  would grow  up with,  to say  the
     least,  some form of inferiority?  Well, you don't have to be a rocket
     scientist, a psychologist, a psychiatrist, a pastor of a large church,
     the  president of  a prodigious  Bible  Seminary or  even a  dedicated
     herbalist  to  calculate the  chances  are  super  high he  will  face
     something of the nature of inferiority in his  life.  Why would he, or
     should he, suffer such emotional pain?  I mean, those reasons were all
     false.  Right?   So why would  there be an emotional  or psychological
     response to something false and untrue?  Are his parents to blame?  Is
     it his fault?  Couldn't he have done better or changed and improved in
     some way?  Maybe  it was God's fault.  After all, God  is in charge of
     who is born to whom.  Right?  Couldn't a loving caring god have  given
     him better parents?  Couldn't God have made him in such a way that his
     parents would be proud of him instead of  burdened by him?  If so, why
     didn't God do  any of these things?   Regardless of your  answer, what
     about the boy who grows up with feelings of inferiority?  Is he doomed
     to thinking about himself  the way he does or can he  read a couple of
     hundred self help books, a few dozen  books on psychology, and watch a
     hundred positive  thinking videos to  overcome his inferiority?   What
     about drugs?  Can't  they help?:  Can he  not visit a psychologist  or
     psychiatrist  a few dozen times to be  taught skills which will enable
     him, at the very least, to  cope, or even quite possibly, to  overcome
     his inferiority  complex?   I  mean, millions  are made  on such  self
     esteem books so if self esteem is  all that is needed, then what's the
     problem?  All he needs is to believe.  Right?  It is  sort of like all
     the miracle hair growth products.  Any one of them guarantees  to work
     or  your money back.  So if even one  of them is true, why do we still
     have bald men  running around loose and  scaring the begeebers out  of
     unsuspecting innocent bystanders?
          Concerning Christianity and Biblical evidence, if the Bible says,
     "Fear thou not, for I am with thee," (Isaiah 41:10), then why would we
     be afraid of anything.   If we are afraid, is that  due to unbelief of
     God's Word on our  behalf?  "And be not  dismayed, for I am thy  God,"
     (Isaiah 41:10).  The word "dismayed" is the word for discouragement or
     literally  to gaze about anxiously.  Actually, if you simply study the
     word "dismayed,"  it is clear  the Bible is talking  about depression.
     So, if we are commanded not to be depressed and we are  depressed, are
     we  committing the sin of unbelief?   Maybe I should quote the rest of
     the verse, too.  "I will strengthen thee; yeh,  I will help thee; yea,
     I will  uphold thee  with the  right hand  of my  righteousness."   Of
     course, you likely know this is only a single  verse of promise in the
     Bible.  The Book is full of such promises.
          The bottom  line is this.  If  the promises of God  are true, and
     they are, and  if God promises  to give  us strength and  help to  the
     extent of even holding us  up by the power and authority  of His right
     hand of His own righteousness, what  is, therefore, wrong with us that
     we  cannot  seemingly  rise  above  our   inferiorities,  depressions,
     anxieties,  Posttraumatic   Stress  Disorders,   Obsessive  Compulsive
     Disorders, bulimia and  anorexia, or anything else you  want to add to
     this list?    Yes, there  is an  answer and  one  which is  Biblically
          In  my earlier example,  my friend played a  childhood prank on a
     man who believed he was hearing the truth.  The man did not realize he
     was being  literally lied  to at  the time.   Thus,  he was,  in fact,
     innocent.   He did, of course, find  out later he had  believed a lie.
     If you are  depressed and experiencing fear, you are  believing a lie.
     If you suffer from  doubts and insecurities, you are believing  a lie.
     If you  feel inferior and  you don't feel  anybody likes or  loves you
     because of who and what you are, or are not, you are  believing a lie.
     If you are angry  because you have been rejected time  and time again,
     and your pain is just simply more than you can bear, you are believing
     a lie.
          Now, about  this time, some  Christian gets good and  mad because
     they have been a Christian since they were little and going  to Sunday
     school.  They have, therefore,  almost their entire life, believed the
     Bible and specifically, the promises of  God's Word.  The anger cranks
     up another  notch  or two  when  you say,  then  why are  you  afraid,
     fearful,  doubtful, and a dozen other  things which the Bible says you
     should not be.  The  reason for the anger is because  they think, when
     you talk this way, you are blaming them for not believing  God's Word.
     That's the way I lived my Christian life  for 45 years as a born again
     Christian  until I discovered I had  been lied to by  the Enemy.  Once
     those lies  were exposed  and removed, the  real truth,  God's eternal
     Word, began  to work in  places of my life  where it never  had worked
     before.  Let me show you what I mean.
          When anxiety and panic attacks  began controlling my life, it was
     after I had been born again more than  35 years.  When I began hearing
     voices,  things grew  worse.    Eventually the  voices  got around  to
     suggesting that  I commit suicide.  I  drew the line at  taking my own
     life simply because I was too big of a chicken to figure something out
     that I  could do  that wouldn't hurt.   Learning  that they  could not
     tempt me with  killing myself, they suggested I kill  my wife instead.
     That one  got  my attention  and  the anxiety  and panic  attacks  and
     nightmares blew off the scale.  By the way, try  telling either one of
     those things I  just mentioned to your pastor,  a Christian counselor,
     psychologist, psychiatrist, or any mental health provider and see what
     happens next.
          If you are wondering how all  this began, we discovered we had  a
     witch  in the church  I was pastoring.   I knew  nothing about demons,
     witches, warlocks, Satanists, or the occult other than it was evil and
     that a smart Christian should stay  away from anything of this nature.
     So I did, I thought.  I did not know at this time, unfortunately, that
     such people can  come after you; by  using their craft to  destroy you
     and your church and your family.
          By this time, of course, I had  already been to Bible college and
     been preaching for more than 25 years.  I had read the Bible more than
     100 times.  I had committed hundreds of Bible verses to memory.  I had
     led many people  to Christ.   I had seen  several hundred people  walk
     down the aisles  after my sermons to receive prayer and to make things
     right in  their lives with God.  I had  preached in several states and
     in many churches and  in Bible conferences.   I had even been a  youth
     pastor in  one church and  the pastor in  another church when  I began
     hearing voices.   Yes, I knew  those voices were  demons.  It  took me
     awhile to learn this but after I  recognized it for what it was worth,
     I  fought against  it with God's  Word and  the name of  Jesus Christ.
     They did not leave.   Yet, I still believe God and  His Word but God's
     Word was not working.
          Some suggest at this point that you are not confessing God's Word
     enough.   Some suggest you just aren't believing it because, they say,
     if you really  really really believed it, this  wouldn't be happening.
     Some  suggest you  aren't  even born  again and  that's  why it  isn't
     working for you.  Some suggest you aren't in the right church with the
     right  pastor or  reading the right  translation of  the Bible.   Some
     suggest  your depression  is inherited.   Your father  had it  and his
     father before him and now it's your turn.  Some offer the idea you are
     chemically imbalanced and  your serotonin levels are all  out of whack
     and certain drugs will save the day for you.  My problems went a whole
     lot further than that.
          If, for  example, you are  being demonically attacked, as  a born
     again  Christian with  all  the  authority of  Christ  behind you  and
     confirmed again and  again through the Word of God, you should be able
     to tell  demons to leave  you alone.   Right?  I  stayed up all  night
     doing this more  than once and sometimes  they would go away  and then
     the next  day they would return.  What about  the truth of God's Word?
     I mean, if it  says, we can cast out devils, why  don't they leave and
     why  don't they stay away?  I am  one of the Lord's disciples, so what
     was wrong?  Why would they return?
          In my case, I discovered through agreement in intercessory prayer
     with  a  friend,  that  I had  misinformation  in  my  mind which  was
     implanted at times I was unable to process the truth.  Like the man in
     his car looking  for the truth, he had no other  choice but to believe
     the directions he  heard.  To whom you listen makes all the difference
     in the world of what you believe.  If you are unawares of who is doing
     the talking, you can  be deceived and deceived quite  easily and quite
          My  situation began as  a child when  I was  11 years young.   My
     father had  just died and  six months later,  I began  having problems
     with  my retinas.   Multiple  surgeries were  performed and  my vision
     deteriorated after each  one.  I was finally  pronounced totally blind
     and sent home on the exact same day my father died a year earlier.
          While in  the hospital, everything was strange  to me as a child.
     My mother was with me most of the time but we were over 100 miles from
     our home.  We  had friends in the  hospital town with whom my  mom was
     able to stay at night but many times, I felt and sensed loneliness all
     around  me.  I never  once remember of thinking  of my dad during this
     time but I know  I must have thought of him because  this was the very
     hospital to  which he was taken  when his eyes were operated  on a few
     years earlier and for the same reason.
          In  one prayer  session with  my  prayer partner,  we began  with
     anger.  A  super intense anger had  been generated within me,  which I
     had seen in action before over the years, but I never knew why it hurt
     so  much.   It always took  a lot  to get  me mad  but when  I finally
     reached that point, my anger was hot and sharp.
          One day, someone accused me of something  that was untrue.  I had
     always noticed  that any such  accusations which were false  that were
     related to my character, easily brought my anger to the boiling  point
     instantly.  Until this  particular prayer time, I never knew  why.  As
     we began to  pray, I saw myself  back in the hospital.   The anger had
     taken me there and there were some elements of anger that  were rooted
     there as the Holy  Spirit revealed truth to me.  For  one, I was angry
     with God that He let me go blind.  He could have changed it.  He could
     have kept  me from losing my  sight.  It was  His fault, then.   As we
     prayed,  I  could feel  the  anger in  a  little boy's  heart  who was
     confused about why such a terrible thing was happening to him.
          As we  continued  to  pray together,  the  Holy  Spirit  revealed
     another point of anger; the  death of my father.   Why did God let  my
     dad die?   I needed my dad now  and God took him away  from me.  I saw
     God in my  dad and I wanted  to be just like  my dad and love  God and
     love His Word but now my  dad was dead and God took him.   That's what
     all the grownups said; God took him home.   Why God?  Why did you take
     my dad from me?  How can I see you now without my dad?
          We  pressed on  with more  intercessory prayer  and I saw  my mom
     suffering and afraid  and lonely herself.   I couldn't help her.   Why
     did God take dad  away?  Why did  God hurt my  mom?  Anger burned  and
     seared deep.
          Then, suddenly,  a truth came  to me that  I had never  wanted to
     face in my life.  I had never felt God's love for me.  I knew He loved
     me   theologically  and  intellectually   and  spiritually.     I  had
     experienced  some  magnificent  spiritual things  that  only  a loving
     caring God would have allowed me to experience in the spiritual realm.
     Yet, I could not feel His love.  Now, in prayer, I  was standing at my
     own  bedside forty  years earlier  and  the Holy  Spirit touched  that
     painful woundedness of my life and I wept.  Fear tried to tell me that
     this was the focal point but I would never get to know  the truth.  It
     was another feeble attempt by the Enemy to misdirect me once again but
     it failed.
          The Holy Spirit  revealed God's truth to  me.  He had  been there
     with me  all the time.   It wasn't His fault  and He wasn't mad  at me
     even  though I had been mad at Him.   He spoke to me in a split second
     of time, faster  than the speed of light, and revealed the truth about
     what was wrong.  I  was looking for His love on the  outside; He said,
     "You should be looking on the inside for my love for you because  that
     is where I  am.  I am love  and I dwell within you."   The chains were
     broken that had  bound my emotions for  nearly forty years.   Then God
     showed me  why I thought  the way I  did and  why I believed  the lies
     instead of the truth in His eternal Word.
          As I stood and  watched in my memory of that hospital bed where I
     helplessly lay, a demon appeared;  amorphous, dark, and evil.  He  was
     bent over  at the waist  as if he  were talking to  me on the  bed and
     though I heard  nothing, I felt his  lying words of deceit  as he took
     advantage of a little boy who  had already been traumatized by  events
     over which he had no control.
          As my  prayer partner and  I continued to pray  together, letting
     the Holy Spirit lead me to each individual lie that had been implanted
     in my thinking, suddenly everything was gone.  The room felt empty and
     I was so  very much alone.   Then I knew where my  loneliness had come
     from all my life.  Yes, I had a family and I had  many friends, yet, I
     was  totally  alone.   The loneliness  pressed  in upon  me and  I was
     helpless to feel anything other than the loneliness.
          We prayed about the loneliness and  suddenly, I was no longer  in
     the hospital but  standing at the final graveside service  for my dad.
     The Holy Spirit, through the loneliness, let me feel the anger.   This
     was the  origin of my anger toward  God.  I prayed and  gave it to the
     Lord and it vanished.  That  memory had no more woundedness because  I
     had been healed completely through the Lord speaking His truth to me.
          Returning to the hospital memory in order to see if we had missed
     anything, I  felt a small amount of anger  still lingering.  My prayer
     partner and I  asked the Lord about  it and the Holy  Spirit explained
     that  we were  friends and  sometimes  friends have  misunderstandings
     which occur for various reasons in their relationship with each other.
     He explained  to the  little boy  back in  the hospital  room that  He
     understood  why I  had been  angry and  that  I had  been lied  to and
     deceived into believing  lies about Him.   He told the little  boy, He
     wasn't angry at him for being angry and it was all over now because we
     were friends.   I left that place with the Lord and He told me that we
     were never coming back again.
          I was often told through my life that I was a shy person.  What I
     felt  was less  than  wholeness in  my life  and I  felt inferior.   I
     secretly wondered if God truly loved me  because I never felt His love
     for me.  I felt shame for the things I felt in my heart about the Lord
     but I couldn't explain what I felt nor would I have understood it even
     if I could explain it.  So Jesus, explained it to me through agreement
     of  prayer and  the  renewing of  the mind,  who searches  the hearts,
     because He, Jesus,  knows the mind of  the Holy Spirit, since  He, the
     True Lord  Jesus Christ,  makes intercession for  us according  to the
     will of  God.   Thus says  Romans 8:26-27  which reads,  "Likewise the
     Spirit  also helpeth our  infirmities: for we know  not what we should
     pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us
     with groanings  which cannot be  uttered.  And  he that searcheth  the
     hearts knoweth  what is  the mind  of the  Spirit,  because he  maketh
     intercession for the saints according to the will of God."
          How did the Lord Jesus reveal the  lies to me so I could see what
     He saw?  the answer  is simple; agreement through intercessory prayer.
     Jesus said, "Again I  say unto you, That if two of  you shall agree on
     earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be  done for
     them of my Father  which is in heaven," Matthew 18:19).   Either God's
     Word is true  or we have been misled, given wrong directions, and now,
     the True Lord Jesus Christ, wants us to find Him in His Word.
          Have you found the true God  who never lies but always tells  you
     the truth?   Have you been given  the wrong directions?  Are  you lost
     even as a Christian?   Has the Enemy sent  you on a wild goose  chase?
     Do every  day experiences bring  up terrible and  horrible woundedness
     that  you just cannot  explain?  Do  you still suffer  from things the
     doctors  still are  unable to  help you  resolve?  Are the  drugs just
     helping you  cope?  Do  you want to be  free?  If  so, call me.   I'll
     introduce you to the same God  who healed my woundedness, silenced the
     voices, and flew kites with me.