It Sounds Like God To Me

© Copyright 2007 by Phil Scovell - All Rights Reserved


                              Where Demons Dwell

                            You Might Be Surprised

                              By Phil Scovell

          "Run back to  the house and get  me a couple of  aspirin, his dad
     instructed.  "I've got a headache.
          The  boy ran to  the house,  but as he  did so, he  found himself
     dreaded  being in  his  own  house  alone.   Every  step  became  more
     difficult as he drew closer.
          Upon  arrival, he  burst  through  the door  near  panic.   After
     getting the aspirin, he  bolted for the door and crashed  out the door
     and back outside again.   He was free and  running back to the  field.
     He was nearly 50 years  of age before he learned why he was frightened
     as a little boy in his own house.
          This wasn't  the only house, and the only  time, the man had been
     afraid, as  a  young boy.    We  discovered the  presents  of  demonic
     personalities in more  than one house he  lived in but as  we narrowed
     the  focus on what  was going on  in these memories, it  was clear the
     demons were not  directly related to him  personally.  His  mother was
     perpetually  depressed and  back in  those days,  little was  said, or
     done, about it.  In other words, people suffered in silence.  Yet, the
     little  boy  knew  his mom  was  hurting  some how  and  he  could not
     understand it nor  did he  feel he  could do  anything for  her.   His
     father was harsh and there was an element of deep seeded anger in  the
     boy's father that  he could not understand.   He felt it,  though, and
     the demonic influence was penetrating.  A multiplicity of feelings and
     thoughts  cycled amorphously  through his  mind but  he was  unable to
     understand the conflicting thoughts and feelings.
          One day, as we prayed together,  one of the farm houses  surfaced
     as  a memory.  They had lived in  more than one house on the property.
     He recalled that he was deathly fearful of  the attic in one house.  I
     personally recalled, not so  much as a child but as  an adult man, the
     experience of such unknown fear, so I  knew the feelings he was trying
     to describe.   It was pretty clear, just from my questioning, that the
     demons were resident to the house and not directly related to this man
     as a child growing up  but I never just assume;  I pray.  Upon  asking
     the Lord to expand  the memory event so we could see what He sees, and
     so we could know  what He knows, the  man said there were a  number of
     demons in the attic.   Actually, over a period of  prayer sessions, we
     discovered demons dwelling throughout the entire house.
          Often  the  feeling of  an  evil presence  is a  sudden  flush of
     anxiety.   It can also seem  as if there  has been a sudden  change in
     just the  ambiance of the room.  It may  also be just a simple instant
     sense  of  unidentified  awareness.    Commonly,  people  describe  an
     unexpected  chill  as if  they  almost  just  entered into  a  walk-in
     freezer.  They  may even experience goose  bumps for no reason.   Some
     describe a quick blur,  something like a shadow, out of  the corner of
     their eye.   People describe thoughts, even  to the point of  a voice,
     that  suddenly enters  their consciousness.    Others say  there is  a
     abrupt change  in smell.  No, I am not  joking.  Based upon the degree
     of fear a lying spirit  can create due to the persons level of current
     deception, I  have had some  people tell me that  they were physically
     touched.  It can, and does, get a lot worse, too.  Add, for example, a
     Ouija board, a seance or two, meditation, and a few other occultic and
     cultic practices and you'll get  the picture pretty quick where demons
          I prayed with a lady once who had three things occur sequentially
     as we prayed.   Suddenly, she reported, when I asked  the Lord to show
     us what we needed to see, a migraine headache instantly came upon her.
     I called the demon to attention, commanded him to stop in  Jesus name,
     and she said, "My head just stopped hurting."   I asked Jesus again to
     reveal  to her  what He wanted  her to  know.  "Now,"  she immediately
     reported, "I  feel ice cold."  I repeated  my command again.  Her body
     temperature  returned to  normal.  A  third time I  prayed, asking the
     same thing, and she said, "Now it sounds like someone is putting their
     hands over my  ears."  I told the  demon to stop it in  Jesus name and
     then commanded  he confess what right he had to  be there.  No answer.
     I knew he wouldn't answer because  he had been in the prayer  sessions
     with this lady before and  if he spoke, he knew that I  would know why
     he thought he  had the right to remain.   So, instead, I  had a sudden
     inspiration, a leading of  the Holy Spirit, and so I  said, "Lord?  We
     have a lying spirit here who is trying to hinder what you are doing in
     this woman's  life.  Jesus?  I  want him to stop what  he is doing and
     right now.   In fact," I suddenly  said without prier thought,  "if he
     puts his  hands over her  ears again, I  want you to  burn his fingers
     with fire."  The  woman began laughing immediately.  I  asked her what
     was  so funny.  She reported  that she saw a  small child sized figure
     running away, yelling  and screaming, because his hands  were on fire.
     I then  ask the  Lord to reveal  His truth, the  woman heard,  and was
     healed of that particular problem.
          I walked downstairs into our basement one night as an adult and I
     entered  the utility room.   My office was in the  basement and my ham
     radio station was in that office so I had been in the basement a great
     deal,  even at  night, sometimes  all night,  and never  felt anything
     wrong at any  time.  This night,  however, as I walked alone  into the
     utility room to get something, I forget just what now, I felt a sudden
     fear, or anxiety, but immediately emotionally  shrugged it off as if I
     were brushing  an insect off my arm.   Besides, at that time, I didn't
     believe that  demons could bother Christians.   Although I am blind, I
     knew the  lights were  not on  in the  basement  but that,  in and  of
     itself, should have made no difference.
          As I entered  the darkened room,  the air  itself felt thick  and
     almost tangible.   Then, without  warning, I  felt as  if someone  was
     behind me  and placing their hand  on my shoulder.   I shivered  as if
     winter just blew in the door.  Frankly, just  telling about it gave me
     goose bumps  as  I typed.   I  snickered out  loud  to demonstrate  to
     myself, and  to whatever it was that was  there, that I wasn't afraid.
     The truth  was, I, indeed, was.   When I left the  basement and headed
     upstairs,  the feeling  left.   I just figured  it was  my hyperactive
     Christian imagination.  I learned many years later, while praying with
     my son, it wasn't.   In fact,  that house we rented  had at least  one
     resident demonic presence, and likely more than  one.  Demons are like
     mice.   Where there is  one, there  are a lot  more you haven't  seen.
     They  know how to hide so  you better learn, if  you are going to pray
     with people, how to reply upon the Lord to find them.
          The demonic persona can be much more pronounced than any of these
     descriptions.  In fact, I have previously written about one experience
     I had where  a demon pretended to be  one of our dogs.   I awakened in
     the middle of  the night and after  using the bathroom, I  went to the
     kitchen to get a drink.  I heard, on the hardwood  floor, the clicking
     of the toenails and knew one of our dogs had heard me and gotten up to
     follow me into  the kitchen  thinking he'd  have a  late night  snack.
     After  getting my  drink of water,  I called  to him, and  not knowing
     which dog it was, we have several, I slapped my leg a  couple of times
     to  get him to come to  me.  That always  gets their attention because
     they think I'm  going to give them  some food.  He stayed  over by the
     refrigerator and  refused to come.  I was  too sleepy to bother trying
     to catch him and figuring he'd follow me back to the bedroom anyhow, I
     walked out  of the  kitchen.   I never  heard him  follow.   The  next
     morning, I asked my wife which dog she had forgotten to hook up to one
     of the tie down  leashes.  She  said she had hooked  them all up  that
     night.  We do this so  they can, if they wish, get into  bed, but they
     can't roam around the house at night.   I laughed when she told me and
     explained to her what had happened that night.  The demon, by the way,
     playing the role  of a dog,  didn't speak or put  his feelings on  me,
     because he couldn't.  Why?  If he  had done some, he knew that I would
     instantly have recognized  he was a  demon and the  name of the  game,
     when it comes  to demonic influence, is attempting to  gain a handhold
     so he  can gain a foothold, and eventually a stronghold.  I don't play
     their twisted demonic games any longer but that doesn't stop them from
     trying.  By the way, as I attempted getting, what I thought was a dog,
     to come to me,  I felt the Lord identifying what it  really was.  This
     was  another reason why  I did not  attempt to walk over,  pick up the
     dog,  and carry  him back to  bed with  me; I knew  it wasn't  a dog I
          I was praying with a lady once that came to a place of healing in
     her life  but was suddenly blocked.  As  we prayed around this memory,
     Jesus  revealed the  problem.    There were  demons  resident in  this
     hospital room.   Speaking to  the Lord Jesus,  I asked  if they had  a
     right to be in this lady's memory of  this event.  They said, "We have
     always been hear."  That was likely  true, however, they had to admit,
     after  further prayer,  that they  had no  right in this  woman's life
     other than to frighten her.  Once the lies were exposed in the memory,
     Jesus  cleansed  the memory  of the  demon presence  as we  prayed and
     replaced the  demonic personages with beautiful blooming flowers.  The
     woman could even smell  them.  And you thought God didn't have a sense
     of humor.   I've seen  Him do a  lot funnier things  with demons.   He
     loves showing them whose boss and I love watching Him do it, too.
          As I  prayed with the man who  grew up on a farm,  we found, as I
     mentioned, demons were everywhere but  mostly inside the houses on the
     property.  Many prayer sessions revealed the demonic presence of lying
     spirits and we  prayed for the  Lord's truth to  be revealed in  every
          One prayer session was a little different.   As we prayed, one of
     the demons, speaking  into the thoughts of the man with whom I prayed,
     said "We live here."  Well, after several prayer sessions and  all the
     demons we found, that  was a given but  something occurred to me.   By
     that I mean,  something was spoken into my thoughts by the Holy Spirit
     and that was, "These demons think they own the land."  That made sense
     but I said nothing of this to the man at all.  We continued praying in
     and around this, and other memories.   Finally, at one point, the  man
     said, "They  say they  own this  land where  our farm is."   I  nearly
     laughed  out  loud.   I  explained to  him they  probably  did believe
     exactly that  due to their  evil assignment.  Regardless,  I knew what
     they said  was a lie.   We prayed,  sent the  lying spirits away,  and
     after each  prayer session,  the man experienced  more and  more peace
     until all  the houses  he had  lived in  were  clear and  free of  any
     demonic influence as  far as he and  his memories were concerned.   He
     told me that this all made sense now because, when they first moved on
     to the farm land, they found  hundreds of empty beer bottles and  such
     paraphernalia on  the grounds around the house.   As a child, he often
     wondered what type of people must  have lived there before his  family
     moved in.  By the way,  you might be wondering what the lie  was?  The
     lie was that they  lived there and owned the land.   Fat chance.  They
     own  nothing because Jesus does and  Jesus only shares His things with
     us; demons don't count.   In other words, they have no  glory of their
     own.  Too bad; so sad and who cares.
          Several months later, he went back  on a vacation to see his  dad
     on the farm.  All  the houses no longer frightened him.   Even walking
     around the farm land, he felt nothing but spiritual tranquility.
          My daughter-in-law grew up in a haunted house as a teenager, that
     is, there was a resident  demon who thought he  had the right to  live
     there.  As she and  my son were building the house, they  lived in our
     basement.   I was going through a desperate  time of anxiety and panic
     attacks,  as well as hearing voices, at the  time.  You can read about
     it  in my  personal testimony called,  "I Flew Kites  With Jesus," and
     learn more  about that period  of my life.   In  short, I was  under a
     demonic attack and  in those days, I didn't know what  to do about it.
     My  daughter-in-law told  me that when  she let  her dogs out  late at
     night,  she always felt  as if somebody  was walking behind  her.  One
     night,  she turned  around  quickly,  and saw  a  shadowy figure  that
     disappeared in a  split second.  After we had several friends from the
     church  we were  attending come  over, some  who knew  how to  conduct
     spiritual warfare, my  daughter-in-law reported she  had no more  such
     feelings but felt safe instead.
          I have  a son who also reported a similar experience and reported
     the dark figure standing in his room  was not only quite distinct, but
     it stayed in place for a  long time as he tried to figure  out what it
     was  he was  seeing.   He literally  thought it  was a  person in  the
     darkened  room.   He  has  multiple black  belts  in Karate  and after
     speaking to  the figure,  he initiated  a kick  at the  figure and  it
     vaporized  before his foot  could make contact.   He was  so shaken by
     this event, he walked through the basement into the apartment where my
     daughter and  her husband were  living at the  time to tell  them what
     just happened.  It  was then he realized it had been  a real demon and
     why the demon  was there.  My  daughter sneaked a girlfriend  into the
     house to spend  the night without our permission.  They were both drug
     users at the time and living far outside God's protection.
          A relative  grew  up in  a haunted  house.   He  told me  several
     experiences he  had as a boy.  One night they were coming home late as
     a family.  They had turned out  all the lights to save on electricity.
     As they  drove up to the house, they saw that a light had been left on
     in one of  the upper bedrooms.   The father said, "Who left  the light
     on?  I thought we turned them all off when leaving."  Everybody in the
     car said all the lights had been out when they left.  As they drove up
     to the house, that light went out.
          He  told me that he was awakened  one night because something was
     trying to pull  him bodily out of  his bed.  There  was nothing there.
     Another night, and this happened  often, he said, there would suddenly
     be a sharp bang  as if someone had taken their hand and slapped a desk
     or table top.  Since no one was expecting it, everybody would jump.
          I  can  hear  somebody  saying,  "Isn't  something  like  this  a
          "You mean, a ghost?"
          "Yeh.  Isn't this a ghost living in a house?"
          "No, silly.   They  are demons.   If  you think  they are  ghost,
     whatever  you do,  don't  start  praying  with people.    You  may  be
     unpleasantly surprised."
     A man I know who has done a great deal of counseling relating to these
     forms  of  demon intrusion,  told me  that one  evening, his  son came
     running upstairs.  He  had been frightened to the point  of panic.  As
     they helped him calm  down, he explained that he was  using the family
     computer and as  he was looking at the screen, suddenly a devil's head
     appeared and filled the entire screen.
          This same  man told me  that at one  period of time  his ministry
     began to dwindle.   Money became  tight and after  awhile, he  finally
     realized that perhaps he should be praying about it just in case.  The
     Holy  Spirit told  him that  there was  something, a  physical object,
     causing the problem.  The next day he found a heavy metal rock tape in
     his car.  He asked his two  boys about it.  One of them said  a boy at
     the  public school they  attended gave  him the tape  to try out.   My
     friend instructed his son to return it that day.  After a few days and
     experiencing no change  in his ministry,  but rather things  continued
     downward, he asked his son if he  had returned the tape.  His son said
     he forgot.  The  tape was returned the next day.   My counselor friend
     said, that day, that  very day, his phone began to  ring after several
     weeks  of silence.  The very first call  was a lady who felt burden to
     give his  ministry several  hundred dollars.   His phone  continued to
     ring on a regular bases until he was booked for days in advance.
          Why do such things occur to some  and not to others?  Why do some
     experience deep dark depression, anxiety attacks, suffer from multiple
     personalities,  hear  voices,  and have  other  such  experiences that
     hinder their  life?   Good question  and one  I considered many  times
     before I felt there was a noticeable  pattern in the prayer sessions I
     witnessed as  an intercessor.   I believe the  answer is based  upon a
     person's individual  spiritual  calling of  ministry  to the  Body  of
     Christ.   I am  not referring to  a full time  ministry position  in a
     church but a station of calling within the Body of Christ  itself.  It
     is my opinion that we are the plan  God has for this world and for His
     own people.   If you read  1 Corinthians 12, it  is clear the  Body of
     Christ is a complete unit and Jesus is the head, or chief cornerstone,
     and  that  unless  we function  as  one, we  will  not  experience the
     totality of God's fullness.
     "Submitting yourselves one  to another in the fear  of God," Ephesians
     "I am the vine,  ye are the branches: He that abideth in  me, and I in
     him, the same  bringeth forth  much fruit:  for without me  ye can  do
     nothing," (John 15:5).
          "Do I hunt for demons in prayer sessions?"  I  don't need to.  If
     they are there, they will manifest but only if they are exposed.  Most
     try and hide and especially if they get the idea that the intercessor,
     doing the praying, knows his  authority in Christ.  As I said, I don't
     need to look for  demons because I  look for lies.   Often times I  am
     unable to even recognize the  lies but Jesus has no trouble  revealing
     them at all.  Behind ever lie there is a demon, or  at the very least,
     confusion.  Even if there is confusion present, the Enemy will attempt
     to take advantage of the  tender spot in our life.   So the key  isn't
     hunting down demon,  it is looking  for lies.   Where there is  guilt,
     fear,  anxiety,   panic,  suicidal   thoughts,  condemnation,   shame,
     sometimes  even  embarrassment,  anger,  rage,  bitterness,  doubt,  a
     blockage,  emptiness, heaviness,  grief, inferiority,  insignificance,
     abuse,   unconfessed   sin,   intimidation,   control,   threatenings,
     manipulation,  domination,  a  sense  of  loss,  loneliness, prolonged
     sadness, arrogance, egotism, pride, indifference, chronic frustration,
     perfectionism, a  feeling  of  being  over powered,  the  deep  seeded
     feeling  of,  "If people  really  knew  me,  they wouldn't  like  me,"
     ostracism, rejection, panic, circular  thinking, habitual feelings  of
     brokenness,  oppression, embedded accusations,  or just deep emotional
     pain of  any type,  there is  most likely  a lie  behind the  negative
     feeling and if there is a lie, the Enemy is  responsible.  This is why
     the Bible  tells us to  "take every thought captive"  in 2 Corinthians
          "Does  this mean  a demon is  inside of  me?  No.   If  you are a
     Christian, the  answer is definitely no.  If  you are not a Christian,
     it  is up for grabs but I have  a tendency not to believe even that is
     possible.   "Why?"  Well,  we only have  one Biblical record  of a man
     being  demon possessed  and that  was Judas  who betrayed Jesus.   The
     Bible said that after Satan entered into him, he went out and betrayed
     Christ.   (See John 13:27).   Yes, for  you Bible students,  there are
     several other  places in the  New Testament which mention  people were
     demon possessed, or possessed of demons, in the King James Translation
     but the Greek word for "possessed" of demons means demonized.  That is
     a  whole lot different  than Satan, or  a demon, enter  into a person.
     "So  what is  going on  with  these so-called  demon possessed  people
     then?"   Manipulation, control, and  domination of their minds.   Yes,
     this  means even to  the point of  bodily control at  times; plenty of
     Biblical records recording such events.  Jesus healed all of them that
     came to him, however, so you tell me what was going on.  Besides, does
     it  make a  difference?   If  so, what  is that  difference?   Explain
     please.  While you are thinking about it, let's continue.
          How much  do  you work  at  being a  Christian?   That's  a  fair
     question, I think, because I was raised that once you were born again,
     you had to  work at being a  good Christian.  This made  God happy, of
     course, and you never wanted to get  on His bad side so living a  holy
     life, normally a  list of things you didn't  do as a Christian  and if
     you ran out  of things not to  do, going to movies,  smoking, cussing,
     chewing and so on, then  you could always make  a list of good  things
     you  did.   So any  time, therefore,  you felt  discouragement, guilt,
     unhappy, down, blue, red or black,  or sinful, you could mentally whip
     out  your  list, either  list  or both  worked best,  and  run through
     everything.   If  you  still  felt spiritually  bad  for some  reason,
     reading your Bible for  several hours should  help and if that  didn't
     work, going to  church surely would.   Well, sometimes it didn't.   In
     fact,  if you were raised  in a church like  I was, sometimes you felt
     worse after  going  to church  than before  you went.    This was,  of
     course, a  good thing, spiritually  speaking, we were  taught, because
     Jesus chastised you because  he loved you and if He  did not chastise,
     or punish you, well, then, you just weren't a Christian.  We were told
     that  Hebrews 12:5-11  taught this.    It teaches  no  such thing,  of
     course,  but admittedly  it does  make for  mighty  good, controlling,
     manipulating, preaching and  generally guilt worked when  nothing else
     did.   So,  pastors?   If  you want  to  score points,  preach on  the
     chastisement of the Lord as a proof of true salvation and it will be a
     hit.  You might throw in tithing, too, because if you yell loud enough
     about it,  the  offerings  will  go  up so  that's  always  a  winner.
     Besides, anybody  knows that if  you give  more, you are  definitely a
     better Christian and God is happier,  too.  Of course, we all  realize
     God doesn't  need our money  but why not  throw some His way  once and
     awhile.  Surely He will notice.  Other than that, I'm sure, if you are
     a creative Christian, you will think of  many things to please God.  I
     even got rid of my TV once for 3 years and refused to allow my wife to
     wear slacks during  that time.   I never felt  more spiritual and  God
     only knows why  I wouldn't let my  wife wear slacks, she  wore dresses
     and skirts however, and what that all has to do with  television, I'll
     never  know, but I  was sure God saw  my heart and  blessed me for it.
     The  biggest thing,  of course, was  staying away  from the devil.   I
     didn't want anything to do with him in the first place so staying away
     from him,  I figured,  was the  easy part.   Wrong!   One of  my Bible
     college  professors even  said once,  "If you  leave the  Devil alone,
     he'll leave you  alone."  I believed  it, too.   I found out just  how
     wrong that was  years later and after a lot  of unnecessary suffering,
     too.  Thanks for nothing prof.
          "So where do we go from here?"  Good question.  Why don't we just
     let Jesus do all the heavy lifting  for us?  After all, that's exactly
     what we did to get saved.  I  mean, we couldn't save our self.  Right?
     We had to call upon His name to be born again but  other than that, we
     did nothing.  Right?  You  bet!  So why are we still  trying to figure
     out  our own salvation after all this time, I wonder?  Is it possible,
     just  possible,  we  might  be  deceived  into  believing  lies  about
     ourselves?   Oh, things  like, "You aren't  doing enough.   You aren't
     spiritual enough.   You don't pray enough.   You don't read  the Bible
     enough.   You don't fast enough.  You  don't go to church enough.  You
     have to much sex with your wife and  what you do when making love with
     your wife  is sinful  anyway.   It is  because you  have lust in  your
     heart.   Nobody likes  you  anyway.   Those  sins you  committed  when
     younger and those last week?   No Christian would be caught dead  even
     thinking such  things.  You know what Jesus  said; if you've lusted in
     your heart, it is the same thing  as really committing adultery in the
     first place.  What about that lie you told.  You weren't sick when you
     called in sick and told your boss.  Liars  don't, can't, go to Heaven.
     That means you.   Besides, you gave up and God won't  let anybody into
     Heaven  who gave  up.   You  aren't  qualified, dignified,  rectified,
     glorified, deified, humblized,  eternalized, justified, minimized, (He
     must   increase  but  I  must   decrease,  John  3:30),  purified,  or
     mummified."  That last one I threw in because it rhymed but now that I
     think about it, it  fits because you could apply  it to dying to  self
     and if you  haven't done  that, well,  then, who knows  what you  are;
     certainly not Christian.   Need I continue or have you figured out the
     devil still lies even if you are a born again Christian?  If you don't
     think so, ask  Adam and Eve, the  two smartest people who  ever lived,
     and  they'll tell you what cow  ate the cabbage.   I have no idea what
     that conundrum means but a friend of mine says it all the time and  it
     seems to fit just  about anything so I found  a chance to use it  here
     and did.
          "So,  what does  all  this  have to  do  with demonic  influence,
     oppression, and  possession?   We are  told in Scripture  not to  give
     place to the devil, (See Ephesians 4:27).  If you are attempting to be
     a good Christian, you are not only working too hard but if you keep it
     up, you'll  eventually give the  Enemy way too  much room in  which to
     operate.   When that  happens, you begin  to believes lies.   Oh, they
     don't sound like lies  in your thoughts because they  often feel true.
     Things such as, "You aren't a good  Christian.  If people knew who you
     really were, they wouldn't like you.  You deserve that guilt  you have
     felt for 35  years because what  you did,  although forgiven, must  be
     paid  for and  you have to  pay for  it."  I  trust you  see these are
     really lies regardless of  how much they may feel like the truth.  The
     bottom line is, learn the difference between the voice of the Lord and
     that of a stranger,  the Enemy, (See John 10:4.  As  I said, let Jesus
     do all the heavy lifting.   He likes it anyway.  All you have to do is
     walk.  That's a pretty natural thing to do, wouldn't you say?  As  you
     are walking  through life, keep  your ears open  for the voice  of the
     Lord and you  will discover just how  natural it becomes as  you learn
     how to be God aware.