It Sounds Like God To Me

© Copyright 2007 by Phil Scovell - All Rights Reserved


               Ring, Ring: Hello, This Is The Devil Calling!

                               By Phil Scovell

     When I returned her call,  she said, "I have something I want  to tell
     you."  She told this story.
          The other  day, she  was finishing breakfast  when she  heard the
     phone ring in the living  room.  She walked  into the living room  and
     the same phone rang again.   She picked it up but the phone  was dead.
     Later that day,  she was reading  her Bible and  another phone in  the
     house began to ring and did so for about four  rings but this time she
     ignored it.  Later that night, one of the other extension  phones rang
     again  and  she again  ignored it.   So,  what is  so unusual  about a
     telephone  ringing?    These  two  different  phone  lines  that  were
     involved?  They are not  connected.  One is even a cordless phone that
     isn't plugged in and the handset hasn't  been charged for months.  The
     battery is  dead  and  no  lights  show on  the  display  to  indicate
     otherwise.  These were old phone lines that had been used for business
     years ago and had been totally disconnected for some time.
          We have all  heard of poltergeist.  These,  according to psychics
     and  those  involved   with  what  is   termed  the  "paranormal"   or
     "parapsychology,"  that poltergeist are the spirits of departed souls.
     That means,  dead people,  in case you  didn't know.   They  are often
     referred to as just ghost.  I am often asked if there is such a thing.
     Before I answer this question, let me point something out.
          Have you ever  wondered why so-called  psychics call their  craft
     parapsychology?   I  used  the word  "craft" for  a  very good  reason
     because it  is witchcraft  they are using  and not  special abilities.
     They use  the term parapsychology  for the same reason  Christians use
     the term Christian therapy, Christian therapist, Christian psychology,
     Christian psychologist, or  Christian psychiatrist.  No, silly.   I am
     not  saying  therapists  and  those  in  psychology  are  dabbling  in
     witchcraft.  Pay attention while I'm talking.  You see, and here is my
     point,  somehow we have been duped  into thinking, even in the church,
     that psychology is  the last word on  human behavior.  I'm  tempted to
     swear at  this point but  instead, I'll just  say, "BS."   Hopefully I
     won't have to  spell it out  for you.  Furthermore,  Jesus is not  the
     great psychologist, the  great psychiatrist, the great  therapist, the
     great chiropractor, or even the great physician.  "Hold on there!  Now
     wait just  a cotton picking minute," I hear  somebody saying.  "He is,
     too, the Great Physician.  That's in the Bible.  I know it for a fact.
     I've read  it."  Ok, you show  me any place Jesus is  called the great
     physician,  or even  a physician,  in the  Bible, and  I'll publish  a
     retraction.  Check it out for yourself.   He is called great physician
     by preachers today  because it sounds cute.   Jesus didn't come  to be
     cute; he came  to save the lost and  to heal the sick.   If your Bible
     says anything different,  you should throw that Bible  away because it
     is  no Bible.   So stop  misleading people  and just speak  the truth.
     Now, back to ghosts.
          As  I said,  ghosts, or  poltergeist, are not  the souls  of dead
     people.  They  are, plain and  simple, demons.  Yes,  it is true  that
     demons can be territorial, that is, they  may insist they have a right
     to stay  in one location.  They almost  always have a reason, too, and
     they will try and get you to believe the same lie they believe, if you
     let them, that is.   I have been in prayer sessions where  demons have
     insisted they owned the land.  You heard me.  They owned the land this
     man I was praying with grew up on as a farm kid.  Why did they believe
     this?  The answer, if I'm not careful, could be quite detailed but the
     simple answer is, they believed this gave them the right to influence,
     terrorize, and  tamper with  the family, this  man's family,  any time
     they wished.  So what happened?  When the reason was revealed to us by
     the  Lord as we prayed, we made them  leave the property and the house
     by  the name of  Jesus.  "Did  they" you ask.   Of course.   "How do I
     know?"   This man went back a few  weeks ago to visit relatives.  Even
     as a  child, he  felt and  saw weird  amorphous things  in the  house,
     including voices  and sounds.  When he returned  home, he told me that
     the  house felt  peaceful and nothing  was wrong any  place around the
     farm.  "That proves nothing," someone is saying.  Ok, you come with me
     and we  will  go and  spend  a night  in  a house  that's,  so-called,
     haunted, and  I'll prove it to  you.  Let  me know when you  are ready
     because I know where such a  house is and it is not far  from my home.
     I'll be glad to take  you there.  Ok?  Let me know when you are ready,
     now.  Don't forget.
          I  was praying  with a  lady one  day and  the Lord  led us  to a
     memory.   Many things were brought  to light in this memory, including
     demons, who wouldn't  leave.  I learned they said they had always been
     there, which  I knew  couldn't be  true because that  building at  not
     always been there, and  so they were staying  because they had  always
     been there.   Surprise!  Surprise!  Jesus  ran them off.   So much for
     their right to be there.
          So,  let's get  things straight  in our minds.   Yes,  ghosts and
     poltergeists exist but they are not remaining souls from the departed;
     they are nothing more than demons  who are deceiving people into being
          Concerning the  three different  ringing telephones?   Well,  you
     will be happy  to know, that  as I  prayed with this  woman, we  first
     focused on her.  You see, if she had some type of fear in her life, or
     some other reason a  demon thought he had the right  to be interfering
     with her life,  he could be playing  with the phones to  generate even
     greater fear.   It works that way  very well most  of the time.   Some
     people, that don't know any better, literally sell their home and move
     out  because  of  ghosts in  their  home.   In  this  case,  it wasn't
     necessary for the woman to move because she had no fear and  no reason
     to experience  this degree of  demonic harassment.  So,  since nothing
     came to  the surface in her own  life, it was time to  ask the Lord to
     show us the truth.  I simply prayed a very uncomplicated  prayer about
     the  demons that  might be  fiddling with  this lady's  telephones and
     especially with  those phones which  were literally  disconnected.   I
     prayed this prayer, which is one I use often for similar things in the
     name of the  True Lord Jesus Christ,  and before I could  finish, this
     lady said, "They are leaving and there are three of them."  I finished
     my prayer, making certain they would indeed leave, because some demons
     sneak out,  leaving you with the  impression they are gone,  then when
     you leave, they return.   Anyhow, I want you to  understand something.
     I thought it was a demon playing around  but I wasn't for sure.  I did
     not know  there might be three.  I was not expecting any response from
     the lady I was praying with  nor would I have asked her if  she saw or
     heard  anything happen.   Yet, she did  respond and this  lady, by the
     way, isn't the type to make things up.  She saw what Jesus saw.
          Why am I talking about this?  Because, you would be amazed at the
     number  of Christians who believe  a lie about  almost anything.  Most
     Christians  I know  live in some  type of  fear even though  the Bible
     clearly states the perfect love casts  out fear.  Why do they live  in
     fear then?   Probably because they  have been  listening to the  wrong
     voice.  Do you know to whom you are listening?
     #3   To him the porter openeth;  and the sheep hear his  voice: and he
     calleth his own sheep by name, and leadeth them out.
     #4  And when he putteth forth his own sheep, he goeth before them, and
     the sheep follow him: for they know his voice.
     #5   And a stranger will they not  follow, but will flee from him: for
     they know not the voice of strangers.  (John 10:3-5).