It Sounds Like God To Me

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                               A New Doctrine

                            Demons Going To Church

                              By Phil Scovell

     23  And there was in their synagogue a man with an unclean spirit; and
     he cried out,
     24   Saying, Let us alone; what have we to do with thee, thou Jesus of
     Nazareth? art thou come  to destroy us? I know thee who  thou art, the
     Holy One of God.
     25  And  Jesus rebuked him,  saying, Hold thy  peace, and come out  of
     26  And when  the unclean spirit had torn  him, and cried with a  loud
     voice, he came out of him.
     27   And they  were all amazed,  insomuch that  they questioned  among
     themselves, saying, What thing is this? what new doctrine is this? For
     with authority  commandeth he  even the unclean  spirits, and  they do
     obey him.
     28  And immediately his  fame spread abroad throughout all the  region
     round about Galilee," (Mark 1:23-28).

          We generally consider church a place of safety and a place  we go
     to be  encouraged.  It is a  place we pray and worship  God.  The last
     thing we  would expect is for a demon to be in church.  It didn't seem
     to surprise Jesus.
          One  Sunday,  I felt  quite  discouraged.    I didn't  feel  like
     teaching that morning but I went over the notes I planned on using and
     familiarized myself  with what  I had written  and planned  on sharing
     that day.  Yet, I didn't feel comfortable about it.
          As I sat in my office thinking, I felt the Lord directing me to a
     totally different passage of Scripture with a totally different theme.
     I dialed up the miracle on the computer, typing in the  reference, and
     began to  read the  text.   I  immediately knew  that was  what I  was
     supposed  to  teach  on  that morning.    I  still  didn't feel  right
     emotionally  or  spiritually  but  I  decided it  was  simply  due  to
     discouragement.  I jotted  down a handful of notes about  what I would
     say that morning.
          Before church,  everyone sat and  visited for awhile as  we often
     do.  I said  little as I listened.   I just  wasn't feeling well.   In
     fact, by  this time, I felt right down rotten,  to tell the truth, but
     soon it  would be over and I  could go home and try  and relax for the
     rest of the afternoon.  I should have been more spiritually alert.
          The closer we came to  beginning our Sunday service, the  worse I
     felt.   As  we began to  sing, it  finally hit me  what was  wrong.  I
     sensed the demonic presence  near.  I could also hear his  words in my
     thoughts and felt his unholy feelings.   "You don't have to sing.  You
     don't  need to  worship today.   Just stop  singing.  Don't  do it any
     more.  You feel bad enough and aren't well.  No one will criticize you
     for not  singing today  and worshipping the  Lord because you  are the
     pastor.  Stop.   Stop singing."  My chest  flushed and tingled as  the
     anxiety  of  the  demonic  presence  intensified.    My  stomach  felt
     nauseous.   Maybe I really  was sick.   There had  been some virus  or
     colds  or  something in  the family  that  past week.   His  words and
     thoughts mixed  with my thoughts, an the feelings of fear and anxiety,
     mixed with even the physical sensation of illness, gave him away.
          Trying to pray and sing at the same time is difficult but in this
     particular living room sitting, we were meeting in a home, and  not my
     home, it was a little different so getting up to go to another room to
     pray wasn't convenient.  I tried to get the Lord  to run the demon off
     for me, or  at least to  hold him at  bay until after  church.   Jesus
     wasn't interested in doing  my job for me and made that clear.  What I
     should  have done was stopped the  singing and prayed out loud because
     later, I learned, I was not the only one feeling the  demonic presence
     in church.   Next time, by  the way, I will  do exactly that.   I will
     stop the service and pray out loud for others to hear in case they are
     being attacked as well.
          Silently, I finally prayed the following prayer which is normally
     what I do when  becoming aware of any attempt  of demonic infiltration
     or intrusion.
          "Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you in the name of the True Lord
     Jesus Christ, your  only begotten son.  If I have listened to any lies
     of Satan's or his demons, If I have listened to any of their words and
     repeated them as though they were true, if I have thought any of their
     thoughts as  if they were  my thoughts, if  I have  felt any of  their
     feelings as  though they were  my feelings, I  confess this to  you as
     sin.   I ask  you to forgive  me.  I  take back all  the ground I have
     given them and I give  it back to you for your honor and glory.  I now
     call  this lying spirit to attention and all those under his authority
     that might be working with him against me.  I dismiss them from all of
     their  assignments  against  me.    I bind  all  of  their  words  and
     utterances they have  spoken against me, or are trying to carry out in
     my life, and I  now bind them all together as one.   I command them to
     leave now and to go to the place the True Lord Jesus Christ wants them
     to go in the name of the True Lord Jesus Christ I pray.
          "Did they  leave?" someone is asking  about this time.   No, they
     didn't leave.   "So  what did  you do?"   I  started singing.   "Why?"
     Because I  know this lying spirit, and  any others operating under his
     authority, would leave because  I had told them to do  exactly that in
     the name  of Jesus because I was using His authority and not mine.  I,
     therefore, ignored him following my prayer.  Yes, it was hard to sing.
     I could hardly get any sound out  of my throat but I forced myself  to
     sing.   The louder I got,  the easier it  became.  Within less  than a
     minute  or  two, the  spiritual  sensation  of malevolence  faded,  my
     stomach returned to normal, my chest stopped tingling, and by the time
     I opened my notebook to begin teaching, I felt perfectly normal.
          First of all, the prayer is a combination of more than one prayer
     I use  when a demon is trying  to gain a foothold in  my thinking.  My
     version of the  prayer came  from a  man I know  who has  been in  the
     Christian counseling ministry for several decades and are a mixture of
     prayers the Lord gave him.
          Secondly, demons always begin with  your thoughts.  Let's look at
     a passage of Scripture.
     "3  For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: 
     4  (For the weapons of our warfare are  not carnal, but mighty through
     God to the pulling down of strong holds;) 
     5   Casting  down imaginations,  and  every high  thing that  exalteth
     itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every
     thought to the obedience of Christ; 
     6  And  having in a readiness  to revenge all disobedience,  when your
     obedience is fulfilled," (2 Corinthians 10:3-6).
          Thirdly, since  we do indeed  have this authority in  Christ, the
     6th  verse, which  says, "And  having in  a readiness  to revenge  all
     disobedience,  when your obedience  is fulfilled," means  pushing your
     authority in Christ to the limit.   You see, your authority in  Christ
     is  based  upon  Him  and  His  authority  which  He  has  given  you.
     Therefore, we  are complete in  our Lord's authority over  the demonic
     realm according to  Colossians 2:10 which says, "And  you are complete
     in Him who is the head of all principality and power."
          The people who witnessed what Jesus did thought this was some new
     doctrine.  Do you think  the same?  As you can see, it is not.  Demons
     go  to  church  just like  you  do.   They  come  to  cause confusion,
     discouragement,  deception, and  to  do as  much  spiritual damage  as
     possible.   The question is, how much are we going to allow them to do
     before exercising our authority.  You see, it is not a new doctrine.