It Sounds Like God To Me

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            I'm Just An Ugly Fish but I can Still Hear God's Voice

                  Inferiority, Rejection, and How To Hear God

                               By Phil Scovell

          I turned  on the radio  one evening and began  checking different
     stations.  It was  just after sunset.  One of the smaller station that
     is about 40 miles distant,  had already dropped its transmitting power
     to night  time operations.  I could still  hear the signal fairly well
     but  normally I  didn't even  bother checking  that station  at night.
     This time, however, a man was saying something that caught my interest
     so I turned up the radio and began to listen.
          The man was telling a story about his life as a child growing up.
     He was  never well  liked or  accepted at  school.   Due to his  above
     average weight, he was always  picked last for any sports  they played
     out  on  the  elementary playground.    It  did  not  take  him  long,
     therefore,  for him to  become more of  a loner due  to other students
     ignoring him or literally making fun of him and his weight.
          One day,  he  said,  he  and  his  family  were  fishing.    They
     apparently lived near one of the  ocean coastal regions of the  United
     States based  upon his description.   That day, he caught  the largest
     catch of the  whole family.  When  they pulled it aboard,  however, it
     was an ugly flounder.  These are  ocean bottom feeders that spend most
     of their time  in shallow waters, covered with  bottom silt, sand, and
     mud, only their  eyes moving above their camouflage  places of hiding,
     and swallowing about anything that  swims by.  For those of us who are
     land lovers,  we could compare our  river and lake catfish  with these
     ocean bottom dwellers.  One big difference, on the other hand,  is the
     flounders grow  to be from a  few inches, to  as large as 3  feet, and
     they are flat like a pancake.  As they grow, their eyes migrate to the
     top of one end  of the pancake shaped  body.  They can quickly  burrow
     beneath the  sand  and  bottom silk,  and  almost  immediately  become
     invisible.  Yes, some are good to eat, I've been told.
          As I recall, the man said he was 9 or 10 years old at the time he
     caught the  ugly looking flounder.  After getting it aboard, he looked
     down at the bottom  feeder he had just  caught, and as his  family sat
     around and laughed  at him, he said to himself, "That's  me.  I'm that
     ugly  fish."  I am guessing it might  have been a health food show, or
     something,  because this  station plays  such things  at that  time of
     night but  I am also basing this assumption on what the man said next.
     He said,  "When I  saw that  ugly fish  and realized  that was  what I
     looked like, I immediately became a vegetarian."  He meant, of course,
     he  decided he would never again give  anyone cause to think of him as
          Switching the  radio off,  I sat  in the  quiet of  my room,  and
     considered the obviousness of the lie that  was so clearly spoken to a
     little  boy, "I am that ugly fish."  No wonder he became a vegetarian.
     Inferiority, rejection, and the lack  of acceptance can drive a person
     to eventually do almost anything to fill the incredible emptiness they
     feel inside.   I want to focus  on the lie the young  boy heard in his
     thoughts.  "That's me.  I am that ugly fish."
          I could  easily speak  the names  of 50  of the  most well  known
     serial murderers  that likely anyone  reading this article  would know
     more than  half.  You  might even  be able  to tell me  how many  they
     killed and their (MO) or Method of Operation.  We know them because of
     what they became.  They forced us to notice them due to their evil and
     nefarious acts  perpetrated  against  society.   Some  claimed  to  be
     Satanist, members of occult groups, covens, involved in some type of a
     cult, but most were more loners than anything else.   Regardless, they
     felt  less of a human  being for some  reason, eventually rejected for
     who  they were  and who they  weren't, that  is, they didn't  meat the
     standards of everyone  around them, and the lack  of acceptance became
     literally a form of reverse goal for them.
          In my elementary days, I was well accepted and not because  I was
     smart, received top grades, and was popular.  I was accepted because I
     was one  of the top athletic achievers in the school.  Although I lost
     my sight  at 12  years of age,  I still  excelled in  sports including
     wrestling  and track and  field events  at the  school for  the blind.
     Lurking deep  below my daily  life was the  knowledge I was  really an
     inferior person and although I  really didn't experience a large scale
     rejection event, it  did occur  at times  during my youth.   Later  in
     life,  as an  adult,  I  would experience,  not  only major  rejection
     events, but I would relive those I  never realized were there, created
     as a child, and  lay just below the surface, while  others were buried
     so deep, only major emotional disturbances blew them to the surface of
     my mind.
          I was standing in the shower one day when an  ugly memory came to
     mind.  It was a sin I had committed while I was 16 years old and using
     LSD, Marijuana, hash, speed, and just about anything else I  could lay
     my  hands on  at  the time.    I was  learning  to pray  in a  special
     intercessory way  for myself at the time I  was standing in the shower
     and this memory surfaced.  I emotionally cringed each time this memory
     came  to mind and it  came often.  Why?   Because the memory contained
     information based upon a lie.  This  time, as I continued to shower, I
     focused on the  memory and  in my  thoughts, asked the  Lord why  this
     memory kept returning.  I knew  it contained a lie because the  memory
     literally hurt emotionally each and every time I saw it.  My confusion
     was based upon reoccurring guilt.  You see, I had confessed what I had
     done as sin hundreds of  times but the guilt never seemed to leave the
     memory.   That confused me even further because  I knew I was forgiven
     the first time I prayed and confessed my sin to the Lord so why didn't
     the guilt go away?
          The Lord said in my thoughts,"How did you feel at the time?"
          "Stupid," I quickly replied.  "It was just so plain stupid."
          "Yes, and how did you feel other than stupid for what you did?"
          "I thought.  "I don't know," I finally said sheepishly.
          "What did you do after committing this sin?" the Holy Spirit said
     conversationally in my thoughts.
          As the  hot shower water struck my back,  I suddenly saw the lie.
     I wanted  to tell my friends,  my drug and hippie friends,  what I had
     done.   They  would  say,  "That's weird,  Scovell,"  and I  would  be
     excepted even more.  Weird was the name of the game for acid heads and
     thus I was  well "accepted" by  my friends.   The memory was  suddenly
     clear of guilt.  Now when the memory returns, as it does occasionally,
     I just feel stupid,  the guilt is gone, because the lie  the guilt was
     based upon, that is, "You have to  be accepted to be liked," and since
     I see the lie for what it is, it no longer generates guilt.
          What you have just  read is a description of the  renewing of the
     mind talked about in the New Testament by the Apostle Paul in at least
     four places.  (See Romans 12:1-2, II Corinthians 2:16, Ephesians 4:22-
     24,  Philippians 3:13-15, Colossians 3:10).   The communication that I
     described, on  the other hand,  is called prayer.   It is  a spiritual
     intimate   form  of  prayer   that  occurs,  or   should,  freely  and
     automatically, and should come as naturally as walking and  breathing.
     Yes,  you  can learn  how  to pray  without  ceasing in  this fashion.
     Additionally,  you learn, during  the process, the  difference between
     your  voice, the voice of the Holy Spirit, and the voice of the Enemy,
     that is, Satan and or his lying spirits.
          I am going to teach you more  than I know.  That means, what  you
     are about to  read is  my personal  opinion.   Although it  may be  an
     opinion, it is  based upon literally thousands of  hours spent reading
     God's  Word over  100 times, comparing  Scripture with  Scripture, the
     study of God's word over more than four decades, the hermeneutical and
     exegetical  examination of Scripture,  and the personal  application I
     have  experienced walking  with the Lord  since my  New Birth  over 50
     years ago.    You may  choose to  agree or  think  my conclusions  are
     erroneous  but it makes  no difference to  me.   I want, on  the other
     hand, to give  you reason, and Biblical evidence, to  understand why I
     believe the way  I do about prayer and communing with God which brings
     about newness of mind.
          The first  recorded communications with the Creator we know about
     is  found  in the  early chapters  of the  book of  Genesis.   I would
     suggest, if you have the time, to stop and read Genesis chapters 1,  2
     and 3 before continuing.  Otherwise, please do take time to read those
     chapters later.
          Most of us  are aware that the  Scriptures record that  God spoke
     all life  and everything in the  universe into physical existence.   I
     believe  God spoke  vocally and  audibly into  nothingness and  at the
     "sound of  His voice," all  things instantly existed.   Now, I realize
     that there  are many Godly  Christian who believe God  created matter,
     that is, atoms with  all their subatomic particles, and from that, all
     life evolved  over millions  of years.   I  personally do  not believe
     this, and for  many reasons, but I  understand why some do.   I choose
     not to debate that issue at this time because that, in  and of itself,
     is not the  topic at hand.   My  point, and my  opinion as  previously
     stated, is  that God  spoke, using His  own voice, literally,  and the
     resonance of his  voice was heard  and felt in  the total darkness  of
     nothingness void and things existed instantly and were complete.
          Now, let's fast forward  to the end of the week  of creation when
     man and  woman were created.   We all know  the bible says,  they were
     created in  the image of God.  I  believe this is true physiologically
     and spiritually.  We  read, "And man became a living  soul," after the
     Lord  God breathed  into man  His  own eternal  breath, or  literally,
     breathed into the man His own eternal life.  Satan, who,  most likely,
     had already  been kicked out  of Heaven, sat up  and took notice.   He
     thought,  you see,  that he would  be ruling  the world but  the early
     chapters  of Genesis  make it  clear; Adam  and Eve  were crowned  the
     global rulers.  They were given dominion  over everything on the earth
     and that included Satan.  The old boy wasn't happy either and set  out
     to try and destroy them.
          Let me stop  for a moment to  use a simple illustration  that may
     shed a  little light upon what I am  moving toward concerning the idea
     of communicating with God.
          How does a  father, for example, exercise discipline  over one of
     his children?  First and foremost, he  speaks.  We think infants don't
     understand us because they have not reached the stage of awareness and
     personal identity.  This is untrue and science has proved they do hear
     and they do understand long before they  are even born, that is, while
     still  growing in their  mother's womb.   Ask any pediatrician  and he
     will tell you to talk to your baby.   Why?  the infant's mind is still
     developing and it began during the early stages of the last trimester.
     Words train up a child in the way that he should go.   Screaming words
     won't help much.  I know that from  personal child rearing experiences
     with my three children.  Plus, it makes you look stupid and scares the
     child.  God didn't need to scream into the darkness of nothingness, He
     just spoke.  Why?  Because words are creative.  You don't think that's
     true?  Have you  ever had your feelings hurt?   Someone spoken hurtful
     words to you, didn't  they?  It created a negative  emotional response
     which resulted in sadness, sorrow, and pain.  Have you ever laughed at
     a funny joke?  Why?  Words created a positive emotional response.  How
     do you  feel when  complimented or  criticized?  See,  words do  still
     create, don't they?   Green  thumbs speak to  their plants.   Ranchers
     speak to their cows.  Cowboys rode around the herds at night they were
     driving to market  and spoke softly, and some sang, to calm the cattle
     to prevent any type of a stampede.  We even train  animals, especially
     dogs, to  obey voice commands.  Words work and they still create, in a
     manner of speaking, today.
          There is  yet another, I consider higher,  form of communication.
     For years, in  science fiction books and shows and movies, it has been
     called  mental  telepathy.     Simply,  it  is  a   wordless  form  of
     communicating, mind to mind or  thought to thought with others without
     speaking.  Even  if not a single scientific study has ever even proven
     mental telepathy works, I  can prove it.  When my  little sister and I
     were  fiddling around  and doing  something  we knew  we shouldn't  be
     doing, like playing too loudly in a nearby room while mom and dad were
     visiting with  other grownups in the living room,  all it took was one
     look from dad,  no words spoken, and we clammed right  up.  Of course,
     that isn't exactly mental telepathy but it's a start.
          I  suggested  you  read  the  first three  chapters  of  Genesis,
     especially  the third chapter, because I  personally believe that Adam
     and Eve didn't  have to  verbalize to communicate  with each other  or
     with the Creator God.  Read the chapters carefully and I think you can
     see what  I mean.  I could  be mistaken, of course, but  I have a good
     reason why I think I'm correct.
          Let's jump right  into the day Adam and Eve were created and stop
     on Genesis 2:25 which says, "And they were both naked, the man and his
     wife, and were  not ashamed."   I would like to  suggest that this  is
     perhaps one  of the most  confusing verses in  all of the  Bible.  How
     many Sunday School children are taught to memorize this verse?  I know
     I wasn't.  I know, the first time I read the verses  as a teenager, it
     caught my  attention, sort of speak, and made me stop and think.  Does
     it you, too, or am I all alone in this  situation?  Regardless, I have
     studied  each word in  this little verse attempting  to figure out how
     the two smartest  people who have  ever lived on  the planet  weren't,
     apparently, aware  that they were  naked.  I  find that impossible  to
     believe.  It isn't even logical.
          There are two  answers.   First, they  did know.   That's  right.
     Adam and  Eve were  well aware  they wore  no clothes.   The word  for
     "ashamed," or  literally, they  were not  ashamed of  their nakedness,
     breaks down to this:  They were not confused about their nudity.   The
     depth of this meaning of the word  "ashamed," carries with it the idea
     that they  were not  confused about  who God  was, in  light of  their
     nakedness, that is, they were aware of God as their Creator, they were
     not confused of who  they were, in light of their  nakedness, that is,
     they were perfectly aware of their own individual identities, and they
     most definitely, as  husband and wife, both  naked as jay birds  as my
     mom used to  say, were totally and  utterly aware of their  own sexual
     identities as male and female.  In short, they knew what to do.  Don't
     forget,  God Himself,  their Creator,  told  them to  be fruitful  and
     multiply and you know, and I know, God wasn't instructing them on diet
     nor on  the use of a  calculator.  Think  about it.  Wouldn't  you say
     that  sexual intimacy between a husband and  wife that love each other
     is the highest  form of telepathy known today?  In  fact, I believe it
     is a spiritual union experience that  only a husband and wife in  love
     can share.   It is  mutually exclusive  and not  for any  one else  to
     experience.   Why?   God  said, oneness occurs  between a  husband and
     wife, they become  one flesh, through sexual intercourse.   That makes
     sexual intimacy and expressiveness the most powerful silent language a
     married couple can share.
          So, someone is saying about this time, "What in the Sam Hill does
     this  have  to  do  with anything?"    Did  you  forget  that we  were
     discussing mental telepathy?  Apparently so.   Well, let's get back to
     that topic now.
          Some believe that Adam and  Eve radiated something which might be
     called theophanic light.   No, I'm not talking  about the metaphysical
     or  paranormal or  parapsychological ability  to  see "auras."   I  am
     talking about glorified  bodies.  I am talking about the glory of God.
     I  am  talking  about  the   Shekinah  glory  that  is  God's  eternal
     quintessence of being.   I believe this  is His complete holiness  and
     righteousness  and  everything that  is  the  essence  of God  and  is
     impossible  for man  to look  upon  without instantly  winking out  of
     existence.    This  illumination,   radiance,  luminescence,  shining,
     etherial brilliance  is indeed the  essence of God's existence  and is
     very likely the  same glowing burning  existence of the nature  of his
     creation of mankind when He made Adam and Eve.  I believe this essence
     of  life clothed Adam and Eve in a  light we cannot understand.  Thus,
     they appeared,  to the  rest of  the world  as gods,  including fallen
     angels, Satan, and holy angels still in Heaven, because they were made
     in God's image.   Notice I spelled "gods" with a  small letter (g) and
     not a  capital letter.  Now, don't get bent  out of shape because I am
     not one who embraces a more  New age theology that we are gods.   This
     concept  leads me  to  believe that  when  they communicated,  talked,
     vocalization was  totally unnecessary.   Stop and  think about  what I
     just said and then  consider this question.  Does God  need a language
     or  did He create  language so we  could commune  with him?   Does God
     verbally communicate with us now as he once did with the prophets, for
     example, in  the Old  Testament?   Keep in  mind, until  the Tower  of
     Babel, there was  only a single language throughout the  world.  Then,
     because of their sin, and  their high developed intelligence to create
     evil,  God scrambled  their ability  to communicate  through  a single
     language.   And you thought  God had no  sense of humor.   Regardless,
     don't you find  the creation  of other languages  curious?   I do.   I
     think even  up to that point in time,  the vocal language was still so
     close  to the  original, that  words  were still  holy and  incredibly
     powerful concerning the  ability to not only  communicate but possibly
     to create in some way.  You can take this as far as you wish or cut it
     off at any  point because it is largely  my opinion.  I  personally am
     convinced, on  the other hand,  when we receive our  glorified bodies,
     they will be even better than  what Adam and Eve shared at  the moment
     of their creation.  Furthermore, I also believe we will experience the
     full  capacity of our  brains and minds.   Thus, my  second point that
     Adam and  Eve and  the Creator needed  no language  to communicate  is
     based upon total brain functionality but there is more.
          Reading  from Genesis  chapter  three,  seems quite  ostentatious
     concerning the immediate break down in communications between Adam and
     the Creator  at the very  point sin was  committed by them both.   The
     first time  we are told about God coming to walk with his own creation
     during the cool of the day,  He, God, has to "call" for them.   Wait a
     minute.  I thought God was omnipotent.  Didn't God know where  to find
     Adam and Eve or was something else going on?  He knew where they were,
     of course,  but that part of  Chapter 3 says  that God had to  call to
     them, that is, use  words.  Could this  perhaps be the first time  God
     the Creator had to use language  to communicate with Adam and Eve?   I
     think it  is very  likely.   In fact, I  believe it  was God's  way of
     proving to the man and his wife  that they had died.  Their brains  no
     longer communicated via  the mind with  the Creator.  They  were dead,
     cut off, and alone;  their nakedness now apparent because  they had no
     more theophanic light which they had been given  to them by God at the
     moment of their creation.
          You all know the rest of the story so I  won't belabor the point.
     I wanted to share this much information, however, to point out that it
     is not at all  strange to think, God the Holy Spirit,  speaks to us in
     our thoughts.   In a manner of  speaking, we could say,  therefore, we
     have spiritual mental telepathy with God.  Simply put, the Bible calls
     this form of communications, prayer.
          From this point,  we could dive headfirst into  the New Testament
     and I could  point out many verses and Scriptural passages relating to
     having  the "Mind of  God," and "the  mind of Christ,"  and many other
     such scriptures which I believe confirm what God is trying to tell us.
     "And what is that?" you ask.  Jesus  told His disciples that He had to
     go back  to Heaven before the Holy Spirit  could come and dwell within
     them.  When He came, they were told, the Holy  Spirit would guide them
     into all truth and  show them things to come.  You  can read about all
     this in the 16TH chapter of John's  Gospel.  My point is, according to
     Romans chapter 8 in relationship to the  Holy Spirit, we are told that
     He, the  Holy Spirit,  makes intercession  for us  to God.   The  Holy
     Spirit  Speak, that is, talks, or communicates, with the Father in our
     behalf.  "Doing what?"  The Holy Spirit is talking with the Father and
     the Son, who is our great intercessor, about God's will, which is you,
     and how to develop the  most spiritually intimate relationship with us
     which  passes all  understanding.    Read it  for  yourself in  Romans
     chapter 8:28-29 if you doubt what I just said.
          Most people with  whom I  pray, try  and tell me  that they  just
     don't hear the Lord.  This isn't, of course, due to the fact God isn't
     speaking.   It may not even be due to the fact they are not listening.
     Situations and circumstances beyond our control act as a smoke screen,
     a barrier,  wall, or in  simplistic terms, just  a lot of  noise which
     keeps us off balance and unable  to focus emotionally and mentally  on
     Christ as the one in charge.
          Let  me show  you  something in  the  Bible I  always find  quite
     interesting.   I think this will shed a little more light on what I am
     trying to say.
     23  "Now when  he was in Jerusalem at the Passover,  in the feast day,
     many believed in his name, when they saw the miracles which he did.
     24   But Jesus did not  commit himself unto them,  because he knew all
     25   And needed not that any  should testify of man: for  he knew what
     was in man, (John 2:24-25).
          The Gospel of John focuses on eight miracles.  John concludes his
     Gospel, on  the other hand, by telling us that  if all of the works of
     Jesus  were recorded  in book  form,  the volumes  would overflow  the
     entire world.   If you ask me, that's a lot of miracles in three and a
     half years.  No, regardless of what you may have heard or read or seen
     in a movie from noncanonical gospels, Jesus did no miracles  before He
     was filled  with the  Holy Spirit  or whom  the Bible  calls The  Holy
     Ghost.  Don't  become alarmed with the  word "Ghost."  That's  just an
     old King James English word which means "guest."  If you doubt what  I
     said about Jesus  did no miracles before  He was filled with  the Holy
     Spirit,  read Matthew 4:1-11 and Mark  1:12-13 and Luke 4:1-14 and see
     what you  think.  Better yet, just read all four Gospels and then show
     me just  one miracle  Jesus did  before He  was filled  with the  Holy
     Spirit.  How long  has it been since you sat down and read through the
     Gospels anyhow but I digress.
          So,  now, let me point out some words in John 2:23-25 that I just
          First, verse  23 tells us  that many  believed in His  name based
     upon the miracles  they saw.   That sounds good, doesn't  it?  Not  so
     fast, Quick Draw.   Check out verse 24 before you  answer.  I'll quote
     it again right here  so you won't have to go back in  the text to find
          24   But Jesus did not commit himself  unto them, because he knew
     all men.
          It is  the word  "commit" that  I  find extremely  revealing.   I
     looked it up in  my Greek lexicon and guess what?   The word "commit,"
     which the  King James translators  used, is  rendered in the  Greek as
     "believe."  You heard me,  "believe."  Literally, therefore, Jesus did
     not believe them.
          Two things must  be immediately noted.  First,  The word rendered
     "commit" is used by John the Disciple exactly 100 times in his Gospel.
     You might find it interesting to note that John does  not use the word
     "faith" a single time throughout the entire Gospel.
          Secondly, it  is the  same exact Greek  word used  as "believed,"
     that is, "many believed  in His name," in the previous verse.  So what
     does that mean?  I  think it means that  people followed him, saw  his
     miracles, and believed in His earthly name, Jesus, and not his eternal
     name, Lord and Christ or Messiah.  In other words, they believe He was
     a miracle worker  and not the  Messiah.  Thus,  Jesus did not  believe
     them in return.  Do you see it?  It could also mean they did literally
     believe  but only for their healing but  had no intention on following
     Jesus  or living in Jesus.  Well, this  is just a side bar.  Let's get
     to the meat of this passage.
          The word "knew" is  used in verses 24 and 25,  "Because He (knew)
     all men," and "For he (knew)  what was in man," and they are  both the
     same  Greek word.   It's meaning is  (to know, understand,  to be well
     acquainted with,) and  in the  Old Testament,  the word is  used as  a
     Jewish idiom which refers to sexual intercourse.  I thought that might
     get  your attention.   Furthermore, it  means (to see  with the mind's
     eye,) and (a mental  perception.)  In essence,  Jesus did not  believe
     these people  were  believing in  Him, just  in His  earth  name as  a
     miracle working man,  and furthermore, he knew them  intimately.  How?
     Through mental perception using His (mind's eye).  Quite simply, Jesus
     knew  their thoughts.   The  question then becomes,  does he  know our
     thoughts, too?  the answer is, yes.
          If we have God dwelling in  us in the form of the Holy  Spirit as
     Born  Again Believers,  then we  have  access, direct  access, to  the
     Father God through our spirits.  The Bible confirms we have become new
     creations in Christ.  This had to be done or the Holy Spirit could not
     dwell within us.   Thus, the Holy Spirit  can, and does, speak  to us,
     and  so can  God through  His Son  Jesus Christ.   What did  you think
     prayer was all about in the  first place?  Did you think it  was a one
     way conversation where you did all the talking and expected no answer?
     If so, that's one good reason why you haven't been hearing the Lord in
     your mind or getting your prayers answered.
          By this time, I suppose you think  I have totally forgotten where
     I began.    You know?   The  story about  the  little boy  identifying
     himself as an  ugly fish?  I  didn't forget so  let's talk about  that
          First, what the  little boy said wasn't even logically  true.  He
     was not  a fish,  he wasn't a  flounder, and  he wasn't ugly.   Beyond
     that, and most importantly, his conclusion was based upon lies.  These
     were  lies other children spoke to him about how worthless and useless
     he was.  Apparently, his own family made fun of him and God only knows
     how many horrible things they threw in  his face as he was growing up.
     Most of all, the granddaddy lie of  all was the one the Enemy, a lying
     spirit spoke to him when he said, "That's me.  I'm that ugly fish."  I
     know this was  a demonic lie the Enemy spoke because Jesus would never
     speak any such thing into the mind of  an adult, not to mention a 9 or
     10 year old little  boy.  When I  heard this man tell his  story about
     his childhood, I instantly realized a  little boy had been lied to  by
     the Enemy.   He turned  out for good  as a result  so it backfired  on
     Satan.  Many other little boys and  girls don't fair so well when they
     were lied to as little injured children.
          Let's talk about  how it works from a practical  standpoint.  The
     Bible talks about taking every thought captive.   This command used to
     frustrate me  to no  end.  How  can you  literally take  every thought
     captive.  You can't but God can.  How?  Learn to pray until it becomes
     as natural as walking and  breathing.  We don't think  about breathing
     at all, yet we  do it or we die.  Walking is  natural and although our
     brain is alert  and sending the command  signals, we are not  aware of
     it.  Praying without ceasing  and taking every thought captive, is  no
          Remember the man said, "That's me.  I'm that ugly fish."  He then
     said, "I  became a  vegetarian from that  moment on."   What  have you
     become based upon  the lies the Enemy  has spoken into your  thoughts?
     Can you  hear the Lord's  voice speaking louder, and  more clearly, in
     your thoughts  than compared to that of the Stranger According to John
     10:4 when Jesus said His sheep know His voice and a stranger they will
     not follow?   What about that perpetual guilt that just won't go away,
     or the grief that just puts you  to sleep at night with the weight  of
     loneliness trying to crush the life out of you, or the  shame that you
     actually  enjoyed it  when it happened,  or the  fear of the  dark you
     still have as an  adult?  Do you  walk in the newness of  mind because
     you  know how to pray and how to  listen for the voice of the Lord and
     how to recognize a lie from the Enemy?  Are you walking in light or is
     it still darkness even though you know you are born again?
          Learning to  pray is  not all  that difficult.   That  is why  my
     definition for prayer is "Exchanging our thoughts for God's."  It is a
     talking and listening communication.   Praying and asking God, that is
     making  petition, is perhaps  the easier part.   Often, the problem of
     not receiving is based upon not being aware of His eternal presence in
     your life  and lies,  many very  old,  hindering us  from hearing  His
     voice, His answers, and His ways.   If you need help getting  started,
     let me know.   Also read the many other articles and testimonies on my
     website and see how it works.