It Sounds Like God To Me

© Copyright 2007 by Phil Scovell - All Rights Reserved


                         Living Under A Death Threat

                               By Phil Scovell

          We had been to the  same place many times.  We were  there again.
     He  was a  baby  in  his crib  and  he was  not  just  afraid, he  was
     terrified.  He felt evil around him and heard voices.  They  talked of
     death.  His.
          Based  on other  prayer  experiences,  I felt  this  was not  the
     original source.   I  prayed  accordingly, based  upon the  presenting
     feelings he described.  Suddenly he was at his own birth and alone and
     frightened.  The  voices returned.  The  baby could not hear  what the
     Lord was saying because of all the other voices.  I prayed in the name
     of the True Lord  Jesus Christ and commanded them  to be silent.   The
     baby/man  now  could hear  the  Shepherd's  voice  of the  Lord  Jesus
     clearly.  Truth about who he was in Christ was spoken by the Lord.
          In my  spirit,  I felt  there  was more  and  as we  prayed,  the
     impression became  stronger.  I told him what I  wanted to pray and he
     was in  agreement.  "Lord Jesus,  I feel there  is a lying  spirit who
     wants  to speak but  he can't because  I have told him,  in your name,
     that he cannot.  If there is such an unclean spirit that the man needs
     to hear  speak, I give him permission to talk but he can say only what
     you allow him to say."
          "He said I  was never meant  to live and that  they are going  to
     kill me," the man said, reporting what he heard in his thoughts.
          "Is that true, Lord Jesus?" I asked.  "Can they kill him?"
          "No," he heard the Lord say.
          "In the name of the True Lord Jesus Christ, therefore, I speak to
     the  lying spirit who just spoke.  I  command you to confess who it is
     that only has the power of life and of death?"
          "Jesus," came the answer.
          In moments,  the demons were sent away and  the baby, both at his
     birth and in his crib, felt secure.
          Suicide has roots.  This man had been suicidal for some  time and
     had, due to all the pressure and stress and the lies he believed about
     himself, had even made an attempt.   Now he knew where those  feelings
     came from.  Do you?  If not, why not call me and begin to learn how to
     pray in agreement for the renewal of the mind.