It Sounds Like God To Me

© Copyright 2007 by Phil Scovell - All Rights Reserved


                              The Angelic Sword

                               By Phil Scovell

          Robert was on  the other end of  the phone and having  an anxiety
     attack.  I asked him what he was feeling.
          "I feel terrified and I can't figure out why.  I'm so scared, I'm
     shaking almost uncontrollably."
          He wasn't exaggerating.   I could literally hear it  in his voice
     and  I could hear the phone  in his hand shaking.   I knew exactly the
     symptoms he described because I had  experienced them myself.  "Do you
     want to pray to find out what is behind the fear?" I asked.
          "Yes,  please," he  said almost  desperately.   "I  need to  know
     what's wrong."
          We prayed.
          A  silence lasting  about 20 seconds  fell between  us.   Then he
     said, his voice steadier than before, "It's about death."
          "What about it?" I questioned.
          "My death.   I'm afraid of dying  but I'm a Christian,"  he said;
     confusion in his voice.
          I prayed  again and asked the Lord to  lead us to where this fear
     was rooted.
          "It's in the horror movie," he said confidence now in his voice.
          "Which  horror movie?"  I asked;  knowing he  had seen  many such
          "The one we have been to before," and he described the scene that
     had frightened him  the most.   An ugly tall  man was walking up  some
     long stairs; his  heavy booted feet clunking  loudly as he came.   The
     door crashes open and  he is pushing a  casket in front of  him coming
     closer and  closer to  a woman  laying in bed  who is  not dead.   Her
     terrifying  fear was evident.   The ugly man had  come for her and she
     wasn't dead yet.  The casket was for her and she wasn't dead.
          "I'm shaking so badly," he reported, "right now that I can hardly
     hold on to the phone."
          I prayed and asked the Lord to show him the truth about the death
     scene he was remembering in vivid detail.
          "This  is the  main place my  fear of  death is coming  from," he
     reported.  "I don't know how I know this but this is the place."
          "Lord," I prayed out loud, "what  is behind the fear of death  he
     is feeling?"
          Robert said,  "Two demons  that look  like  penguins appeared  on
     either side of the big ugly man's shoulders.  They  are trying to tell
     me I'm going to die like this."
          "Is that true, Lord Jesus?" I asked.
          "No," he said he heard a strong voice say.
          "Do these demons have a right to be hear?" I asked.
          "Jesus said, no, they have no right to be here," he replied after
     a few seconds.
          "What shall we do with them, Lord Jesus?" I asked.
          Robert began laughing.
          I asked him what was so funny.
          "A huge angel just appeared  in the room.   He is all white,  has
     wings,  and is twice the size of any  man.  He has a disgusted look on
     his face like he isn't too happy about the circumstances he sees."
          More prayer.
          "The  Lord said to  get rid of  them," he reported,  "and the big
     angel just pulled out a long shiny glittering sword."
          I began  to pray, asking the Lord to give the angel the go ahead,
     but stopped in mid sentence.  I  clearly felt the Holy Spirit speaking
     in my  thoughts.  "No, you tell  him what you want him  to do with the
     demons."   I chose  different wording,  on the  fly, as  it were,  and
     continued.  "In the name of the True Lord  Jesus Christ, I command the
     holy angel of the Lord to cut the enemies in half."
          Robert laughed.  "I never would have believed it if I hadn't seen
     it myself," he said.
          "What did you see?" I asked.
          "The  angel swung  his huge  sword  and the  two penguin  looking
     demons were chopped in half," he reported.
          "What are the demons doing now?" I questioned.
          "They are running, in four parts, out of the room.  "Hey," Robert
     said, "I'm not shaking in more."
          Is there anything left in the room?"
          "No, everything is gone but the angel." he reported.
          "Is there any more fear  left?  How do you feel in  the memory of
     this scary movie?" I asked.
          "Everything is peaceful.  It feels like the room, me included, is
     filled up with peace.  I have no fear any more about this thing."
          During this short  prayer time, Robert reported he  was confused.
     I  asked him why  he felt confused  and he  reported that what  he was
     seeing was a movie.  "How could these things,"  he wanted to know, "be
     happening in a movie?"
          I said, "Because  you are looking at your memory of the movie and
     not the movie itself."
          About this  point, somebody may  be asking how it  is that demons
     ended up in this guy's memory of a horror film.  It isn't difficult to
     explain and even easier to  understand.  The movie created  fear; lots
     of  it.   We are commanded  by Scripture,  "Neither give place  to the
     devil," (Ephesians 4:27).  The fear generated by the horror flick also
     created fertile ground in which the Enemy could function and he did.
          Still not convinced?
          Let's say  a young  woman was  standing at  the kitchen  sink and
     pealing potatoes  for the  evening meal.   She  was all  alone in  the
     house.  As  she hums contently to  herself, a man steps up  behind her
     and puts his arms around her.  She smiles because she thinks it is her
     husband.  As the man pulls the knife from her hand and holds it to her
     throat, fear explodes into her mind because  she realizes it is way to
     early in the afternoon for her husband to be home.
          Without  even  finishing this  story, let  me ask  this question.
     Isn't this  a golden opportunity  for the enemy  to take advantage  of
     this woman's fear?  "Yes, but," you say, "this really happened.   Your
     friend, Robert, watching the horror movie, was only watching something
     that was a fantasy; it never really happened."
          Ok,  let me ask  you another question  then.  How  many different
     types of fear can you identify?   Maybe I should ask first, are  there
     different types of fear?  That answer is  simple.  Yes, there are many
     different types of fear.  If we can agree on that, then  let me ask my
     next question.   Can  you name  any type  of fear  that, if given  the
     opportunity, the  Enemy wouldn't try and take  advantage?  You see, it
     makes no difference  to the  Enemy.   If there is  an opportunity,  he
     wants to exploit it.
          Let's take this just one step further.   What if the current fear
     triggers an obscure,  or even forgotten event, where  similar fear was
     experienced?   That doesn't happen?   Sorry, I pray  with people daily
     who have had such experiences and it does happen.  What to do about it
     is the real question.
          In this testimony, the Lord used an angel to bring victory to the
     man's fear.   If we have  the authority  of the Lord  Jesus Christ  to
     command demons, do we have authority over the angels, too?  
     Bless the  LORD, ye his  angels, that excel  in strength, that  do his
     commandments, hearkening  unto the voice  of his word.   Bless  ye the
     LORD, all ye his hosts; ye ministers of 
           his, that do his pleasure.  (Psalm 103:20-21).
     Speaking of angels, the writer of Hebrews says:
     Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth  to minister for them
     who shall be heirs of salvation?  (Hebrews 1:14).
          I  could,  of course,  expand  into  dozens  of other  verses  on
     authority, the  heritage we have  in Christ,  the identity we  have in
     Christ, and the authority  we have to use His Word but this would be a
     book and not a testimony.  The truth is, we do have such authority and
     in this  case, the angel appeared to carry  out the commands of one of
     the Lord's servants so Robert could be set free.
          Now,  how about you?  Are  you free from all  fear?  If not, call