It Sounds Like God To Me

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                            Puff The Magic Dragon

                              By Phil Scovell

          Robert called and  said he was having a  horrible anxiety attack.
     He had  experienced healing  in many places  but recent,  and current,
     circumstances were trying to crush the life out of him.
          As we talked about how he felt, he admitted that in the middle of
     his anxiety episode, a memory came to his attention during the time he
     was  in the 6th grade.  He related  that he could not get to the truth
     of what  that memory  was  about but  he saw  that he  was scared  and
     nervous in  the classroom.   He could  clearly recall the  students in
     their chairs and the  teacher in the room  but he felt too  fearful to
     explore the true  nature of the anxiety  within the memory itself.   I
     had a scheduled  appointment coming up but  told him I would  call him
     back later and pray with him about the fear and  the importance of the
     memory.   In  the mean time,  I suggested  he pray through  the memory
     himself to see if more information surfaced.
          Later I received an email of the victory he experienced  and then
     we  talked on the telephone concerning the healing the Lord brought to
     him.  Here is his testimony.
          Robert reported, after  getting off the phone,  that he sat in  a
     chair and  refocused  on  the  memory.   Clearly  the  images  of  the
     classroom, the other seated students,  and the teacher were all there.
     He even specifically recalled the  teacher's name.  Most  importantly,
     and most disturbingly, the fear and anxiety and fright, which he could
     vividly feel, were  still there as well.  He could not understand why.
     So, he asked the Lord.   The reply he received was that he  had nearly
     always been frightened and scared.
          Robert then requested the Lord show him the source, or cause, for
     this fear.   Immediately, as he saw  and remembered the images  of the
     childhood memory, a dragon walked into  the room.  It flung it's  head
     from side to side and if sniffing the air to find a particular victim.
     At that moment, a figure of Jesus appeared in one corner  of the room.
     Robert said, "Lord Jesus?  What is that? dragon doing here?"
          The Lord said, "That's Puff the magic dragon."
          Robert knew, of course, that was the name of a song  which Peter,
     Paul and Mary sang many years ago.  Those who recall, the song, easily
     recognize  the implication of dope smoking, that symbolically produces
     dragons, that is, fairy tales or stories of fantasy.
     Author's Note.
          This  idea  would be  similar  to  Alice  In Wonderland.    After
     ingesting  certain types of mushrooms, psychedelic effects occurred in
     the story.  Here  all this time you thought it was  just a cute little
     children's fairy tale.  This is the same reasoning used by many today,
     even born  again Christians, to justify the  Harry Potter stories.  It
     is time to draw the line.
     End Of Author's note.
          Robert confessed later to me that he used to often sing this cute
     little song, Puff The Magic Dragon, to himself as he worked because it
     seemed  to bring  comfort  to  him.    It  brought  something  to  him
     spiritually but not comfort.
          Robert, after hearing what the  Lord said and briefly considering
     what  he had heard, asked, "So what does Puff the magic dragon have to
     do with this memory?"
          The Lord  said, "You have  been substituting fantasies  to avoid,
     and to cope with, stress and fearful circumstances in your life."
          "What does the dragon want from me?" Robert then asked.
          "He wants to kill you," Jesus said matter of factly.
          It was  clear to Robert by this time what  the dragon was.  "Does
     this demon have a right to be in my life?" Robert wanted to know.
          "No," came the single word answer from the Lord.
          "What do you want me to do with him, then?" Robert asked.
          "Send him away," came the succinct answer.
          "In the name of  the True Lord Jesus  Christ," Robert prayed,  "I
     bind you and all those under your  authority.  I command you to  leave
     and to go to the place  where the true Lord Jesus Christ wants  you to
     go.  Don't ever come back."
          Then  a very  curious thing  happened, Robert  said.   The dragon
     began leaving but as  he stood there, a duplicate image  of the dragon
     separated  itself from  the first  image and  began exiting  the room.
     This was  quickly followed by a second and a  third and a fourth.  The
     main image remain where it was.
          George said, "Lord, what is going on here?"
          "These are the fantasies created  in your mind over the years  to
     distract  you  from hearing  the  truth,"  he  heard the  Holy  Spirit
     speaking into his thoughts.
          "How many of these are there?" Robert asked curiously.
          Jesus said, "25."
          Robert watched as the images of the original dragon followed each
     other as  they exited  the room  until the  final image, the  original
     dragon, walked out of the room as well.
          Robert looked  at the  corner where Jesus  had been  standing and
     began laughing.   Jesus was giving the "thumbs up" signal and then, as
     Robert continued  to watch,  the Lord began  to dance around  the room
     with joy causing  Robert to laugh even more.  The  fear and anxiety he
     felt as  a 6th grader in the classroom  vanished and now joy and peace
     filled the room and the boy.
          This is the  type of thing that drives a lot of Christians crazy.
     First, it is labeled as  psycho heresy, self hypnosis, personal guided
     imagery, theatrical  meditation, lucid  dreaming, or  sometimes it  is
     simply label demonic.   It is none of these things, of course, because
     it is  nothing more  than  intimate prayer  with the  True Lord  Jesus
     Christ.  If you recall, Jesus was accused of casting out demons by the
     power  of Satan.   (See  Matthew 9:32-34).   Of course,  this argument
     makes no sense whatsoever but many Christians have resigned themselves
     to believing the  Enemy has  such imaginary  power and  the true  Lord
     Jesus does not.   I grew up  believing that anybody whoever  saw Jesus
     was a heretic, theologically twisted, and very likely mentally ill, or
     worse, demon possessed.
          Some choose  to label  this form of  prayer "inner  healing," and
     thus attribute  its origin to New Age  philosophy, heretical theology,
     or Luciferian  mysticism.  You are free  to believe whatever you wish.
     While you  are believing whatever it is you  believe, keep in mind the
     true nature of the Enemy, that is, Jesus said Satan has come to steel,
     kill and to destroy.  (See John 10:10).
          My question to you is this.  Are you afraid?  Do you have anxiety
     and panic attacks and you don't know why?  What is the source of  your
     depression?  Would you like to be free?   Call me and learn to pray as
     did Robert.