It Sounds Like God To Me

© Copyright 2007 by Phil Scovell - All Rights Reserved


                                 I Can fly

                              by Phil Scovell

          A pastor of a  church of several  hundred members called me  from
     another state.  He  had seen my website but, as is  so often the case,
     he put off calling.  Eventually, however, he did call.
          He began by  asking me some targeted questions to make sure I was
     indeed a  Born Again Christian and not some  cultic crackpot.  When he
     discovered we  were both on  the same page theologically  speaking, we
     set up a time to pray over the phone.
          In a period of  about a week, we prayed just twice.  Why?  First,
     this pastor  had already experienced  a dozen or more  prayer sessions
     with those doing the same intercessory prayer ministry that I do.  So,
     he  had already  experienced a  great  deal of  emotional healing  and
     renewing  of the  mind.    Secondly, he  received  such a  spiritually
     intimate  and powerful mind  renewing experience in  the second prayer
     session, he hasn't felt he needed to call.  If, and when, he feels  he
     needs more prayer, he knows my phone number.  Do you?
          In this  particular case,  this pastor, since  the nature  of his
     concerns could have  created problems within his church,  it was wiser
     for him to seek agreement in prayer elsewhere than from within his own
     church.   Additionally, the first  time he  called was  about an  hour
     after the Holy Spirit spoke to me and  said, "Pray that a pastor calls
     you."   I  stopped and  prayed for a  pastor, whom  I didn't  know, of
     course, to call.  He did.
          It is  this pastor's second prayer session I  want to touch on so
     you can  see how powerful the  renewing of the  mind can be.   I won't
     detail all  the childhood aspects  which created pain  and woundedness
     in this  man's adult life but  I will tell  you how the  second prayer
     session ended because I know it will bring personal encouragement.
     When,  in prayer, we  reached his true  feelings at the  moment of the
     painful event, he was, at the time, a little boy of about six years of
     age, the lie embedded in that event was exposed and the Lord spoke His
     truth to the little boy at that moment.
          As we began  to talk briefly about what had just happened to him,
     he said, "Wait.  Something more is happening to me."
          I waited until he began speaking a few short moments later.
          "I am in  a swing," he began,  "and Jesus is standing  behind me.
     He is  pushing me and I am  swinging higher and higher.   Wait!  Now I
     leaped out  of the swing  as it was  high in the  air and I  am flying
     around as  free as a bird.   Now I am looking back  at the swing where
     Jesus is standing.  He is saying something to me."
          "What is He saying?" I asked curiously.
          "He is saying, See?  I told you that you could do it."
          Did you know  that Jesus can heal  you in the  same way and  just
     through agreement in prayer?  Did you know that you, too, can fly away
     and be freed  from the pain  and woundedness that  keeps you bound  to
     earthly reason  and concern?   It is true;  you, too, can  fly because
     Jesus said so.