It Sounds Like God To Me

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                            Kissed By A Butterfly

                               By Phil Scovell

          She was  52 years old  and 36  years of her  life had  been spent
     going  through psychological therapy.   Such professional  therapy, of
     course, included lots  of pharmaceuticals but she no  longer wanted to
     be taught how to cope;  she wanted to be free.  All  the counseling in
     the world,  therefore, would  not heal the  woundedness of  the sexual
     abuse she  had suffered  at the  hand of  her father,  and later,  her
     brother.  She had  been sexually misused and raped so  many times, she
     couldn't  recall  how  many.    Due to  her  childhood  age,  her mind
     fragmented in order to protect itself  from the trauma her little mind
     was unable to handle.  Thus, she  was multiple personality, or what is
     called today, Dissociative Identity Disorder;  DID for short.  She had
     tried every known world religion, including some not so well known, as
     well as cults and  the occult, for freedom and relief  but nothing had
     worked.   Not even  when she  received Jesus  Christ as  her Lord  and
     Savior was  she completely set  free from  the fears that  haunted her
     broken  memories.  You  will be taught that  Jesus fixes everything at
     the  moment of your salvation.  If  this were true, your mind and body
     would be saved and James 1:21 confirms we must discipline ourselves by
     the implanted Word.   Thus, what you were  taught is false.   I am not
     asking you to  believe what I just  said, and it makes  no difference,
     because Jesus can  still heal your woundedness regardless  of what you
     believe about your salvation.
          They were on  the road going to  see her brother at  summer camp.
     Her father stopped  the car to eat  lunch they had packed  and brought
     with  them.   It  was a  horrible place  filled  with rotten  garbage,
     spoiled potatoes scattered across the  ground, and thousands of filthy
     buzzing flies.  She couldn't understand as a child, why her father had
     stopped to eat in such a horrible place.
          Rejection had  led us to this  memory.  When the  lies associated
     with this memory  were exposed by  the Lord  Jesus Christ, He  brought
     unusual healing to the memory.  He gave the little girl a large potato
     and let her know this was what potatoes looked like in Heaven.  It was
     large and almost too big for the little girl to hold.
          Suddenly, something else  occurred.   She reported  that all  the
     thousands   and  thousands  of  dirty  filthy  flies  all  immediately
     converted  into butterflies  of  every  color of  the  rainbow.   They
     fluttered all around the little girl and  Jesus.  She opened her mouth
     in joy and one little white butter fly landed in her mouth and settled
     lightly  on her tongue.   Then it  fluttered out and  perched near her
     mouth and let its soft velvety wings caress her lips.
          Some  may consider this  guided imagery, hypnosis,  or regressive
     therapy  but it is  none of  these thing.   I do  nothing in  a prayer
     session but pray about what the  person is remembering.  I never  make
     any suggestions about  what they may, or  may not, see in  the painful
     memory they  experience during  the prayer session.   Even  the memory
     itself is revealed to the person  by the True Lord Jesus Christ.   How
     do I know this?  first, I don't know the person's memories.  Secondly,
     I have people tell me all the  time, "I can't remember anything before
     age  six,"  or,  "I don't  have  any  childhood  memories  that I  can
     remember."  Traumatized children often  can't recall any memory events
     because  of their  emotional and  mental woundedness.   How  would you
     identify it  then, when we pray  together, and a  memory suddenly pops
     into their conscious mind if it isn't the Lord revealing the memory to
          In these painful  memories, regardless of how severe,  there is a
     lie, or  misconception, or confusion which has  caused the woundedness
     the person feels.  Jesus exposes these lies for what they are and then
     brings His  healing power directly into  the memory.  The  memory does
     not change, the person can return to it any time, and often will do so
     without warning.   The difference?  The  pain is gone from  the memory
     and the woundedness  is replaced with how Jesus  chooses to heal their
     broken heart.
          Now, isn't it  time for you to be  set free?  If so,  call me and
     make an  appointment.  Yes, it  can be done  over the phone.   Yes, it
     often takes more  than one prayer  session simply because  we all,  no
     matter who we think we  are, are wounded.  Jesus can heal  you just as
     He has me and the woman you read about in this testimony.