It Sounds Like God To Me

© Copyright 2007 by Phil Scovell - All Rights Reserved


                                 Baby Jesus

                               By Phil Scovell

          I prayed with Mari the other day.   She started out by expressing
     the depression she had recently  been feeling.  This was nothing  new,
     of course,  because she had lived with  depression for her entire life
     and she  is 53 years  of age.   This also  was not the  only diagnosed
     disorder she had in her life either.  We would run out of the alphabet
     if I listed them all.
          This  particular  day,  however,  she  was  explaining  that  the
     depression felt different  and it somehow seemed to  be connected with
     her eating habits  and especially with her diabetes.   Knowing nothing
     about  psychology  and knowing  nothing  other  than  how to  pray,  I
     suggested we just pray about it and see where the Holy Spirit led.
          The minute  we prayed, she  saw herself as  a little girl  at the
     table eating a  meal with her family.   She explained that  her mother
     had been  bulimic but sometimes  they ate lavishly and  sometimes they
     ate minimally based upon how her mother felt at the time.
          Almost immediately,  the Lord  exposed the  lie she believed  and
     that was, she had  exchanged love for food.  You see,  she was a child
     that was  constantly molested from infancy, to her teen years, by both
     her father and  brother.  She never  knew what love  really was.   She
     eventually equated  food with love because, she explained, she enjoyed
     the time eating with her family since that was when things were ok and
     safe and peaceful.
          You may be wondering if there is more to it, that is, the fact  a
     little girl somehow got the  eating of food mixed  up with love?   The
     answer is,  yes, there  was more  and lots of  it.   She began  having
     seizures as  a small little  girl.  Add to  this all the  physical and
     mental and emotional  abuse, and you have  a fine recipe for  not only
     psychodynamic abnormalities  but spiritual  as well.   What do  I mean
     when I say spiritual  ramifications?  There is  a demonic realm,  they
     live  in  a  different  dimension  than  we,  and  they  love  to  use
     opportunities  of disabilities, confusion, and emotional distortion to
     implant lies and deception within the minds of little children.   Yes,
     they try  doing it with adults,  too, but the adult mind  is much more
     developed and  can often think  more rationally through  the deception
     without  a lie being  accepted as fact.   Little Children  do not have
     this capability and  thus are perfect  targets for  both abuse in  the
     physical realm and the demonics which interface to the spiritual realm
     and into the emotional.  Where might such mind activity occur?  In our
     thoughts, of course,  which is  the same place  where the Holy  Spirit
     speaks to us.
          Does this mean, since demons can speak to us in our thoughts that
     we can  be demon possessed?  No,  of course not.  In  a real sense, if
     you are  born again,  you are  possessed, or  indwelled,  by the  Holy
     Spirit.  He lives, dwells, within your  human spirit which has, at the
     moment of salvation,  been created anew.   That makes it possible  for
     the  Holy  Spirit to  literally,  not  mystically, dwell  within  you.
     Therefore, demon possession is literally, and spiritually,  absolutely
     impossible.  Our  minds, however, are not  redeemed, or to use  a good
     old theological term, regenerated, as of yet.  That day is  coming and
     at that same time, even our physical bodies will be redeem, glorified,
     and we  will not only see Jesus as He really is right now, but we will
     be exactly like Him, (See First John 3:2).
          As I prayed  with Mari concerning the shift in her depression she
     felt, emotionally,  the lie which  was suddenly revealed by  the Lord.
     Because her little girl's mind became adapted to the lie that food was
     good and nobody hurt her during meals, she believed the lie that "This
     must  be what love  is all about."   She embraced  it.   In turn, this
     allowed  a  demonic presence  a  lying  spirit,  to  function,  within
     limitations, in her thoughts for years.   No, they don't care how  old
     you are or how young, you might be.  In  fact, the younger the better,
     because, as I have stated, the mind of a child is easier to fool  than
     that of an adult.
          In  Mari's case, and this isn't by any means the rule of thumb, a
     demon was involved.   How do I  know?  He presented  himself and spoke
     through Mari's own voice to me.  What  did he say?  He said I couldn't
     make him leave.   Of course, I wasn't interested in what he thought, I
     was only interested in what Jesus thought.  So I asked Jesus if it was
     true that He,  meaning Jesus, could not send this demon  away.  Yes, I
     know the demon said that  I couldn't send him away, but I always defer
     all such statements to Jesus since Jesus  is the one in charge in  the
     first place.  Of course, Jesus said the demon was a liar so I sent him
     away  in  the name  of  Jesus and,  yes,  he left  immediately.   Why?
     Because he  had to.  There is no higher  authority than Jesus.  Demons
     know this.  Do  you?  This allowed  Mari, who was remembering what  it
     was like to enjoy  a meal with her family and how good the food tasted
     and that this must  be the meaning of  love, to now hear the  voice of
     the Lord clearly and, yes, she did.
          Now, I  realize those of  you who believe  this sort of  thing is
     guided  imagery,  lucid  dreaming, mental  theatrical  suggestiveness,
     visualization, EMDR, hypnosis, or  other mind manipulating techniques,
     aren't going to  accept how Jesus healed this woman from this lie that
     had controlled her entire life so you might as well stop reading right
     now.  Those  of you who, on the  other hand, have even  the tiniest of
     belief that  Jesus still  works in  the hearts  and minds  of His  own
     children today, will want to keep reading.
          Mari often  hears from the  Lord in unusual ways  and generally a
     few  minutes after the prayer time.   As we were talking about the lie
     and  how she had been deceived by  the Enemy, she suddenly interrupted
     me and told  me something was happening.   First, a dolly,  her words,
     which was her  favorite as a child,  appeared in her hands.   She then
     reported that Jesus was  there and she could see herself  as an adult.
     Suddenly, she was holding a baby in her arms.  When she looked, it was
     herself.   Momentarily, the  image of herself  as a  baby in  her arms
     switched  and  it was  baby Jesus  in  her arms.   This  role reversal
     continued for awhile  as we talked  and, in  fact, has never  actually
     stopped, that is,  every time her mind  goes to this area  of healing,
     herself as  a baby in her arms, and the baby Jesus, keep appearing and
     changing places.  I have had  a similar experience and I have  written
     about it  called  "I Flew  Kites  With Jesus."    My healing,  in  one
     particular place,  keeps repeating itself  every time I have  a memory
     relating to that  experience of healing which is often.  What does all
     this mean?  My  guess is about as good as yours.   I personally see it
     is  a matter of identity.  In my  case, I know that is exactly what it
     is.  I believe the Lord was showing Mari the  truth about love and how
     it really is.  Why  the baby Jesus?  This  happened in December.   The
     Christmas  holidays  are  times of  depression  and  sadness for  many
     people.  Isn't this just some  figment of her imagination?  Could  be,
     of course, but  her depression is gone  and hasn't returned so  how do
     you explain  that?  No,  silly.  Demons  don't do such things  even to
     deceive.  They  can't because  their thinking is  corrupt and they  do
     evil; not good.
          So who  is Jesus to you?   Do you know His love  or have you been
     tricked  and misled  and disoriented  by the  Enemy in  believing that
     Christmas is something  different than it really  is?  Isn't  it about
     time  you discovered why you feel  lonely, discouraged, and frightened
     at the very  thought of the Christmas  season?  It is time  for you to
     change sides.  Jesus is very near.  Wouldn't you love to hold the baby
     Jesus?  I sure would.