It Sounds Like God To Me

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                                Raised In Evil

                               By Phil Scovell

          Charlotte, not her real name, is a 32 year old black woman whom I
     met after she found my website.   I am mentioning her ethnic  heritage
     only so that you might better understand her testimony of healing I am
     about to describe.
          Charlotte  is, what  I call,  a  low level  Satanic Ritual  Abuse
     survivor.  By my own definition, this means, she wasn't kidnapped as a
     baby, or a  small child, by a Satanic cult, then tortured, emotionally
     fractured  into alternate  personalities, and  mentally programmed  to
     respond to certain  hand signals and  spoken codes.   She was, on  the
     other hand, and  not by choice, raised  in witchcraft.  She  has given
     her permission to share some of the details of her life with you.
          When Charlotte  first called  me, she was  a very  frightened and
     confused young woman.  Her entire  life consisted of anxiety and panic
     attacks,  voices  in her  head,  fear of  crowds,  nightmares, demonic
     manifestations,  and bazaar physical maladies which stumped physicians
     who could find no cause for her physical infirmities.
          Charlotte's entire life and bright future, as well as her career,
     had been destroyed.   She had tried finding help in  every conceivable
     way including psychiatric,  medical, and spiritual.   By spiritual,  I
     mean at least two things.   Before her life as a  born again Christian
     solidified, she  had even sought the advice and counsel of mediums and
     psychics.  Later, as she began attending church faithfully, she sought
     the prayers and counsel  and the experience of deliverance  ministers.
     If  the reader is  unfamiliar with the term  "Deliverance," it means a
     person, or group of people, who believe God has called them and gifted
     them  to cast out unclean spirits.  In some denominations, such people
     are called "Exorcists."   She found no  relief in any of  her attempts
     for help.  By the way, the word "exorcist" is used in the Bible.  (See
     Acts 19:30).
          At age 18, Charlotte, due  to her scholastic abilities, was given
     a scholarship  to a  private college.   Once enrolled  as a  freshman,
     everything   settled  into   a  normal   routine   of  college   life.
     Unfortunately, she never made it through the first year.
          One  evening, several  of the  girls were  meeting together  in a
     student's  room of  the dorm  before going to  bed when  Charlotte was
     suddenly physically overcome  by something that made her  body burn as
     if she had been  set afire.  The pain and fear were  so great, she had
     to crawl  on her hands  and knees part  of the  way back to  her room.
     Later, when the symptoms subsided slightly,  she was able to get to  a
     telephone to  call her  mother for help.   She  was picked  up shortly
     thereafter and taken to a doctor.   They could not find a  thing wrong
     with her yet  the physical aberration remained.  Utter  fear and panic
     settled in  her mind and body and she  found it impossible to function
     normally.  She  was placed on psychotropic pharmaceuticals and dropped
     out of school.
          For  the  next   14  years,  Charlotte  frequently   returned  to
     physicians for strange and weird  physical maladies.  She explained to
     me on the  telephone that she was  a light complected black  woman but
     one day,  her neck turn  black as ink but  the rest of  her body color
     stayed the same.  Doctors could find nothing wrong.  Another time, she
     felt as if worms  or snakes were literally  slowly crawling around  on
     the  inside of her body.  Doctors  ran tests and x-rays and could find
     nothing causing the sensation.   These are only a couple of  examples;
     there were many more.  She was unable to consistently remain employed;
     finding it difficult to  remain on the job for any  length of time due
     to her every changing  physical and emotional and psychological  state
     of mind.
          Before I met Charlotte,  I was praying in my  office one day.   I
     clearly felt  the Lord impressing me to spend  more time in prayer for
     myself.   I asked the  Lord why  and He clearly  said in my  thoughts,
     "Because, you are going to be  dealing more and more with the  demonic
     realm."  I  had already been doing  this with a number  of people with
     whom I  was praying so the impression I felt  I was receiving from the
     Holy Spirit puzzled me until, two weeks later, Charlotte called me for
     the first time.
          Over  a  period of  about  six  months,  Charlotte and  I  prayed
     together twice a week.  Her life  was more complicated and spiritually
     distorted  than anyone I had  met to date.   There was  almost never a
     prayer  session  that  there  wasn't  a  demonic  manifestation  which
     presented itself to block the  healing The True Lord Jesus  Christ was
     bringing into her life.  The demonics often spoke through her voice to
     me or  manifested in tangible ways  in, or tactually, on  her physical
          SRA  survivors, Satanic Ritual  abuse, in my  limited experience,
     come in various degrees.  Charlotte,  for example, was never a  member
     of any cult or occult.  She did not dabble in any forms of witchcraft,
     divination, or in any Satanic rituals.  She wasn't wiccan or any other
     form  of  aspect  of  the  occult.   She  didn't  practice  meditation
     techniques  such  as  transcendental  meditation  or  any  other  such
     meditative methodology that can easily  expose the mind to the demonic
     realm.   She was never involved in  any eastern religious practices or
     beliefs.    She   never  used  an  Ouija  Board.     She  did,  before
     understanding  Christianity and being  discipled, visited a  number of
     psychics trying to  determine what was wrong  with her life.   Yet, in
     our very first prayer session, the demonic manifestations began to the
     degree that  sometimes even  her mouth felt  as if it  were physically
     being manipulated externally.
          Many  Christians  today  find it  difficult,  it  not  down right
     impossible, to  believe that there is really any  such thing as SRA or
     Satanic Ritual Abuse.  This is likely due to  the numbers of fakes and
     fraud  who  have  paraded  before  the  television  cameras  in  large
     evangelical  ministries, making  their claims  of  being witches  that
     claimed they were skilled in both the black and white  arts, warlocks,
     psychics,  remote viewers,  former occult  shamans,  witch doctors  or
     medicine men, Wicca masters, devil worshipers, voodoolists, sorceress,
     high  priests  or  priestess Satanists,  cannibals,  sword swallowers,
     glass eaters, acupuncturists, former Charismatic pastors, former Roman
     Catholics, Former  Baptist pastors,  human sacrificers,  yoga masters,
     contortionists, ballet dancers, Karate grand masters, former  goldfish
     swallowers, ping pong champions, and former red communists, only later
     to be  exposed as counterfeits.  A little  humor there, of course, but
     it  does  get  a little  ridiculous  at  times, I  must  admit.   Most
     Christians acknowledge there must be  some devil worshippers out there
     because they've heard  of Satanic covens, Wiccans,  Luciferian groups,
     secret societies such  as the Scull and Bones,  the Buildabergers, the
     Bohemian  Grove,  Freemasonry,  The  Trilateralists,  the  Council  on
     Foreign Relations, and  Globalists of all kinds.  Did  I leave anybody
     out?    Yet, when  it  comes  to demonic  activity  associated  with a
     Christian, Bible Believers immediately begin back pedaling.  Some, for
     that matter, never  even get on the  bicycle in the  first place.   In
     that case, there is no need to even consider any  back pedaling.  Why?
     It is called FEAR in capital letters.
          As  I have already  mentioned, Charlotte was not  a member of any
     Satanic cults but when  she was a baby,  her mother married a man  who
     was involved in all sorts of  Satanic practices.  He claimed he  was a
     warlock or some crazy  thing like that.  She was molested  as a child.
     She was  likely dedicated to  the Prince of  Darkness in some  type of
     Satanic ceremony, too, based upon  some fragments of memories she has.
     Honestly,  some people will believe  anything.  Except for Christians,
     of  course, and  they  often  only believe  what  someone taught  them
     without ever once questioning its validity.
          One day, in  a prayer session, Charlotte  told me that she  had a
     brother who  was a  carpet layer.   Many  years after  her mother  had
     divorced Charlotte's  step father, her  brother came over to  lay knew
     carpet in her mother's living room.   Pulling the old carpet up,  they
     found a picture  of a large devil's  head drawn on the  floor covering
     most of the  living room  area.   Yes, her brother  removed it  before
     putting  down the  new  carpet.   I  could tell  you  much more  about
     Charlotte but perhaps she'll write  her own testimony some day because
     it would  take a  book.   You  might like  to know  that Charlotte  is
     walking free now.  The Enemy has  no control over her life.  She isn't
     afraid of crowds any longer.   She no longer hates and  wishes to kill
     her step father.  She has a job now which she is  able to handle quite
     well which is something she has never been able to do.
          If you  are a  Christian who  finds such testimonies  ridiculous,
     unbiblical, fraudulent, or right down stupid, I invite you to sit with
     me as  I pray with people who have  these abnormal things occurring in
     their lives.  They  are mentally ill?  Oh, really?  sure, some pastors
     come up with such  ridiculous conclusions, and some professionals  may
     have arrived at  such a diagnosis and treated  them medically, gaining
     some form of normality  in their lives, but my question  then is, what
     are they doing calling  and being led by  the Lord to  me?  I'm not  a
     professional.  I never graduated from Bible college.  I only  took one
     psychology class when I was in school and diagnosed myself on the spot
     as neurotic  and  prayed God  would never  call me  into  any form  of
     counseling  ministry.    I have  a  limited  education.   I  am  not a
     Deliverance Minister nor do I wish to be.  I am not  successful.  I've
     filed  for bankruptcy twice  in my life.   I'm a poor  speller.  If it
     weren't  for computers  and  word processors  with  spell checkers,  I
     couldn't  even right.   I  could  probably trace  letters if  somebody
     showed me how.   On top of  everything else, I am  also totally blind.
     Who in  their  right mind  would  come to  a  blind guy  for  help  as
     described in this testimony?   I sure wouldn't.  So,  if these people,
     such as Charlotte,  and many others with whom I have prayed and talked
     with  who have similar  demonic manifestations  are mentally  ill, why
     aren't  they being  set free?   Can't psychologists  and psychiatrists
     deal with  such things or do they  choose not to because  of what they
     have been taught?  I know some licensed therapists, psychologists, and
     psychiatrist  who  do, in  fact, know  exactly how  to pray  with such
     people and do so  on a daily bases.   Shoot, I even know  some pastors
     who work with such people.  Did they learned this in medical school or
     universities or seminaries?  Not likely.   If you are a Christian, you
     know the answer to these questions.
          You may think  this is an article about  demons, unclean spirits,
     devil hunting, or demon possession, something I don't even believe in,
     or maybe  you just  think this  is a  brag.   Well, if  you think  the
     latter, you would be right.  Brag, I mean.  It is a  brag on Jesus and
     what He  can do through  prayer.  The  real purpose of  this testimony
     isn't to get you to believe in demons;  it is to get you to believe in
     prayer in the name of the True  Lord Jesus Christ.  It won't work  for
     you?  You are listening to the wrong voice if you believe that.
          Oh, one more thing.  I never  chose, asked, or requested God call
     me into this ministry.  It is easy for me to plead, at times, "Why me,
     Lord?"   Especially  when even  Christians choose  not to  believe and
     label what  you do as  psycho heresy.   One thing  I know for  a fact.
     Jesus is Lord and He utterly changed Charlotte's life as a Christian.