It Sounds Like God To Me

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                              The Room Of Light

                             By Phil Scovell

                                 I John 1:5-7

     This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare
     unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at  all.  If we
     say that we  have fellowship with him,  and walk in darkness,  we lie,
     and do not the truth:  But if we walk in the 
     light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with 
     another, and the blood of Jesus  Christ his Son cleanseth us from  all

          I was praying with a lady the other day who experienced a renewal
     of her mind which you may find interesting.   I can't go into details,
     of course, of the overall nature about which we prayed, but it was the
     healing  and renewing of the  mind aspect I wanted  you to be aware of
     because of the distinctive characteristics of the healing.  I had been
     praying for this lady  for several days.   My prayer was  specifically
     targeted  because I  felt the  weight of  the heaviness  she had  been
     carrying all of her life.
          As  an  intercessor   who  is  called  to   ministry,  you  often
     automatically sense and feel what the person  is feeling.  In a manner
     of speaking, you  sort of become that person at times.  Not literally,
     of course, but  the Holy Spirit  gives an  intercessor insight into  a
     person's  life in ways that allows  them to pray more focused prayers,
     either  at the  moment you are  doing the  ministry work, or  at other
     times when you are praying for that person.  In short,  an intercessor
     is called to either pray for a person, to pray with a person, or to do
     both.   In my case, at this point, I do both.  No, an intercessor does
     not always  tell the person what has been revealed to them by the Holy
     Spirit.  In fact,  they rarely do.  They only  reveal such information
     if the are  given permission by the True  Lord Jesus Christ to  do so.
     Now back to my story.
          In  this particular lady's situation, humanly speaking, there was
     no way we  could go to each of  the wounded areas in  her life because
     they were too  numerous.  To have  done so, would probably  have taken
     years of  prayer sessions  to find  them all.   In  a Secular  therapy
     situation, on  the other hand, it would not  only have taken years, it
     would have required loads of drug  prescriptions to cope with the pain
     in the mean while.
          During my own private prayer times for this woman, and I felt led
     to  pray along  these lines, was  that the  Lord would take  all these
     areas of woundedness and heal  them collectively and replace them with
     His truth.
          Near the  end of  that day's  prayer session,  as she  sat in  my
     office, she entered a  place I so often see when  praying with people.
     Half the  time, people simply  describe it  as being blocked  or being
     blank.   This means  they see nothing,  feel nothing,  and seem  to be
     hindered, or  blocked, from going any place  or sensing anything.  The
     other half of the time, people describe it as being in a room and most
     of the  time they  describe this  room as  being minus  of windows  or
     doors.  If, on the other hand, it has windows and doors,  they are all
     closed and locked.   Furthermore, they describe  it as being dark  and
     they always report that  they don't seem to be able to  get out.  Most
     people often describe this state of mind when they are approaching  an
     area of woundedness they are  finding difficult, if not impossible, to
     confront.  Some enter this state the moment we begin to pray.   Others
     return to it  frequently during a prayer session, as  I said, whenever
     they  are coming  to a very  wounded and  painful area of  their life.
     Such was the case as I prayed with this lady.
          As we prayed together, she entered this dark room in her thoughts
     about half way  through the prayer session.   As I prayed,  asking the
     Lord to collect all the painful and  hurting memories together as one,
     she  reported seeing faces and images  relating to memories associated
     with the pain and  unworthiness she was  feeling.  The pictures,  like
     snap shots, began to flash by so rapidly, she could only identify them
     as the memories  of pain but they  were not stopping.  I  knew then my
     prayers for  her were being  answered and I asked  her just to  let me
     know when the panorama of  memory pictures stopped.  Perhaps a  minute
     passed and she said they had come to an end.
          As we continued praying together  about the darkness and the room
     itself, she suddenly said, "I see a door in the wall.
          At this point I should probably point out that what I am about to
     describe  is  not  guided imagery,  hypnosis,  verbal  suggestiveness,
     visualization, or  anything of the kind.  It  can't be because I offer
     absolutely no suggestions  as I pray.   All I am  doing is asking  The
     True Lord Jesus Christ to reveal His truth to the person so He, Jesus,
     does it all.  Besides, I couldn't suggest anything if I wished because
     I have no idea where the wounded areas of a person's life might be nor
     could I possibly be aware of their memories.  In this lady's case, she
     had  already  been   healed  in  other  areas  and  this  was  just  a
     continuation of the healing process.  Once she saw the door, it was my
     personal  thought that  this door  led to  another wounded  area Jesus
     wanted to heal but  I said nothing of the sort.  It  was a good thing,
     too, because I  would have been  wrong, as it  turned out, if I  would
     have made such a suggestion.
          "I see Jesus in the dark room with me, standing not far away, and
     He has light shining around  him," she reported.  "I am supposed to go
     through the door," she confessed.
          "Can you do that?" I ask quietly.
          "I'm afraid to," she said.
          "Why?" I asked gently.
          "I'm afraid there  is something painful on the other  side that I
     don't want to see."
          I prayed  about her fear,  about the door,  and about what  Jesus
     could do for her and the fear she felt.
          "He walked  to the door," she said and  is waiting for me but I'm
     still afraid."
          "How else do you feel?" I asked.
          "I feel scared and literally sick to my stomach.
          I prayed about what she reported.
          "Jesus  opened the door and his holding out  his hand to me as if
     to say He will help me enter the other room," she admitted.
          "Can you see anything through the open door?" I asked.
          "I see light; nothing but light," she answered.
          Then, in my spirit, I knew the place she was about to enter was a
     place  of  cleansing, purity,  wholeness,  and great  victory  and not
     another  place  of woundedness.    Yet,  I  remained silent  and  said
     nothing.  I felt the Holy Spirit, in fact, encouraging me to say or do
     nothing.   This was a time of  decision for her and I  could in no way
     influence her decision.  It had to be something she did on her own.  I
     prayed  the Lord would go with her and  give her courage to follow his
     lead but otherwise, I suggested nothing; absolutely nothing.
          Several  minutes  of  silence  passed  and  neither  of  us  said
          "I stepped through the door," she finally sighed," with relief.
          "What's in the new  room" I asked; a little  more than curiously.
     I could hear the smile on her face and feel the relief in her voice.
          "Nothing," she reported.  It is a room of light."
          "What else do you  see?" I asked,  "more light?" prompted by  the
     Holy Spirit as I laughed.
          "Yes," she said confidently.  "I see no objects nor can I see the
     ends of the  room.  I  see nothing but light  everywhere."  Then   she
     said, with a little concern, "I don't see Jesus anymore."
          "that's because," I  felt prompted in my spirit to say, "Jesus is
     the Light."  I then explained to her how I had been praying that Jesus
     would collectively heal her in all her places of woundedness.
          An additional aspect to the healing she experienced, once she had
     stepped through the doorway into the room  of Light, was what she said
     next.  "I am looking back into the room of darkness I just left and it
     has turned to light, too."
          So it is with the Light of the world; The True Lord Jesus Christ.
     When He heals you and renews your mind,  you are walking in The Light;
     The True  Lord Jesus Christ.   Light  dispels the darkness.   Darkness
     does not penetrate light but light pierces  the darkness and drives it
     away.  Jesus is The Light; your Light.  He wants to walk with you into
     the dark places of woundedness and the places that generate the  pain.
     He  wants to  renew and restore  and recreate  your mind by  His Light
     being everywhere so  much, you  are unable to  walk beyond His  Light.
     This is true salvitic Lordship.  Have you been there?  Are you healed?
     If not, call me.