It Sounds Like God To Me

© Copyright 2007 by Phil Scovell - All Rights Reserved


                                How Big Is God

                              By Phil Scovell

          He  was 8 years  old.  He  had been complaining  his stomach hurt
     during school and was unable  to eat his lunch.  Other signs  had been
     peaking out of his young  personality and emotions, too, but  now they
     were beginning to be displayed physically.
          After he entered my office, I moved and sat down on a ledge which
     allowed  me to approximate  his eye level.   He was  nervous and moved
     around in his chair as THOUGH he were uncomfortable.
          I  talked AIMLESSLY  with  him for  awhile  about various  things
     before approaching the subject of school.   Eventually I said, "I hear
     you haven't been feeling well in school."
          "Yeh, I guess so," he said and fidgeted in his chair.
          "You weren't able to eat your lunch today because you felt sick?"
     I asked.
          "Yeh," he answered with no embellishment.
          "How were you sick?" I questioned.  "Was something hurting?"
          "My stomach," he said and he wiggled.
          "What about your stomach?" I wanted to know.  "Was it upset?  Did
     you feel nauseated?"
          "Not really," he said vaguely.
          "Did your stomach hurt?"  I said; already knowing the answer from
     what I had heard earlier in the day.
          "Yeh," he replied.
          "Have you felt sad lately?"
          "Yeh, I guess so," he confirmed.
          "About your mom being gone?"
          "Yeh, about that."
          "You know your mom is safe and with other Christian people and is
     doing very well, don't you?"
          "Yeh, I know that," he answered.
          "But you are still worried about her AND MISS HER I bet?"
          "Yeh, I am," he admitted.
          "She'll be able to start coming home on weekends pretty soon from
     the drug home.  You know that, don't you?"
          "Yeh," he said as he moved some things on the desk.
          "So do  you think that maybe your stomach was hurting because you
     were missing your mom?"
          "I don't know," he answered.
          "It would be ok  if that was it," I assured him.   "What were you
     thinking about when your stomach hurt like it did?" I asked.
          "My mom."
          "I see.   Well, I'm not surprised.   She has been gone for awhile
     and I know you miss her a lot.  I want you to know that it is ok to be
     concerned about her and I understand why your stomach hurt.  Sometimes
     our own  thoughts and  feelings cause  us to  hurt in  our body  about
     things.  Did you know that?"
          "Well, I guess so."
          "Well," I said, "It's true so it wasn't wrong for your stomach to
     hurt and it isn't wrong, or bad,  for you to miss your mom.  Everybody
     would feel that way."
          He said  nothing but continued moving  around in his  chair as he
     tried finding things to do with his hands.
          "Is it ok if I pray with you?"
          "Yeh," he replied.
          "Ok.  Let's just pray for a minute."
          "Lord Jesus, there is  an 8 year old boy here  who misses His mom
     and his  stomach  has been  hurting  because he  hasn't  seen her  for
     awhile.  He  is worried about her, you can understand that Lord, and I
     am asking you if you have anything you want him  to know about his mom
     and where she is right now?"
          After  a few  seconds  of  silence between  us,  he responded  by
     saying, "He said that He will take care of my mom and that she is ok."
          "Did you just make that up?" I asked, "or what?"
          "No, I heard it."
          "Heard it where?"
          "I heard it sort of in  my thoughts," he answered with confidence
     in his voice.
          "Well, that's good then," I replied.
          "Lord, Jesus?" I continued, "Is  there anything else you want him
     to know right now?"
          "He said He knew I was missing  mom but He was with me, too,  and
     even at school."
          "Does that seem true?" I asked.
          "Yeh," he replied, "it does.
          "Where did you hear these words?" I asked.
          "I heard them in my head like I did the first time," he answered.
          "In your thoughts?" I asked.
          "Yeh.  In my thoughts," he confirmed.
          "Great," I answered.
          "Lord Jesus?  Anything else that you want him to know right now?"
          "I don't hear anything."
          "Do  you  feel uncomfortable  or  afraid  or  scared or  sick  or
     anything at all right now that isn't like you normally feel?" I asked.
          "Nope.  I feel ok."
          "Nothing bad?"
          I explained to him in basic child terms what he had heard was the
     Holy  Spirit the dwelled inside of him and  that what he had heard was
     from God.   I explained that whenever he felt bad or scared or worried
     about his mom,  or anything else for  that matter, to let  his teacher
     know or  to tell me or  someone else and  they would be happy  to pray
     with him.  He said  he would.  It was over in less than 20 minutes and
     he left my office.
          My  grandson  was  living  with  us while  his  mom  was  in drug
     Christian rehab.  The ache in his heart was more than I could imagine,
     although, I had some idea since my  dad died when I was 11 years  old.
     I was  concerned he was  beginning to responde physically  to the pain
     and loneliness  he felt  but  as I  questioned  him, he  seemed  quite
     confident  that he indeed had heard the  Lord's voice speaking to him.
     He  never had the problem again.  Soon his mom, my daughter, came home
     to live.
          Question.  How big is your god?
          Answer.  Whatever you believe.
          Repeat.  How big is your God?
          Answer.  As large as your mouth.

     "15.   And  they brought unto  him also  infants, that he  would touch
     them: but when his disciples saw it, they rebuked them.
     16  But Jesus  called them unto him, and said,  Suffer little children
     to  come unto me, and forbid  them not: for of  such is the kingdom of
     17  Verily I say unto you, Whosoever  shall not receive the kingdom of
     God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein."
     (Luke 18:15-17).

     1 At the same time  came the disciples unto Jesus, saying, Who  is the
     greatest in the kingdom of heaven?
     2  And Jesus called a little child unto him, and set  him in the midst
     of them,
     3  And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become
     as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.
     4  Whosoever therefore shall humble  himself as this little child, the
     same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven,
     (Matthew 18:1-4).