It Sounds Like God To Me

© Copyright 2007 by Phil Scovell - All Rights Reserved


                            The Hand Print Of God

                              By Phil Scovell

          He called  and asked if I  had any time to pray.   My appointment
     had canceled for that  evening so I said  yes.  We  set a time and  he
     came to my office.   We had prayed together before so it wasn't new to
          As we  talked, he explained how he  had been very discouraged due
     to recent surgery  on his broken foot.   Financially, he seemed  to be
     having a hard  time but his business was going well and improving week
     by week.  In short, there was just a lot of discouragement going on in
     his life.
          The first thing we started with was guilt.  As difficult  as this
     may seem for those who don't care that much for pets of any kind, this
     man had recently watched his African  Gray parrot die as he held  her.
     She had  been  swinging upside  down  from the  top  of her  cage  and
     suddenly fell.  Instead of landing on her feet, she landed on her back
     at the bottom of the tall cage.  She apparently broke her back because
     she could no longer move her lower body and legs.  He and his wife had
     carried the bird to his mother's home and she made several phone calls
     trying to find an  animal clinic that worked with birds.   It was well
     after midnight so  she made little progress.   Phone call after  phone
     call passed.  Finally one was found but it was some distance away.  As
     they were driving to the animal clinic, his bird died in his hands.
          As I said, we  started with guilt, as we prayed, because somehow,
     and for some  reason, he felt guilt  associated with the death  of his
     pet.  His emotions were locked  down tight.  It must have been,  as we
     prayed together,  at least 30 minutes before  he felt anything or said
          He suddenly said,  "I'm see myself  sitting up in  my crib."   We
     prayed  around that  and several  minutes passed.   Nothing  happened.
     Eventually he said, "I see Jesus standing  at my crib with his hand on
     the crib."  We prayed more about this but nothing occurred.
          I finally prayed and  ask the Lord if  this memory was  connected
     with  another memory.   The  man almost  immediately began  crying and
     said, "Jesus is helping  me carry and bury my  bird."  He had told  me
     that he and his wife had returned  home, after the bird had died,  and
     he  had dug a  hole in their  backyard and buried  her there.   I felt
     tears stinging  the  corners of  my own  eyes because  I,  to, own  an
     African Gray  Parrot and  I had  become very  attached to  him.   They
     become very unusual pets  because of their long life of 50 to 80 years
     and their  intelligence which is  about that of  a four year  old when
     they are fully grown.  Some African Gray Parrots have nearly reached a
     vocabulary of a thousand words.
          Although the Lord took this man to other areas and healed them, I
     am focusing  on this  area simply  because it  is unusual.   We  often
     forget how  attached some people  become to their  pets.  They  fill a
     void that is often there and unknown until the pet is gone.
          Although this man  cried when the Lord  began healing him of  the
     sorrow and grief he felt, I don't want you to get the idea the man was
     soft  or weak.  He owned  his own business at  his current 24 years of
     age.  He had his third degree black belt in Karate and had also been a
     marshal  arts  instructor.    He  had competed  in  dozens  of  Karate
     tournaments and  achieve  multiple  trophies.   He  loved  riding  his
     motorcycle  and he and  his wife were raising  two adopted children at
     the time this happened.   He was nearly 6 feet tall  and weighed about
     250 pounds.  He still cried when God touched his heart.
          After the  prayer session,  he told me  something you  might find
     unusual.  He said, after Jesus helped him  carry his little pet out to
     be  buried in  the  backyard, Jesus  placed his  hand over  the little
     grave.  It left the imprint of his hand in the dirt.  After our prayer
     session,  he went  to the little  bird's grave and  although no finger
     prints   could be seen, there  was a definite imprint of  a man's palm
     over the small grave.
          I understood this man's feelings, as I said, but not just because
     I, too, owned  an African Gray Parrot.   I understood his  feelings of
     loss and grief and confusion because he is my youngest son.
          It is time we discover Jesus is truly the only one who cares.  If
     you cannot feel this because of grief  and sorrow you are facing, call
     me.  Let Jesus  show you how He  cares more for  all the birds on  the
     planet than anyone but He cares even more for you and  especially when
     you are sad.

                                 Matthew 10:29-31

     Are not two sparrows  sold for a farthing?  and one of them shall  not
     fall on the ground without  your Father.  But  the very hairs of  your
     head  are all numbered.   Fear ye not therefore, ye  are of more value
     than many sparrows.