It Sounds Like God To Me

© Copyright 2007 by Phil Scovell - All Rights Reserved


                       Healed From The Pain Of A Miscarriage

                              By Phil Scovell

          My  daughter in law called me  to see if I  had any time to pray.
     She had  taken time  off  work that  afternoon  due to  the  emotional
     sadness  she was  experiencing as  the result  of the  miscarriage she
     recently  had  experienced.   Fridays  I normally  don't  schedule any
     appointments for  prayer sessions,  except for  situations like  this,
     when people call on the fly  as it were, because they need prayer.   I
     told her I had plenty of time so she decided to take a shower and then
     come over to my office.
          In the shower,  and to  keep her  mind off the  feelings she  was
     having about the miscarriage, she was singing praise and worship songs
     to herself.   Suddenly,  and without warning,  she heard  a tiny  baby
     laughing in her  thoughts.  She stopped  and listened.  A  voice spoke
     and said, "See, Donna?  Your baby gets to play with Jesus."
          When she came over  to my office to pray, the  first question she
     asked was  if that was God speaking or the Enemy.  Here is what I told
          If it had  been the Enemy speaking, there likely  would have been
     no followup as to the explanation.  In other words, it would have been
     a mocking taunt  which was used  to torment  her.  The  Enemy, on  the
     other hand, if he did talk, would have said things such as, "See?  You
     aren't  worth having a baby or the Lord  would have given you one.  He
     isn't worth trusting.   You might as well  forget having any  children
     because you aren't worth it.  If you were, God  would have allowed it.
     Go  ahead.  Admit it.  God killed your  baby."  These are but a few of
     the things  he might say; I've heard  much more sinister things spoken
     to the unsuspecting.  If no words would have been spoken, on the other
     hand, fear, anxiety,  doubt, guilt, shame, and  a whole host  of other
     such emotions  would have flooded her  mind.  No such  things occurred
     except, as she reported, joy.
          As we prayed that afternoon, the Lord healed Donna in a number of
     places.   He  even showed  her, in  her  thinking, the  previous ultra
     sounds and  told  her that  He  would take  care  of everything.    He
     additionally  gathered  up all  the  old memories  which  had negative
     words, hurtful words, and painful  things that people had said to  her
     over the years relating to the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome she has, or
     perhaps had.  Frankly, based upon how the prayer session went, I am no
     longer convinced she still suffers from this disease.
          I have seen collective memories  flash through a person's mind as
     we prayed many  times before so I  knew exactly what was  occurring as
     soon  as  she  reported  all  these memories  coming  rapidly  to  her
     thoughts.   I told  her just to view  them and allow  them to flash on
     through her mind.   After awhile, I prayed and asked the  Lord what He
     wished to do  with all these hurtful  words buried in the  memories He
     revealed  to her.  He showed her by healing  her of the pain.  It is a
     wonderful think to witness the Lord healing someone collectively as He
     did with Donna that day.
          Does Jesus really heal this way today?  You'll have to decide for
     yourself.   Donna knows, on the  other hand, so why  don't you talk to
     her.  If I can be of any assistance, feel free to call me.