It Sounds Like God To Me

© Copyright 2007 by Phil Scovell - All Rights Reserved


                               Backseat Demons

                              By Phil Scovell

          The memory  had been  cleared of all  guilt and  sin for  several
     years.  However, I noticed that each time the memory came to mind, the
     lying  spirit was  still in  the  memory picture.   He  was  no longer
     talking, of course, because he had been exposed and his lies, of which
     there were many,  were all eliminated.  Thus, the memory no longer had
     feelings of guilt  as it had for literally decades.
          We  were on  a family vacation.   The  demon who had  implanted a
     number of lies into my life, was about  the size of a small child.  He
     sat in the back window of the car with his arms and legs crossed.  His
     face revealed an attitude of confidence, arrogance, and  total control
     over  the situation.   He seemed happy  in an evil  sort of  way.  His
     demeanor  spoke loudly  that he  wasn't  planning on  going any  where
     anytime soon.
          As I thought about the  memory, I searched around in my  feelings
     to see  if anything had  been overlooked.   There was nothing  and the
     memory was just  as it should be  but the demon  hadn't left.  Then  I
     remembered, when this  memory was first  processed through prayer,  he
     had never  been told to leave.  I said, "Lord, we didn't send him away
     when  this memory  was first healed  and that  was years ago."   I was
     puzzled  why the  memory  and  the demon  continually  returned to  my
     thinking and what to do about it.
          "You can get rid of him now," I heard the Lord say.
          I smiled.   I had never even  thought of that.  I  stopped what I
     was  doing and since I was alone, I  prayed out loud.  "In the name of
     the True Lord Jesus Christ, I call this lying spirit to attention."  I
     laughed  out loud.    The  child sized  demon  immediately snapped  to
     attention, standing on  the ledge of the  back window of the  car, but
     now he was only the size of a small doll.  He was fiercely struggling,
     too, as  he stood  there.   Then I  realized what  was happening.   He
     couldn't leave because I hadn't given him permission or  instructions.
     I've seen  demons literally walk away  when a lie  was exposed because
     the uncovering of the lie made it impossible for them to stay.  I have
     also seen demons attempt to remain, although silently, because they no
     longer  have a right to  speak once the lies  has been exposed and the
     truth of God's voice has spoken.
          I  smiled at  his struggling and  small size.   He was  unable to
     move, as if frozen, yet he was trying.   He wanted to turn and run but
     I continued praying, binding any other lying  spirits to him if others
     had been working  under his authority, and also  binding everything he
     had said against me  that day or  since.  His color  had been a  slick
     inky black as  he sat nonchalantly  in the back  window with his  legs
     crossed and hanging  over the back seat.  Now, as I continued praying,
     his  color began to  change into an  ugly purple, a  brassy brown, and
     finally his  face yellowed.   His body  structure began  breaking down
     amorphously and  he began losing  personal identity as I  continued to
     pray.  By the time I finished, his head was half way turned around but
     his body was still facing forward.  When I gave the command for him to
     leave, he  quickly spun and ran right out  the back window.  Now, when
     this  memory comes to mind, the  demon is gone and  the back window is
          Do  Christians really have authoritative ability to exercise over
     demons?  If you  have ever read anything  I have written, or heard  me
     speak before, you know the  verse I always use  as home base for  what
     the Bible teaches.
     "And ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and
     power," (Colossians 2:10).
          This  is  in  no  way  a  complicated  passage  of  Scripture  to
     understand.   If you are unaware of the  joint authority you have with
     the  risen Christ,  then  fear  will  never  be  far  from  your  mind
     regardless of  how many  Bible verses  you have  memorized, regardless
     what church  you attend,  and regardless  of where  you went  to Bible
     college.  You cannot  resist the Enemy, James 4:7, if  you believe the
     lie that you have no Enemy opposing you.