It Sounds Like God To Me

© Copyright 2007 by Phil Scovell - All Rights Reserved


                      It Sounded Like God But It Wasn't

                              By Phil Scovell

          I had, over the years, experience lower back pain before but this
     was different.  Normally, the pain would dissipate each day until, two
     weeks later, it would be totally gone.  This time, when I bent over to
     pick up something too heavy, nearly my entire back spider webbed, like
     a smashed windshield, and the pain was everywhere.   The next morning,
     all the pain had settled in  my lower back so I figured it  would heal
     as quickly as before.  It didn't.
          Three  weeks later,  after injury  my  back three  more times  by
     simply bending over slightly, I  had to go to our family  doctor.  His
     diagnosis was  sciatica because the  pain that originated in  my lower
     back  now radiated  through my  hip,  and down  my leg,  and sometimes
     reaching even  to my ankle.   Two weeks  later, I was in  the doctor's
     office again  due to the  pain.   It wasn't going  away and  it wasn't
     diminishing.   I was  in agony.   More pain pills  and muscle relaxers
     were prescribe  but I was also sent to a  physical therapist.  By this
     stage, I had little hope that even a physical therapist could help and
     had  resigned myself to  the idea that  I would probably end  up on an
     operating table.   By this  point, I  would have done  anything I  was
     asked to do if only the pain would go away.
          The physical therapy  seemed to help but the  overall pain wasn't
     going  away.   Finally,  I asked  my  wife to  make  a third  doctor's
     appointment  because I  had to find  out why I  wasn't getting better.
     Later, I had her cancel the appointment because the pain was gone.
          Standing in the kitchen one  Wednesday afternoon, I heard a voice
     in my thoughts.   It said, "You  won't be healed until  your wife is."
     We  had been going through some  horrendous financial difficulties and
     some physical problems,  such as a broken foot my son experienced, and
     other related situations relating to my ministry, our church, and just
     a lot of  things in general.   My wife  had been experiencing  a great
     deal of  discouragement and I wasn't doing much  better.  My back pain
     only compounded the  problems.  So, the  voice I heard in  my thoughts
     sounded  legitimate but  something  about  it  made  me  question  the
     validity of the statement.
          A few minutes  later, I was sitting  at my office  desk and as  I
     contemplated  what  I thought  was  the voice  of  the Holy  Spirit, I
     suddenly realized  I had been  deceived into believing  a lie.   Jesus
     would never  conditionalize my healing  based upon another's.   I knew
     instantly the voice I had heard, as much as it truly sounded  like the
     Holy Spirit, in fact,  was the father of all lies;  the Enemy himself.
     I sat  at my desk, bowed my  head, and began to pray.   I exercised my
     authority  I share  with the  True Lord  Jesus  Christ over  the lying
     spirit that had attempted to fool me into believing a lie.  When I was
     finished praying, I went back to work.
          Perhaps a half  an hour later, or  more, I stopped working  at my
     computer because I  became aware of what  I was feeling.   Actually, I
     took stock of what I wasn't feeling and  what I wasn't feeling was the
     deep throbbing pain of my hip with which I had become so familiar over
     the past  few weeks.  The pain was gone.  I stood up and walked around
     my office  to test my leg.   The stiffness  in my lower leg  was still
     there  but that didn't hurt nor did my  hip.  I went and walked up the
     stairs and  around the  house.   Still no pain.   I  figured it  was a
     fluke, my  hyper Christian imagination  playing tricks on me,  and any
     second now, the pain would come roaring back.  It didn't.
          When I awakened the next morning, I thought the pain would surely
     return because  it always did  within thirty seconds  of being out  of
     bed.    It  didn't.    Hesitantly,  I  went  to  my  physical  therapy
     appointment that  day.   I worked  out on  the stationary  bicycle for
     awhile,  learned  a few  new  stretching exercises,  and  the physical
     therapist worked on my lower back for a few minutes.  I left  thinking
     the pain would probably start up any minute.  It never did.   Each day
     went by  and the pain refused to return.  The stiffness in my leg also
     began to reseed and there was no pain of any kind in my lower back.
          There are the extremes  when it comes to God's healing  power.  I
     was  raised that God didn't do miracles  any more.  Why?  they weren't
     needed.  Now that I  look back on it, I frankly have no idea why I was
     taught they were no longer needed.   Especially when you consider  the
     fact that  I lost all my sight at eleven years of age.  That certainly
     seems like a good time for a miracle  to have occurred as far as I was
          Closely  related to this  theological fallacy, was  the idea that
     God  could do miracles today but only when  He wanted to do so.  In my
     doctrinal realm  of theological thought, we  had a problem:   He never
     seemed to  ever want to do  any miracles and when it  appeared that He
     did, it  was very  difficult to distinguish  the miracle  from medical
     intervention, if you get my drift.
          Then,  of  course, we  had  the  hard  core Bible  Believers  who
     insisted that no  miracles were ever  done by  God today because  that
     died out  with the last  apostle, whoever that was.   This was  a very
     convenient belief  because this way,  you could simply say  that Jesus
     never did anything  other than saved a lost sinner.  From then on, you
     were on your own.  Oh, sure,  you could pray until the cows came  home
     but it wasn't His will for you to experience a miraculous event.
          So what  was it I  heard standing  in pain in  the middle of  our
     kitchen?  Quite  simply, it was  a lying spirit  attempting to gain  a
     foothold in my thinking.  The Bible is pretty clear about taking every
     thought captive.  What I did a  few moments later was one way of doing
     exactly that.
          The question then becomes, who gave me the back pain in the first
     place?    I can  prove from  Scripture,  and from  the mouth  of Jesus
     Himself,  that some  sickness  and disease  and  infirmities are  from
     Satan.  In  my case, I was over  weight and out of shape  and I simply
     tried  picking something up that was way too  heavy and I paid for it.
     That wasn't  the Lord's fault.   Who healed  me is the  real question.
     You may believe  what you like.   I, on the  other hand, know  exactly
     what happened and  I thank God for what He taught  me as I acknowledge
     Him in my life.