It Sounds Like God To Me

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                                    PART 1

                       Phil Scovell - Personal Testimonies

          Although I have written the majority of the testimonials found in
     this book,  I am  far from  the only  one who  has been healed  during
     intercessory prayer sessions.  On the other hand, personal experiences
     in prayer will be the nature of this first section.

          I have opened  up to the reader, every  area of my life,  to show
     how, and where, Jesus  is able to heal  through the power of the  Holy
     Spirit.  The testimonies speak for  themselves so, thus it is, I  will
     not  attempt  to   write  a  description  for  each   of  the  healing

          Although it  is true  that the  first story,  "I Flew  Kites With
     Jesus," seems to  perhaps be the most  dramatic, others you will  soon
     see  to be  just as amazing,  howbeit simple,  because thus it  is how
     Jesus works with us as His children.  As the Lord once told me, "If it
     is complex, it isn't Me."