It Sounds Like God To Me

© Copyright 2007 by Phil Scovell - All Rights Reserved


          You are going to read about demons in this book.  If this bothers
     you,  perhaps you  shouldn't continue.    However, I  find talking  to
     demons generally a waist of time.   When I pray with someone, I  don't
     hunt for demons, I don't particularly care if they are there, nor do I
     spend much time, if  any, talking to them.  It isn't  necessary.  I am
     not called  to the deliverance  ministry, although I have  prayed with
     those who have  gone to such services  and receive nothing at  all, or
     something worse than nothing, but all  I can truly be labeled as  is a
     "Truth Detector."   Even that  nomenclature falls short because  it is
     really Jesus who does all the work,  of detecting the lies, along with
     the Holy Spirit, because I am totally unawares of people's woundedness
     and memories that contain the lies the keep the pain in place.  I  am,
     on the other  hand, an intercessor, someone  who knows how to  pray in
     agreement, and  nothing more.   If it makes you  feel uncomfortable to
     read about the  role demons play in  deception of God's people,  it is
     due to  your own fear.  Fear  is rooted in lies and  demons are behind
     all lies.   It is, you  see, impossible for  God to lie, (Titus  1:2 &
     Hebrews 6:18).  If, therefore,  you cannot tell the difference between
     the Chief Shepherd's voice and that of the Enemy, you should read this
     entire book because  Jesus wants to make you whole and complete and He
     wants to  take the woundedness  away by revealing  is perfect love  to

          If you decide to read this book, you are going to  find yourself,
     or  parts  of yourself,  within  its pages.    You may  not  have been
     molested, sexually abused,  raped, beaten, physically threatened  as a
     child, deprived,  forsaken,  or mistreated  in  any way,  I  certainly
     wasn't,  but  the  Enemy  does,  and will,  take  advantage  of  every
     situation he can.  This is why the Bible warns us to resist the devil,
     (James  4:7), and not  to give place  to the  devil, (Ephesians 4:27).
     Yes,  we most  certainly are  seated  in heavenly  places with  Christ
     Jesus, (Ephesians 2:6).   If this means, therefore  we are spiritually
     protected  and  cannot  be  tempted  or deceived,  then  why  were  we
     instructed  in Scripture  to renew  our minds?   (See  Romans 12:2,  2
     Corinthians  4:16,  Ephesians 4:23,  Colossians 3:10,  and Philippians
     3:13-15).   To believe the  falsehood, "If  I leave  the devil  alone,
     he'll  leave  me  alone,"  is  Biblical  foolishness  and  spiritually

          First, and  foremost, this  book is about  prayer and  the viable
     part intercessory prayer  plays in the Body of Christ.  If you already
     know how to pray, how to get your prayers answered,  and how to resist
     the devil, you don't need this book.  We all, on the  other hand, need
     Jesus and His cleansing saving power.

          If you confess  you are a sinner,  and cannot save yourself,  and
     invite Jesus the Christ  to come into your life and to  be the Lord of
     your  life, you will  be saved (born  again) and  go to Heaven.   (See
     Roman 10:9-10 & Romans 10:13).  Yes.  It is that simple.   The rest of
     your life is what Jesus wants you to experience and He will do all the
     heavy lifting for you.