It Sounds Like God To Me - Disclaimer

© Copyright 2007 by Phil Scovell - All Rights Reserved


          "It Sounds Like God  To Me" is not a  work of fiction.  They  are
     true events that literally happened in the lives of those with  whom I

          Some names were  changed while others preferred  their real names
     be used.

          Descriptions   of  prayer  sessions  using  these  techniques  of
     intercessory prayer  are only representative.   They should not  be in
     any way, regarded as typical.   Furthermore, the prayer methods should
     not  be  assumed  to be  diagnostic  in  any way  nor  should  they be
     considered  applicable  to  any other  situation  or  circumstance the
     reader  may  be  currently  facing  spiritually,  psychologically,  or

          It is strongly  recommended the reader not attempt  to employ the
     intercessory  prayer techniques  one believes  they  have seen  in the
     story without further instruction and training.

     Phil Scovell
     November 2007
     Denver, Colorado USA