THE DECEITFULNESS OF SIN


                                 Phil Scovell

                           Copyright (C) 2003/2007

                             All rights Reserved


          This  is a booklet  designed to provide insight  to those who are
     emotionally  and  spiritually  wounded and  forgotten  by  the church.
     God's healing power is still  available but the church, unfortunately,
     has  forsaken  its  responsibility to  these  hurting  wounded people.
     Pastors, for  many years, have insisted that  only the "professionals"
     can help  them because they  are emotionally ill and  perhaps mentally
     ill.  How sad.  Poor God just isn't  as much of a God as He once  was.
     This booklet speaks to the truth of God's Holy nature when it comes to
     doing the impossible; setting you free.

          I has been  married since 1972  to the same  woman, I have  three
     married  children,  and  seven  grandchildren.    I  live  in  Denver,

          I  minister to  people through  intercessory prayer.   I  have no
     psychological or counseling training.  I am not against such but I has
     found,  especially  for  my  own   life,  how  God  can  heal  through
     intercessory prayer in ways even the psychiatric community declares is

     "For with God nothing shall be impossible," (Luke 1:37).

     Complete In Him,

     Phil Scovell
     October 2003

                                End Of Preface

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