THE DECEITFULNESS OF SIN


                                 Phil Scovell

                           Copyright (C) 2003/2007

                             All rights Reserved

                        CHAPTER 17  PERSONAL ADVICE

          Don't wait until you are 50  years old before you experience  the
     truth about liberty in  your walk with the Lord.   If you are over  50
     already,  do something about it now and be free.  If you are reluctant
     and resistant to approach these types of issues in your life  in order
     to be healed, pride is a good place to begin.

          It is  best, whenever and  wherever possible, to attend  a church
     that offers this type of accountability  and ministry.  You will find,
     unfortunately, this type  of church, extremely difficult to  find.  In
     that case, you should seek for a called intercessor, that not only has
     had  experience and  training in  this area,  but who  has experienced
     personal healing in their own life  through this form of agreement  in
     intercessory prayer.  If, on the other hand, you cannot meet in person
     with an intercessor, begin  by doing it over the telephone.  I do this
     all  the time.    However, some  cases, depending  upon how  wounded a
     person  may  be, should  only  be  conducted through  in-house  prayer
     sessions.  Prayer sessions may last an hour or  two but can easily, if
     the person is  willing, last for several  hours.  It all  depends upon
     the  depth of  the woundedness.   Some  people experience  release and
     liberty in a single  prayer session.  You should also  connect with an
     intercessor who can teach you the same Biblical principles so that you
     can apply them yourself when alone and without help from others.

          Finally, don't  become discouraged  if your  situation becomes  a
     process because  we all our  "working out our own  salvation with fear
     and trembling," Philippians  2:12).  We all will  be made perfect upon
     the  return of  our Lord  and  Savior and  not  before.   Some of  our
     woundedness, as in my case, are buried deep and are so obscure,  it is
     difficult to  discover the original  source of  the pain.   This takes
     time   and  it   takes  a   life  time   and  it   takes  intercessory
     accountability.  Thanks be to god, we have a Savior who cares so much,
     He not only died for us, but  he took upon Himself our infirmities and
     He has the power to heal completely.  Turn to Him and you can be free.

                              End Of Chapter 17

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