THE DECEITFULNESS OF SIN


                                 Phil Scovell

                           Copyright (C) 2003/2007

                             All rights Reserved

                       CHAPTER 16  NATURAL CHRISTIANITY

          In each of the fictional stories I created found in this booklet,
     each of them were truly born again Christians.  Each of them had their
     lives literally controlled by lie based thinking.  The lies came  from
     past experiences in  their lives.  If  you go back and  read them, you
     will   discover  subtle  aspects  each  story  mentions  which  points
     backwards to their suffering.  The stories could have easily been true
     because  nearly every  Christian I  know has  similar lies  upon which
     their  emotions react under stress.  The good news is, they can all be
     healed and have  their minds renewed and live  natural Christian lives
     without depression, fear or anxiety, and so can you.

          I have always known, in the back of my mind, that my relationship
     with God  should be even  more natural  than my  relationship with  my
     wife, my children, or my sisters and parents.  Yet, all the teaching I
     heard, and all the teaching I did, was how to make God happy.  Living,
     as  I  have already  stated,  (maintenance  free victory)  is  natural
     Christianity.  It wasn't always this way in my Christian life.

          Once I was lost and without  a Savior.  At 5 years of  age, I was
     born again  by confessing I  was a sinner,  couldn't save myself,  and
     invited  Christ to be the Lord of my life.   I was 50 years old by the
     time I learned there was something real and natural about walking with
     God.  Now, the Lord does all the work and I just walk  day by day with
     Him.  I know  now that it is  not how much I  can do for God,  but how
     much He can do for me that makes Him happy.  That alone makes me happy
     and I don't even have to work at it any longer.

                              End Of Chapter 16

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